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Username: Anubiz
Title: The Artistic
User ID: 48241
User Level: 70
Joined: 12/25/2015 at 8:39:18pm
Last Online: 16 Hours ago
Account Age: 2,131 Days
Profile Views: 4,074
About Me
Previously known as Aliru.

I'm Anubiz. I'm friendly, however I am a bit shy and stress out over simple things easily. I consider myself decent at art, though when complemented on it I will deny it.
I'm a fan of the Skeletal traits.

Looking for: Enhanced Ryo Essences

There is usually critters for sale in my hatchery so feel free to take a glance at it.
If you see one that you like that's not for sale (and Un-named) or too expensive, please feel free to message me about it, and I might sell it to you for a lower price. Or perhaps trade it for items and/or other critters. I do not sell egglings unless its my Dying Flower Fae offspring.

The critters in the 'Make an Offers' tab in the first stable are for sale, feel free to message me about them.

My Usual Price ranges

[Currently working on setting all up and correcting]
Visible: +1000g
Carried: +500g

Other types
Visible: +100g
Carried: +50g
Exception to this is the 'Spring Time' Nixi boys I own, they should be set to 10g
Upon request I do allow breeding with my female 'Springtime' Nixi girls


Per Trait Point: +100,000g

Cost: Varies- it's based around other similar tagged prices at the time I checked.

Purebred offspring:
Base: 10,000g
Visible: +5,000g
Carried: +1,000g
Named: -200g

*NEW*(To be implemented once hatchery empties out)
Fabled Purebred Offspring:
Base: 100,000g
Visible: +50,000g
Carried: +10,000g
Named: -2,000g

Other offspring:
No visibles or carried: 10g
Visible: +200g
Carried: +100g
Named: -100g

Working Theme Projects
6 Vis Cheeky Chestnut Ferrikki
6 vis Enchanted Explorer Ferrikki
4 vis Grim Rose Ryori
4 vis Cupid's Broken Heart Puffadore

Completed projects:

Restricted Full Vis Trait Themed
Breeding available if asked
Cupid's Angelic Puffadore (Angelic Heart[boy])
Cupid's Broken Heart Puffadore (Rotted Love [Girl])
Cupid's Valentine Puffadore (Valentine's Day[girl])
Kismet Water Dragon Sylvorpa (Kismet[girl]), (Water Gal[Girl])
Cute Witch Zolnixi(Witcher[Girl])

(Sold as infert)
Dying Flower Faelora
1 breeding pair
1 vis: 120g

Regen: Cursed Emerald Ny'vene
have 1 breeding pair
5vis: 10000g
5 vis 1 car: 11000g
6 vis: 12000g

Regen: Ace Flag Ny'vene
Have 1 Breeding Pair
6 Vis: 20,000g

Regen: Hot Chocolate Ny'vene
1 breeding pair
5 vis: 10000g
5 vis 1 Car: 11000g
6 vis: 12000g

Regen: Flickering Flame Lupora
have 1 breeding pair
1 vis 4 car: 140g
1 vis 5 car: 150g
2 vis 3 car: 250g
2 vis 4 car: 300g
3 vis 2 car: 350g
3 vis 3 car: 450g
4 vis 2 car: 550g

Regen: Stars And Moon Lupora
have 1 breeding pair
3 vis 3 car: 600g
4 vis 2 car: 750g
5 vis 1 car: 1,000g

Frostbitten Ryori
To be made
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 16,165-100 (99.39%)
Mission Record: 186-25 (88.15%)
Gold Earned: 55,463,907
Scales Earned: 36,099
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 4
Bosses Defeated: 6
Elites Defeated: 16
Superiors Defeated: 128
Mythical Items Found: 0
Legendary Items Found: 146
Epic Items Found: 1,437
Rare Items Found: 376