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Forum Index > Artwork Trades > Illustration Requests [Creature Kin]
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Posted: 11/14/2021 at 11:33 AM Post #1


Illustration Request Thread


I'd like to request some illustrations for my roleplay, Creature Kin. I'll display them over there with appropriate attribution to the creator.

I'll summarise the current requests below, and if you'd like to take up one of the pieces we can discuss the details. Reference material is mainly based off of descriptions of characters and places, not images.

Feel free to have a look over there and draw something from Anaia yourself, if you like. Just ask me here first.

Ping/PM me if you're interested!

Subject Matter:
Creature Kin is a medieval fantasy RPG with mythical races on a continent known as Anaia. Requests will contain anything from goblins to elves, hellhounds to rocs, forests to molten lavaplains and remote hamlets to towering cities and castles.

Note: there are no humans in Anaia, though there are animals aside from the mythical wild creatures. Elves, dwarves, centaurs, goblins and orcs roam instead.

There's a wide variation of places, people and things, so there will be requests which suit an artist's skillsets/preferences better than others.

- Keep it SFW and consistent with Sylestia's Terms of Service.
- Time-frame for completion is negotiable. As long as we've decided a rough duration, 2 months maximum, that's fine.
- Freebies preferable but I'm open to discuss payment, constrained to Sylestian currencies only.
- For paid artwork: Once we've agreed on what's being drawn when, I'll send you your payment and you can post the image in this thread once you're finished.
- The artwork is the creators and will only be displayed in this thread and in the Creature Kin thread, with appropriate attribution.

Current Requests:
- Illustrations for any of the mythical creatures
Higher creatures: elves, dwarves, centaurs, orcs and goblins
Wild creatures: hellhound, pegasus, griffin, hippogrif, phoenix, roc, dragon, wyvern, yeti

- Rythia the centaur, the aging inn owner with incredible perception.
Rythia is given a mysterious box and asked what it is, responding: "Oh. Oh! Aha... I see. I believe what you have here, may indeed, be a box."

- A marketplace scene in the following cities:
<> Elvenor - hilltop forest city, elven capital, built-up
<> Boulder - dark orc/goblin capital, built on the side of an active volcano, packed, little room

- A shopping street decorated for Anaia's equivalent to Christmas, Chillfest
Festive colours, crowds, shop-windows and market stalls
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