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Forum Index > Official Games and Contests > 2021 Winter Festival - Lost Pets
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Posted: 12/19/2021 at 6:36 AM Post #1

Hello again Sylestians! I am Seeker Catriona and once again I need your help to locate some lost pets! This time Father Winter's three favorite sled pullers have gone missing in a blizzard!

Poor little Widjitt here hates the cold and doesn't want to venture out into the blizzard. Would you be so kind to help us again to locate the missing pets?

There will once again be great compensation to help us out!

Game Rules

The object of the game is to take the information from each scroll and go to the generator and design what you think the lost pets look like. All provided information must be used. If there are specific color hexes given, then that hex must be used visibly on the pet design. Same with the traits, you may only use the traits listed.. After you have designed what you think the missing pets look like, come back and post their images in this thread.


Krinadon and I at the end of the contest pick the best designed three missing pets. Those that get their design chosen will receive some well as a participation prize for everyone that helped try and find the missing pets. :)

End Date

This contest will be concluded at the end of the Winter Festival 2021.

Thank you to everyone who attempted to find these beloved lost Sylesti! While there seemed to be a suspicious amount of impersonating Sylesti, we were able to certify the following pets as the authentic Cerulea, Lumes, and Chronos!

Unfortunately, the owners of these pets are nowhere to be found. So not only can we not return these pets to their rightful owners, but they were also the ones offering the rewards. I am so sorry to those who spent all of that time trying to find them.

However, since I see no better alternative, I suggest that each of those who found one of the lost pets should retain ownership for the time being. As such, they have all been set up for purchase by their finders. And to everyone who tried to help, we will give you a small compensation for your efforts.

Thank you again to everyone!

Finder: Telemexa

Finder: EvilNapkin

Finder: Scathreoite

All Participants
With valid submissions
(Unfortunately, a lot of players did not follow the rules and submitted invalid pets)

Prizes: [Mystery Frost Essence] x1, [Box of Ice Sculpting Agents] x1, [Frost Token] x300
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Posted: 12/19/2021 at 6:54 AM Post #2


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Posted: 12/19/2021 at 6:58 AM Post #3


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Posted: 12/19/2021 at 7:02 AM Post #4
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Posted: 12/19/2021 at 7:10 AM Post #5



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Posted: 12/19/2021 at 7:18 AM Post #6

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Posted: 12/19/2021 at 7:20 AM Post #7



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Posted: 12/19/2021 at 7:25 AM Post #8
This is gorgeous!!
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Posted: 12/19/2021 at 7:40 AM Post #9


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Posted: 12/19/2021 at 8:26 AM Post #10


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