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Joined: 1/12/2013
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Posted: 1/5/2015 at 12:21 AM Post #1

a stat (and purebred!) project

finished! here are some already-born pets!

Ready to be philtered:

Adolescents, waiting to grow into adults:

Hatchlings and egglings:

About | Parents | Offspring, Part 1 | Offspring, Part 2 | Successful Offspring | Prices | List of Reserved Buyers | Links | Reserved
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Threads: 336
Posts: 12,790
Posted: 1/5/2015 at 12:21 AM Post #2
My Island Flower Stat Project!

I'll be doing this in FAQ-ish form for now. :)

What is an Island Flower?

It's a theme of Aeridini. Specifically, a wheel pet theme from the Summer Festival of 2014!

What is a "stat project"?

A breeding project aimed to enhance the stats of a pet (health, strength, intelligence, dexterity, and agility). It doesn't necessarily have to involve visible traits.

Does the project have visible traits?

Yep, mainly one guaranteed visible mutation: Lily Tail.
There are also carries along the way that I'd like to bring out! But because of the nature of this project, visible traits (and the pet's aesthetics/looks) aren't my main focus, because I want to accomplish this project in a timely manner aha.

How long has it taken you to do the project?

I started around the end of Summer Festival 2014, so maybe after July-ish? That would put me at about 8 months atm.

Is this project ongoing or finished?

Ongoing! :) I won't stop until I hit all max stats. Afterwards, I'll be breeding more for my private use/distribution/experimentation.

What are "max stats"?

Each Sylesti has "base stats", or stats that they have when they're level 0 with no armor or point distributions. You can breed with philters to raise these base stats, but they have a limit.

The limits are:

2000 Health
100 Strength
100 Intelligence
100 Dexterity
100 Agility

Why Island Flower Aeridini? Why not another species/theme?

I had several reasons for doing such:

1. While theorizing about breeding (wow I have so much time orz), I realized that Wheel Pets are essentially Mystically Generated pets, EXCEPT they come in eggs.
This gives the benefit that Wheel Pets are the only Mystically Generated pets that can use philters to enhance their stats. (the only other exception would be exclusive pets that are generated with a mystical generator setup (usually accurate colors and 120 base mana), but wheel pets are in this blanket)

Few users figured this out. I believe the first max-stat pet, a Ny'vene bred by Black (shall link later), had its lineage with a philtered Wheel Pet from the first Festival that had a wheel feature. I found that this was ingenious! Mainly because you can only get the 120 base mana from mystical or enhanced generated pets, and philtering wheel pets puts you one step ahead.

2. I was trying to be the first to breed 6vis Aeridini, and...I wasn't aha. And to my knowledge when I started the project, the only species I knew that hit max-stat at the time were Ny'vene, Griffi, and perhaps Lupora. I wanted to be the first to get a max-stat Aeridini since I couldn't do the 6vis Aeridini.

3. In terms of time, using prismatically philtered Wheel Pets would've taken me the least time to breed a max stat Aeridini compared to anything else (i.e. wild bred 4vis that started with 30-40 base stats). So I looked specifically for prismatically philtered Wheel Pets to aid in my mainly-stat project.

4. In terms of sellability, people might want Wheel Pets or a somewhat-pretty pet despite whatever stats it has. In conjunction with 3, I tried to look for parents that had overlapping traits to guarantee a visible 8 generations down the road. In the end, I was able to easily get an Island Flower combo with guaranteed Lily Tail. (The other Wheel Species that I was interested in was Royal Viola...and that was harder to work with, because what I had in mind was rather specific.)

In the case that people don't like bright pink and yellow, they're free to dye the pet however they wish if they buy it from me. :) It still retains its "purebred" line no matter what its dyed color is. (btw no dyes were used in this project AT all! I'm just can totally dye your super strong aeridini black and red after you buy it from me lol)

Is the project worth it?

Depends on what kinda player you are. Sylestia has a battle feature in its exploration (a main feature pretty much to get through storyline), and the stats help make a difference between a little attack power/survivability and a weaker average pet (especially in places that count, like Arena). The game is playable with any pet, but stat-enhanced pets just make battles easier.

My project may not ring true for people who mainly like visible traits, or don't like pink and yellow, but I was mainly aiming to be the first to breed a max-stat Aeridini. ^^

What was used for this project?

-30 prismatic philters (unless something goes wrong), 2400 diamonds worth ($24.00)
-15 genderswapping philters (at most), 1500 diamonds worth ($15)
-magical pies (one pie adds 6 days, 3 day cooldown)
-30 spaces in stable

Why use so many items?

