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Username: Furrychild
Title: Majestic Sculptor
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Joined: 1/28/2020 at 2:15:03am
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Gender: Fluid
Pro-nouns: he/him she/her/ they /them
i am Autistic and am proud of it!

Players i have Referred
4.Foxy1996 #144301
3. Captainluka #144236
2. Xxh1ntxx #143830
1. Pixiemop #142892

Silverthornhearte = the Nephini in sand sculpting if finished in time
Unstaeble gets a 50% discount on whatever 6vis max stat themed pet they wish to purchase
Animallover966 = free tender heart lupora egg
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if you want to bread/buy any pets i own let me know ^^ buy from Valeriem205 for 500K
Slytherin7 = owes me 110K
Bassarid = Dawning Equinox Zolnixi from 2v2h1c and 2v2c1c
please excuse the random gif that i have stashed away at random intervals thx ^^ about me *ask questions if you want*

The First Sylestia Creepypasta: 666AERIDINI666

It all started around 2 years ago. An aeridini egg was laid. Unlike the parents, which had beautiful light colors, the egg was black. Pure black. The first owner was long forgotten, but what happened was remembered. The ID of the little egg was 666666. It hatched late, 6 days after it was laid Everything was fine for the first few months, but when the aeridini was 666 days old, the player wasnt online for exactly 6 days. But, on the 6th day, the aeridini was put up for sale for 666 gold. When it was sold, another unknown player bought it and after 6 days, the same brutal cycle continued. After at least 20 unknown victims, a player called DarkheartoftheDragon bought the beast. She received a message from an unknown player called 666666.
It said Im in the room with you.
She replied Who the hell are you?!
Look in your stables. it said.
DarkheartoftheDragon looked and saw the beast, which was once called Shadowy, now called 666a3R!d!NI666.
HOW DID YOU HACK MY COMPUTER?! DarkheartoftheDragon said.
I can tell you myself. Look behind you. Im here. the beast messaged.
When Darkheart looked behind her, the horrifying beast was there, staring at her with its pure black eyes. A scream echoed through the house. When the police came, the room was bloody, but no one to this day can find the body. When people look for 666aeridini666, they see the empty space in Darkhearts stables, but no aeridini. No one knows where it is and who its next victims are.

not my story btw

Kittyauthor = Banker: yelling at me daily to NOT spend my gold till i get the next tab, asking daily about the current balance AND asking for a screenshot of page.,,, ,,, ,,, gets payed 10K + themed pet or 30% off any current projects
Sairento=Management: telling me what pets to sell/release/bread ,,, ,,, ,,, gets payed 10K a month + a themed Pet of their choice OR 20% off any current projects - - - eg 6vis Cerulean max statt.
ArrancarWyvern male Magic Potion Ferrikki, male Cute Witch Zolnixi
Queenofhearts male spectral Ny'vene

peppermint tea ny'vene or Blazing Fireworks Ryori egg for Dragonhooman if i ever get either of them MMZ 5K private breeding

Avatar ideas? opinions?

Items = Water lily Spriteling (Black lily) Water lily robes (black lily) Water lily Wings (black lily) water lily (black lily) Seductive demon tail (re-colourable) Spooky Background Eyes:35 mouth:19 Nose:16 eyebrows:3 Ears:19 Feature:5

by Sairento

By Beaubuddyz

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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 10,110-89 (99.13%)
Mission Record: 101-13 (88.60%)
Gold Earned: 6,859,965
Scales Earned: 16,699
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 8
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 0
Legendary Items Found: 21
Epic Items Found: 192
Rare Items Found: 411