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Level 67
The Kind-Hearted
Joined: 5/23/2017
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Posted: 1/11/2019 at 9:49 AM Post #1
Table of Contents
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Level 67
The Kind-Hearted
Joined: 5/23/2017
Threads: 46
Posts: 3,386
Posted: 1/11/2019 at 9:51 AM Post #2
School. It was such a dreary boring place. Winter walked along the hallway shooting daggers around anyone who got too close. By now, most of the other students had learned to steer a wide arc around her. Serves them right. I was born only a few days ago and I still know more than them. To most people, Winter would probably come off as spiteful and haughty. Winter knew that was not the case, but frankly she didnt care about how other people felt about her. In truth, her feelings were actually so fierce and hostile because of all the stories she had read.
Winter loved to read. She loved to lose herself in all sorts of genres. She loved stories of history, war, adventure, heroes, and all sorts of others. But most of all, she loved mystery books. The only problem with this was she took it to the extremes. One thing she had learned was no one was what they seemed like on the outside. This resulting in Winters paranoid thoughts that everyone was there trying to use her for their own secret benefits.
Hello, a voice said breaking her from her thoughts. She looked around warily. The person who spoke was a pretty Chinese girl with her long red-black hair braided back with flowers. Winter smiled to herself. Even if she would never admit it to anyone, she was starting to like the girl.
Hello Spring, Winter replied.
Spring giggled. Did you know that Rachel and Matthew are planning something for us at the park? Without waiting for a reply, she grabbed Winter and dragged her along.
Winter sighed and reluctantly followed Spring, not like I have a choice. She thought wryly. As they walked to the park people kept gawking at the two friends. Spring didnt noticed and ran at a decidedly irritating sprint. Winter on the other hand trailed her at a slower pace not, mind you, because she couldnt keep up. She simply was physically inclined to glare at all the hoards of gawking people simply until they moved because seriously WHO DID THEY THINK THEY WERE TO JUDGE. After what seemed like hours they finally reached the park.
Winters cold, sharp icy blue eyes scanned the area with a frown. This better have not been another one of Autumns pranks. She turned around slowly looking back at the path behind her. She could see her other friends. Autumn and Summer coming toward them. Next to jocky Summer, Autumn looked even more like an elf. She turned to face Spring whose face was the epitome of confusion and excitement.
Maybe it was more of a surprise then I thought? she said her voice quieter than usual.
Indeed. A soft yet creepy voice said. Summer and Autumn stopped joking, Springs eyes widened in pure terror. Winter, on the other hand, kept her ground scanning the area for movement.
After another sweep of the area she said, Come out already you coward of a prankster. Her ears twitched as she listened hard for any sound. A soft hiss came from a clump of bushes and a girl stepped out. She had pale blonde hair and was wearing way to much concealer and make-up.
Lily. Winter said through gritted teeth. Spring squeaked, Autumn stepped back, and Summer seemed to be trying to make himself larger. None of them had ever liked this girl. She was nothing but a shallow, spoiled brat who thought the world revolved around her.
Lily gave them a sickly sweet smile. Honey, no need to be so cold. Im only here to congratulate you.
For what? Winter said. She could feel her stomach lurch as she recalled a day not to far ago.

It was two days ago. Lily had come close to discovering their secret. Winter, Spring, Autumn, and Summer decided they had to do something to keep Lily away

Winter held her phone tightly as she watched Spring from around the bend.
Hello. Spring chirped in her sweet, but sometimes annoying way.
Lily frowned. What do you want?
Spring rolled her eyes. Seriously, is it now a crime to acknowledge people in the hallways?
Lilys frown deepened. Yes, wait are you making fun of me.
Spring blinked large innocent eyes at her. Me, she said appalled. Never.
Lily gave her a searching look before decided to continue the conversation.
Winter smiled. Spring was usually so calm and sweet, Lily had no reason to doubt her sincerity. Lily would have no idea that Spring was not only insulting her, prying out her secrets, and distracting her. She texted on her phone. The plan is on the way. Spring has Lily distracted.
Winter turned around and saw Summer dashing off. Summers part of the plan was to talk to Lilys cheerleading coach. He would pry some information out of the coach, and, finally, slam dunk the rules back at the coach forcing him to cut Lily off her beloved cheerleading team. She gave him a thumbs up knowing that her plan would work. It always worked in the books she read, and there was no way Lily would figure out.
She turned back to Spring and Lily. Spring had her engrossed in a deep conversation about school. She knew that Spring was about to snag the secret right from underneath Lily. Now what was this secret. Winter had spent enough time reading into actions and books and had discovered that Lily was cheating on school. Now according to sporty Summer, cheating was a major violation of athletes code. If an athlete was found participating in cheating, they were immediately kicked off the team.
Lily laughed a high shrilling laugh, and Autumn was there in the shadows ready with his recorder and his thieving abilities. He gave her a smirk and turned to Lily pressing the record button. Oh that little teacher. She thinks shes so high and mighty accusing me of cheating. Now, she said dropping her a voice to a whisper, you didn't hear this from me, but Ms. Liver Breath may actually be right for once.
Winter had to suppress her own high shrilling laugh. They had done it. As she had planned, Lily was egotistical enough to believe that Spring wasnt able to decipher that her subtle hint meant that she had actually cheated.
Spring played her part well, she continued to talk as though she missed that entire sentence. Lily gave her a smug look. As they continued to talk about the different levels of make-up, Autumn snuck behind them and pulled out Lilys famous lipstick. All the teachers knew about this lipstick. It was the perfect set up.
Winter grabbed Autumn and they hurried along. Winter froze every security camera they came by, so no one would witness what they were going to do. They stopped by Ms. Whites, aka Ms. Liver Breaths, room. Winter held out her hand and an ice key appeared in it. The key fit into the lock and the room was all theirs. Autumn, using his mischievous senses, found her reports. After a few minutes of reading and looking through the files, they finally found the one about Lily. Winter grabbed the file and ripped it into tiny strips and accidentally dropped one on the ground. Then she took Ms. Whites favorite owl statue and broke it on the wall. Finally, she motioned for Autumn to drop the lipstick near the reports. Then, Winter and Autumn left the room keeping the door unlocked.
The next day, Ms. White was furious and Lily was expelled from being a cheerleader and sent to rehabilitation. Not only that, she was forced to clean up and organize the entire school as punishment.

Lily gave her a smug look. I think you know Ms. Winter and I plan to make sure you never forget. She clapped her hands her features shifting. Bright wings of pure energy unfurl attracting insects and other animals. Lilly stood before them clad entirely in robes of pure white. On the top of her now white hair was a delicate circuit.
Are..are you an angel? Spring asked her eyes wide as the sun.
No, honey. she said exasperatedly. Im a witch, and you are going to be gone. She clapped her hands and a rough, maroon glowing ray sparked between them. Before Winter could even comprehend, Lily shot the ray at each one of them before slamming it on the ground.
Winter felt the world spinning around her. An irregular pinch bent the world. She started to fall, falling into a familiar ice blue stone.
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