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Username: DaniBane
Title: Grand Protector
User ID: 44560
User Level: 70
Joined: 11/5/2015 at 8:05:30pm
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About Me
Formerly known as Sylestbane
"You know what they say, a bag of cheetos a day keeps the hungries away." - Aelingalathynius (#91149)

3 MT qits to buy from Mika.
pryo relic, helm, and bracer for Trdoxie (#114394) 400 dias per
stormcaller bracers for Elberethstar 400 dias per
Lunadove (145960) on max stat GP qit waiting list

Qitari Themes 6v (4v if Majestic) Design Thread

ES Puppy Pics
Cat Pics
Kid Pics

I do Leveling and Ranking
Named Pet (Dungeon, Arena, Quest) Projects
Member of the Stoneweave Forges

*sings* Going on a rare hunt, gonna catch a mythic one, what a beautiful cave!
*sings* Going on an epic hunt, gonna catch a mythic one, what a beautiful cave!
*sings* I've got a spritely bunch of branches See them all standing in a row! Big ones short ones, etc. etc. etc. ones xD

- I'm luney for you. ;p
- Will you be my'vene-tine?

This is Lightning Storm!
Thunder and lightning swarm,
I feel the heat so warm.
His steady breath and form
compose the perfect storm.
He will not conform,
Nor will he perform,
But he will transform,
Into my own Lightning Storm!

This is my Cherry Berry!
She's unusually merry?
Can she ride the ferry?
She's too heavy to carry!
She can catch a fairy,
and she loves her dairy.
My little Cherry Berry!

Mythical Lost Grove Cave Vulnyx

1 - Username is DaniBane so you can call me Dani or Bane.
2 - I do not accept random friend requests. I'd prefer to chat or do business with you first.
3 - I love to talk. PM me if you ever wanna talk. I only ask that you don't just PM me saying nothing but "Hi" as I find that a little irritating.
4 - Cats are my favorite real world animals, then horses and dogs.
5 - Favorite colors are black, red, and blue.
6 - Favorite food is chocolate, just chocolate...maybe some caramel...
7 - I like guns and pocket-knives. Warning: Don't stalk me and trespass on my property. You will be shot...or stabbed...or tazed...or clubbed with a baseball bat...or shredded by car keys... xD JK, I'm friendly. I promise!
8 - I'm a girl. 22 yrs old, by the way, I hate alcohol. It tastes terrible! Why do people drink this stuff? Mom, Dad, you need not worry about me getting drunk. That stuffs nasty!
9 - I love writing and forensics. Adventure/fantasy writing mostly and primarily fingerprinting or fracture analysis (comparing ropes, fibers, tape, etc.) in forensics.
10 - STAR WARS FAN! Favorite character is Kanan Jarrus...Kenobi too
11 - You're still here? I thought I would have lost you by now...
12 - Criminal Minds is my favorite TV show. Dr. Reid is my favorite character.
13 - Favorite sylesti pets (in order) are - Qitari and Kelpari (the ponies). Lupora and Vulnyx (puppies and kitties), Zolnixi (foxes), and Ny'vene (dragons). Other species I really only keep if I really like them.
14 - I only keep themed sylesti pets, generated pets, or pets that are special to me.
15 - I love to read. Generally fantasy, adventure, mythological, magic, etc.
16 - I have an older-by-5-minutes identical twin sister, an 8-year-younger sister, and a nineteen-year-younger little brother. Writing it like this means I don't have to update their ages xD just mine!
17 - I am currently dating my first boyfriend, going steady for 2.5yrs+, starting to hope that he's the one...he's just so wonderful! Treats me like a princess!
18 - I've taken six semesters of college and have an associate's degree in science. I took a break for a year after the associate's degree to help the family work through some crazy stuff. Now I'm back at a new school working on a chemistry major with a minor in forensics. Should finish the forensics minor soon and might take up a business minor since I took some business classes in the past.
19 - I would love to become a well-known author someday and work in a crime lab, would also love to be a mom someday about 5-10yrs down the road.
20 - I would love to work in a FBI lab someday.
21 - Still here eh? Are you a stalker?
22 - Other than qitari projects I'm also working on named pet projects (named dungeon/arena/boss pets, etc).
23 - Favorite superhero is either Captain America or Spiderman, actually add Black Panther to that list too. He's pretty darn cool!
24 - I have a pet "vulnyx" and a "lupora" in real life...and arguably about 50 "aurleons"...I should structure a team around them on here...
25 - Why is female body armor usually so....lacking? Don't they realize that women who have fought in the past generally wore male armor because armor fitted to fit a female doesn't protect you as well? The curves/bends in the metal are weaker and therefore more likely to be penetrated. I can't speak for all girls, but I'd rather wear man armor and be alive than girly armor and be in pain, dead, or covered in scars...
26 - I dislike politics. Everyone vote for me and I'll do away with them
27 - I might like fighting with people who try to tell me what to if you PM me wanting a pet I bought back...well, good luck...
28 - Why do I give away half of everything I get? I'll never get rich that way... Well, I'll never gain monetary wealth but I'll gain a wealth of positive vibes ^^
29 - I'm running out of things to say.
30 - Why do all my friends say I'm nice? Oh right, because according to that totally "accurate" quiz I'm secretly evil not openly evil. >
31 - Why are you stalking me? Go, get out of here! Shoo! Shoo!
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 65,758-40 (99.94%)
Mission Record: 2,352-44 (98.16%)
Gold Earned: 93,052,154
Scales Earned: 272,421
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 153
Bosses Defeated: 9
Elites Defeated: 29
Superiors Defeated: 463
Mythical Items Found: 11
Legendary Items Found: 318
Epic Items Found: 2,875
Rare Items Found: 3,271