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Username: DebaucheryTeaParty
Title: The Tactician
User ID: 44560
User Level: 75
Joined: 11/5/2015 at 8:05:30pm
Last Online: 175 Days ago
Account Age: 2,640 Days
Profile Views: 3,294
About Me
*sips cup of hot tea* Hello there, call me Debauchery. You are probably wondering what debauchery means, well, it basically means to excessively indulge in something (commonly alcohol or sensual pleasures). *brews another pot of tea* While I do enjoy a mojito or pina colada every now I do not think that definition applies to me. *pours another cup of tea* No, my username did not originate from the definition of debauchery, but rather a group of people from the anime Log Horizon that came together to perform wondrous feats. *sips tea* They were known as the Debauchery Tea Party. They were not a team or alliance, but individual players who tag teamed to accomplish their goals. Pretty cool right? Highly recommend Log Horizon especially if you have ever seen Sword Art Online and liked it! *finishes tea and starts another pot*
Over 21/Female/Personally Religious/College Student
Blue-Red-Black-Gray/Qitaris/Ice-Air Magic

Dislike people who are rude to other people based on what they believe.
People are entitled to their own beliefs and opinions as long as they do not harass others with opposing beliefs or opinions.

Working on Gear Sets
Edited: 27 October 2021, 1:57 PM
Stormcaller - Relic(+5) Armor(/) Bracer(+5) Bracer(+4)
Warden - Relic(+2) Armor(+3) Bracer(+2) Bracer(+2)
Pyromancer - Relic(+1) Armor(+2) Bracer(+1) Bracer(+1)
Tidal Lord - Relic(/) Armor(/) Bracer(/) Bracer(/)
Lightbringer - Relic(/) Armor(+0) Bracer(+0) Bracer(/)
Reaver - Relic(/) Armor(+0) Bracer(/) Bracer(/)

Stormcaller - Relic(/) Armor(+2) Bracer(+0) Bracer(/)
Warden - Relic(/) Armor(/) Bracer(+0) Bracer(/)
Pyromancer - Relic(+2) Armor(+1) Bracer(+1) Bracer(+1)
Tidal Lord - Relic(+1) Armor(/) Bracer(/) Bracer(/)
Lightbringer - Relic(/) Armor(/) Bracer(/) Bracer(/)
Reaver - Relic(/) Armor(/) Bracer(/) Bracer(/)

Qitari Themes 6v (4v if Majestic) Design Thread

Named Pet (Dungeon, Arena, Quest) Projects

Mythical Lost Grove Cave Vulnyx

Epic Cavernous Depths Kelpari
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 76,901-48 (99.94%)
Mission Record: 2,764-44 (98.43%)
Gold Earned: 121,688,093
Scales Earned: 357,668
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 159
Bosses Defeated: 9
Elites Defeated: 29
Superiors Defeated: 463
Mythical Items Found: 11
Legendary Items Found: 393
Epic Items Found: 3,363
Rare Items Found: 3,532