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Username: Starfall
Title: The Whimsical
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About Me

Art (c) Fangedtiger
Id making (c) Flutttteeee o3o


I was originally Starfall2466, but I have changed my name to Starfall! I hope you remember! I am also Starfall2466 from Subeta!

- Starlightangel owes me 475 diamonds~[$id]s=&hair=0&beard=0&ff1=0&ff2=0&ff3=0&ff4=0&ff5=0&ff6=0&mkup1=0&mkup2=0&top=0&bottoms=0&feet=0&arms=0&eyelashes=0&lipstick=0&sc=cc9186&ec=067800&hc=E3CDA1&mc1=0&mc2=0&mc3=0&tc1=ffffff&tc2=ffffff&bc1=ffffff&bc2=d278ff&fc1=ffffff&fc2=d278ff&ac1=d278ff&ac2=ffffff&hc1=ffffff&hc2=d278ff&wc1=0&wc2=0&bkc1=ffffff&bkc2=d278ff&held=raven_white&outfit=woodsman&head=0&fullhelm=woodsman_hood&wings=0&back=0

:: RWBY Yellow ::
Yellow from RWBY

Referral ID: CBA43E8664EA95B3086B

:: About Myself ::
Hello~! :3c My name's Star, and I'm /not/ quite as active as I used to be hehe ; v ;

Anyways, I love watching Pewdiepie and if you're a bro too, you should PM me for a brofist 8D;; ! I have bros on Sylestia such as Chidori, Sylvette, Sekky, and moar :3c -Bro overload- I really do wish I could meet him someday OuO But for now, I hope we can become great friends!

By Dundee
By Protectrix
Tanzanite by Protectrix
By Furever owo
By Katasaur ♥
By Flute, drawing my love XD *If I have one*
By Hdawg XD Me and Alfred playing "Catch" >:3
By Furever >w<
By TA-sempai ♥
By Randomonlooker, Long name, I know XD
Cutest chibi ever done by Hunter ♥
By Blue ♥
Drawn by Littlelunar ♥ It's so cute! >w<
Drawn by...Bandy? Sorry, I don't remember >.<"
Autumn Leaf done by Dundee ♥
Drawn by Tpll~ ♣ Thank you~!
SO. MUCH. WISEEEE. Done by Katasaur >w<
Drawn by TA-Sempai ♥
Once again, drawn by Dundee >///<
By Mayanightstar~ >w<

*As a reminder of the url linking~*

Pet Breeding Goals:

A nice Lime Sylvorpa ouo

A beautiful neon orange Qitari *q*

Me: Ash come here
Me: p3p
Ash: :?
Me: /puts bunny ears on ash/
Ash: /has bunny ears
Me: /Gives ash a carrot/
Ash: can hear everything
Me: Oh noes
Me: A wolf is coming! It's Ash wolf! hide, Ash Bunny!
Ash: /hides
Ash: /munches carrot in hiding spot
Ash: /lazes
Me: It's a one man show
Me: /Ash wolf finds Ash bunny.
Ash: oh snap
Me: ruuuun
Ash: /chases self
Ash: /looks incredibly ridiculous
Ash: /falls on face
Me: o.o
Me: /Fake background falls on ash/
Me: /gets set on fire/
Ash: /worst show on broadway
Ash: critics have a field day
Zeo: Star rwby episode 3 is out.
Me: /everyone applauds/
Me: Audience: WE <3 YOU ASH-CHAN
Me: Oh snap zeo
Ash: /cries and bows
Me: -laughs at everything-
Ash: /accepts flowers and runs
Me: Suddenly the cane comes out
Ash: oh noooooo
Me: -the half hoop thing goes around ash-
Ash: it was a flop afterall
Me: -Ash gets pulled away by an ambulance-
Ash: /floods theater with tears, everybody dies
Me: -everybody cries and regrets watching the one man show-
Me: -audience is replaced with bones-
Ash: /pushes star on stage for her big debut now
Ash: oh no whoops
Me: -Star succeeds and the bones applaud-
Ash: I guess I kind of did kill the audience didn't I
Me: -Becomes a big hit-
Ash: yayaya
Ash: Stah is a star
Me: They all became drop dead gorgeous ;w;
Me: -bows and steals the munnies from her audience-
Me: -tosses some cash at ash-
Ash: /cries into munnies
Me: -casually pushes ash off the cliff-
Me: I feel like we're doing a comedy show
Ash: /flails
Ash: /falls into ocean
Ash: /floats away
Me: -seal picks ash up and drops him off in potato man land-
Me: suddenly a Harem
Ash: /heck yeah potato harem
Ash: eats potatoes
Me: oh no
Me: Manly woman potato woman appears
Me: she begins twerking for ash/
Ash: yes
Ash: this is my kind of show
Me: -dies laughing-
Me: -suddenly a murderer comes in-
Me: [insert funny image]
Ash: oh god, I'm pretty sure this is a good sign I need to get some sleep
Me: XD
Ash: ahahahhaa
Me: Nopotato move or else
Ash: omfg
Ash: /petrified by potato gun
Me: The word I pick from this potato-bet soup, you must do
Me: [Insert twerk picture]
Ash: twerks for the gun wielding potatoes
Me: this is a good sign I'm sleep deprived
Me: [insert more twerks] twerk it twerk it
Ash: yeah
Ash: ahahaha
Me: Close ups
Ash: I think I'm gonna hit the hay pretty soon
Me: [Insert twerking]
Ash: do the sleep thing
Me: Here's your potato jamies
Me: and potato night light in case you get scared
Ash: /flies away before I embarrass myself with further twerking
Me: -laughs- Dis will go on the profile
Ash: aha good night star
Ash: oh jesus
Krinadon: So that kinda gets rid of the middle man that is the Quest Log
Krinadon: And Quest Board
Draco: i want to be an npc
Krinadon: You are
Draco: and i take payment in shrooms
Me: XD
Krinadon: Lol
Flute: I wanna be an NPC too! o:
Me: Draco do you want some mushrooms
Cranberry: so the quest is to bring you shrooms?
Flute: Can I be a priestess? c:
Me: I'd love to be an NPC o:
Draco: bring me 10,000 shrooms and i give you a hug
Cranberry: Sounds legit.
Flute: If there's a guild manager NPC that needs a representative
Flute: I wanna be
Flute: c:
Krinadon: I'll add a DracoBot and FluteBot in Fungus Grove. The two will stare at each other. One sells Fairy Mushrooms for 1 gold each. The other sells 1 gold each for Fairy Mushrooms.

Secret - Color 1 = 003D04, Color 2 = 990F0F, Gene 3 = FBBD02, Color 3 = FFCD38, M2 = C20000

Secret 2 - Color one = 0B3D00, Color 2 = FFCD38, Color 3 = FCD63F, Gene 1 = BA0000, Gene 2 = 156608
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