The project was planned to have 7 generations, 2 pairs in each generation (2 boys, 2 girls). The last generation only needs 1 pair to ensure that all resulting offspring are brothers and sisters (for breeding control).

So 4 prismatic philters per 7 generations, then 2 in the last generation. (28 (7*4) + 2 = 30 in all)

Within each generation are basically two sets of twins that must breed to each other. They must be opposite gender to one another. In the case that I get the genders I don't need in each pair, I need a genderswap philter. There's only 2 pairs per generation (save for the last).

So 2 gender swaps per 7 generations, then 1 in the last generation.(14 (7*2) + 1 = 15 in all)

Magical pies were rarely used, but I used them to even out the waiting times. (Since basically I was breeding a pair, and then the pair's younger siblings, so there would be a gap of about 7 days.) Pies add 6 days of age to each pet, so I don't have to wait a whole 7 days to breed a new generation once they grow up.

And stable space because it's valuable! I don't wanna release any one of my babies! ;u;

Can I buy a breedable pair?

Unfortunately, no. Because I put in a lot of resources (prismatic philters, genderswaps, and time, particularly about 8 months of time) into this project, I would like to control distribution so that other buyers cannot easily breed their own high-stat pets from my offspring without paying the full cost I paid to raise the entire project. :(
This may sound greedy of me, but I rather not have my funds/materials/time go to waste by having another user breed max-stat pets from offspring I sell.
So I will only sell certain offspring to people if demand arises, and will control it so the sold offspring cannot be bred to each other, along with asking each buyer personally not to breed my stat pets unless an infertility philter is implemented.

Breeding control? Infertility? Not allowed to breed? Why?

As paranoid as I am, there are players that sell their time-consuming projects (i.e. 6vis projects, multivis wheel pet projects) at a very high price to control availability and distribution of the pet.
This is so the pet doesn't fall into the hands of an inexperienced breeder who would want to use said project to accomplish their own project in less time/less work than the original seller.

How people sell their pets is at the discretion of the sellers. But there are few that want to keep difficult-to-breed pets...difficult-to-breed. For example, if a person sold 6vis pets to many breeders who overbreed the pets to make more 6vis, the amount of 6trait and 6vis pets will start to go up, ultimately causing the 6vis market for that pet to be destroyed (because big supply, low cost, little to no demand).

In this case, it may be easy to get two offspring from me, one from different generations, breed them together, and hopefully get a high-stat offspring or keep trying until high stats are achieved. I feel that it wouldn't be fair to me if I put in ~8 months and about 3000+ diamonds worth of items worth of work into my stat pets if someone else could buy mine, breed mine together, and achieve the same result in less than 1 month for a cheaper cost. x:

Why is there such a high percentage of inbreeding?

When the lineage feature was implemented, I saw that my aeridinis had inbreeding rates that increased and increased with each generation. But that wasn't unprecedented or anything aha.

Essentially, I'm breeding within a very narrow line. Two pairs of parents breed two children, and those children breed together to make two more children, which breed together for another pair, and so on. This is only for cost efficiency and time (and I know what I'm doing by breeding in this way).
The ending aeridinis will be...quite inbred, and I'm interested to see how big that percentage will be (even though it only accounts for 6 generations?).

I personally don't mind this, because I am not breeding with inbred percentages in mind, but stats! The percentages shouldn't have an affect on stats, much less their ability to battle. So it's just one more price to pay, I suppose aha.
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Level 65
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Posted: 1/5/2015 at 12:21 AM Post #3
The Parents!
a.k.a. Generation 1

The starting parents of this project are actually not mine. ^^
All four original Island Flower Aeridinis belong to different owners that I have negotiated with for offspring!

Jesse the Lily Bandit x Diana

Owned by Sskilling and Starmax

Island Flower Honeybun x Morning Glory

Owned by Maimah and Sagebrush

Super duper shoutouts to Sskilling, Starmax, Maimah, and Sagebrush! Because thank goodness the prices for buying the offspring weren't horrendous as they usually are! ;w;

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Threads: 336
Posts: 12,790
Posted: 1/5/2015 at 12:22 AM Post #4
The Offspring, Part 1!

As a dividing mark, these pets will be the generations before breaking the 100-base-stat mark!

Shamelessly used Hawaiian baby names to name the offspring and I can't pronounce half of them. Later on, I'll edit in the meanings. And quick snapshots of their stats, maybe.


