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Relic Armor Accessory 1 Accessory 2 Costume
Name: Breath of Wind
Pet ID: 2573330
Current Owner: Krinadon
Original Owner: Namira
Birthday: 08-24-2016 05:28:09AM
Age: 217 Days
Maturity: Adult
Profile Views: 128
Battle Record: 0-0 (0.00%)
Missions Completed: 0

490/490 (475) 100%
0/120 (120) 0%
81/221 36%
Level: 1
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Physical Damage: 22
Magical Damage: 24

Strength: 44 (43)
Intelligence: 47 (46)
Dexterity: 47 (46)
Agility: 46 (45)

Physical Mitigation: 22.47%
Magical Mitigation: 22.84%
Critical Hit Chance: 17.41%
Accuracy Bonus: 16.21%
Avoidance Chance: 15.86%
Quickness Rating: 9.30
10/10 100%
Species: Ny'Vene
Breed: Sylesti
Gender: Female
Children: 0
Mother: Demonic Red
Father: Canasta
Gene One: Dilopho Markings
Gene Two: Magma Runes
Gene Three: Cecropia Markings
Mutation One: Starlight Armor
Mutation Two: Ram Horns
Mutation Three: Essence of Wind
Eye Color:  
  R:197 G:198 B:206
Color One:  
  R:110 G:063 B:109
Color Two:  
  R:188 G:233 B:224
Color Three:  
  R:161 G:172 B:166

Gene Color One:  
  R:230 G:210 B:212
Gene Color Two:  
  R:127 G:201 B:210
Gene Color Three:  
  R:223 G:215 B:213
Mutation Color One:  
  R:219 G:206 B:220
Mutation Color Two:  
  R:206 G:215 B:217
Mutation Color Three:  
  R:174 G:192 B:211

Accent Color:  
  R:197 G:199 B:208