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Username: Hundenelsker
Title: Fright Master
User ID: 12136
User Level: 72
Joined: 11/17/2013 at 5:38:49pm
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About Me
The soft-hearted fool is letting me handle this. You may have heard about me from Hundenelsker. My name is Soren. I'm the one in charge when it comes to Sylestia.

HUGE NOTE: If it is not in my "pets to rehome" stable, I do NOT sell pets, period. I don't care, it's *not* happening. If you see pets with my name on it in other people's stables, it is because they are a friend that I gifted those pets to.

Artwork of Me

by the amazing Taptothebeat <3

by the awesome Zelly

cute chibi by the brilliant Spruce

by the marvelous Electrifying

Soren-based designs by the wonderful Annaheartz

About Me
I'm a battler, I love to be on the battlefield and have a multitude of teams that regularly get to see combat.

I am an avid collector of themed griffis, ryoris, and luporas. I am proud to say that I have at least one of every griffi, and lupora, theme. I also can now proudly say that I have at least one tagged of every griffi theme.

Breeding isn't normally my thing and this may be my only project but I am currently doing a project with pecan pie luporas. It's slow-going as it's my first but I'm getting some success. This is my project goal

Been a long time since I've updated this but as of 7/24/2016, I succeeded in my goal. Meet the first 6-vis pecan pie lupora!

Since she was born, there have been 6 other 6-vis pecan pie luporas. Currently, the stables are being tidied up so that I can move onto breeding more 6-vis and working on a 6-vis with faded leopard vis. Edit: Up to 20 6-vis pies including ones with variations such as yeti and leaf veins

About Hundenelsker
So I figured I'd best tell you a bit about Hundenelsker. For one, she goes by Hund generally, full username's a bit of a mouthful. She also is a big anime and manga fan with a wide variety of favorite series. Her favorites are Mushishi, Jigoku Shoujo, Franken Fran, Godchild, Death Parade, and Bartender. If you don't know them, I recommend looking them up. Just because it's lesser-known doesn't mean it's bad, often quite the opposite. She's also a big reader with a particular fondness for Michael Crichton and medical stuff that blends truth and fiction.

Hundenelsker's Guides Mission Guide Lineage Guide Guide on Capturing Pets Arena Guide

And that's all you're getting.

**Reminder to self: Breed Arctic King for Mai**
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 206,838-47 (99.98%)
Mission Record: 34,851-63 (99.82%)
Gold Earned: 437,738,173
Scales Earned: 785,295
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 415
Bosses Defeated: 2,612
Elites Defeated: 5,187
Superiors Defeated: 46,090
Mythical Items Found: 117
Legendary Items Found: 5,699
Epic Items Found: 12,673
Rare Items Found: 17,568
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