Generation 2

Awapuhi x A'ali'i

Aiakanene x Ali'ipoe


Generation 3

Anakoni x Anuhea

Aolani x Ailani


Generation 4

Kukane x Keonaona

Kaui x Kaimana


Generation 5

Lopaka x Lanakila

Lae'ula x Leialoha


Generation 6

Lono x Laka

Kane x Haumea

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Level 65
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Threads: 336
Posts: 12,790
Posted: 1/5/2015 at 12:22 AM Post #5
The Offspring, Part 2!

All of these offspring have 100 base strength, intelligence, dexterity, and agility! c:
I'm now just breeding them to raise their health to 2000.


Generation 7

Coconut x Liliuokalani

Keawe x Manele


Generation 8

Wai'anae x Ma'ili

Waikiki x Honolulu


Sellable offspring are from Generations 9 (2vis) and 10 (3vis), which will be listed in the next post!
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Level 65
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Threads: 336
Posts: 12,790
Posted: 1/5/2015 at 12:23 AM Post #6
Successful Offspring!

I got a post dedicated to the end game pets. *u*

Generation 9 - mainly results in 2vis
2vis (25%), 2vis1carry (50%), or 3vis (25%)
Double Stripe vis, Lily Tail vis, Corruption none/carry/vis

Generation 10 - results in 3vis
Double Stripe vis, Lily Tail vis, Corruption vis


Generation 9

Humuhumunukunukuapua'a x Hibiscus

Mahalo x Aloha


Generation 10

Kamalani x Ko'u Aloha

Note to self:
I'm trying to make this into a 4vis project,
which isn't for sale as of yet lol.
Here's the offspring that have traits for that mini project:

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Posted: 1/5/2015 at 12:23 AM Post #7

Not everyone's favorite part, nor mine. ;w;

Click image for full view!

Price w/out Inf. Philter: the price paid in full
Price w/ Philter Given: the price when you provide an Infertility Philter for me
Price in Diamonds: a random number that's higher than the conversion in diamonds, as I prefer gold over diamonds

Price of Infertility Philter = 150 diamonds * 2500 gold per diamond = 375k
they're 100 diamonds now?! that's news to me ;A; I'll have to figure out the prices later...
100 diamonds * 2500 gold per diamond = 250k per infertility philter

I will revise these prices down the road when I'm finished if they need to be revised, but keep in mind that each generation takes 4 prismatic philters (and if hatched the wrong gender, a maximum of 2 genderswap philters). Cumulatively, at normal prices at this moment, I get a net loss instead of a profit when using the values of the philters.

I can also discount the price if items are donated, but I'll add that in later when I'm closer to the end goal.
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Level 65
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Threads: 336
Posts: 12,790
Posted: 1/5/2015 at 12:24 AM Post #8
Who's Interested?

ColonelHazard - early interest!

*one for trade for Maimah (max stat griffi)
*one for trade for Electrifying (max stat lighira (2vis, can exchange for more), male pref


Ping List:



SpaceElf1 (g9) - won from 2nd sylestianniversary raffle!

Early Interest:
ColonelHazard (g9)
Lenore (g9)
Everlost (g9)
Emgeal (g9)

Regular Price:
Anactaka (g9, 675k+infertility)
Ember2000 - 1, 2, 3 (g9, 675k*3 + 3 infertilities)
Wander (g10, 675k+infertility)
Yumi123 (g9, 675k+infertility)
Jeaniec (g9, 1.05mil)
Mythared (g9 3vis, 675k+infertility)
Cyradis4 (g9, 2vis, 675k+infertility)

Pet trade:
Maimah (g10, traded for max stat griffi)

Future pet trade:
Electrifying (multivis max stat ligh)
Sskilling (multivis max stat ligh)
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Level 65
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Threads: 336
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Posted: 1/5/2015 at 12:24 AM Post #9
notes to self:

generation 6 didn't need any genderbend philters, yay! :)
(neither did gen 7, or g8)

Future names!

Okina (the comma lol)
Edited By Flute on 3/27/2015 at 12:27 PM.
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Threads: 336
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Posted: 1/5/2015 at 12:26 AM Post #10
Thank you for viewing my thread!

I was quite excited to do this project and I hope the results are worthwhile.
Second hope is to share it with others without a net loss (even if it's probably impossible for me to profit).

If you have any suggestions for me, ping me or PM me, lemme know what you think, thank you!
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