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Username: Silverkitsu
Title: The Perfectionist
User ID: 68713
User Level: 73
Joined: 8/24/2016 at 3:33:29am
Last Online: 9 Hours ago
Account Age: 2,094 Days
Profile Views: 4,770
About Me
Formerly wavypavy
There seem to be a lot of 'silver's on Sylestia now, so you can call me kitsu for short.

Unfortunately I just haven't been playing as much as I used to or want to. I still come on when I can, and would still very much like to finish my projects, but it's not often that I have time to work on them. I'm going to set up a lot of my pets (particularly themes) for sale and slowly crawl through my projects. If I've pre-ordered a project pet from you, I would still love to buy it, and I'm sorry if I'm really hard to contact.

About Me:
My favourite thing to do on Sylestia is completing breeding projects. I sell offspring from my projects and regen pairs (see below), but I mainly do breeding projects for myself. I'm always happy to help new players by answering questions, or in any other way I can, and respond to PMs as soon as possible.
I'd like to own a tagged or purebred of every restricted trait set theme, and eventually breed a fully visible pair of the theme and traits. So far I've got purebreds of most and a couple of finished pairs.
I usually accept random friend requests, but can't think of any reason why people send them. Please explain it to me.
Outside of Sylestia I'm working as an assistant in a fine art studio and studying animation.

My Threads:
* New Project Thread *
Old Breeding Pair Offspring Sales
Old Active Projects
Max Stat Designs For Use
Old Clay Combatants Max Stat Project
Old Winter Morning Lighira Max Stat Interest

Project Patrons
~Releasers of Sylestia~
Project Group

Noteworthy Achievements:
(I use a different convention for dates to sylestia)
Bred first 6v Blue Steel Bunny Luffox 30/1/2018

Designed the Moon's Light Lunemara 13/5/2018

Most Favourited Puffadore Design On Generator
(with 47, as of 15/10/2018)

Bred first 6v Winter Morning Lighira 12/12/2018

Designed the Red Squirrel Luffox 9/8/2019

Personal Notes:
temptation 1
temptation 2
temptation 3
temptation 4
temptation 5
Lv 75 shadow, air, light, earth, fire
Lv 25 and 50 arena teams
Lv 30 fest leaderbord (light, fire, fire)
Lv 70 maws of madness?

Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 33,279-76 (99.77%)
Mission Record: 6,955-161 (97.74%)
Gold Earned: 88,265,118
Scales Earned: 58,658
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 105
Bosses Defeated: 12
Elites Defeated: 42
Superiors Defeated: 493
Mythical Items Found: 31
Legendary Items Found: 763
Epic Items Found: 3,150
Rare Items Found: 4,062