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Username: Catalina323
Title: The Kind-Hearted
User ID: 74497
User Level: 61
Joined: 11/20/2016 at 8:46:02pm
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Account Age: 755 Days
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About Me
I am the devil... and an angel.
no sorry jk i'm really mean XD
Hi there! Did you know that I have a pet chicken(edit: this was our last chicken and a RAT ATE IT *cries* at least the second one was decent and was eaten by a raccoon. the first one died when it was a chick), a pet fish(edit: fish died. it didn't even have a name cri), and a pet cat? Well, maybe you guessed the cat, because I am CRAZY about cats! (first thing everyone learns about me xD)

Well... feel free to chat with me any time! I accept all friend requests

My favorite species of Sylesti are the Vulnyx and the Aeridini. I tried to get a Vampiric Aeridini, but... didn't work out so great
You must be bored by now! Reading until here! Congratulations if you didn't skip a paragraph or something!
If you ACTUALLY read until here, then you can pick a pet from my hatchery or my stables and-- if it's okay with me(it usually will be even if it's themed)-- then I'll give it to you for free. I have too many Sylesti in my stables anyway XD-- message me and say CATS ROCK!

~Ask me any time for whatever you need(whether it's help, some gold or diamonds to borrow, or anything else!)

I need diamonds to get back my themed pets... if you donate a few diamonds, you can get one of its offspring for free! (Or breed it with your own sylesti)

~no time for regret in life~

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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 3,149-33 (98.96%)
Mission Record: 52-8 (86.67%)
Gold Earned: 1,562,493
Scales Earned: 3,453
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 8
Bosses Defeated: 17
Elites Defeated: 51
Superiors Defeated: 273
Mythical Items Found: 1
Legendary Items Found: 14
Epic Items Found: 93
Rare Items Found: 310