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Username: Twilia
Title: The Kind-Hearted
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About Me
So... This is all theoretical.. But if I were to, theoretically, somehow suddenly teleport to like Hawaii.. Would I have successfully gone back in time? Or if I were to suddenly teleport to New Zealand would I have gone forward in time?

Theoretically if you fly from New Zealand to Hawaii. The time zone difference is 22 hours. So if things are timed right, you'll land yesterday! Time travel >.>.

I'm slowly losing my mind.. One time travel at a time.

Turn 316: Un-named has defeated Eleane the Duelist!!!
Turn 280: Butterscotch has defeated Eleane the Duelist!!!

^Amazing Art by Fernwolf

^Pretty nixi By Sairento

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Battle Record: 14,797-141 (99.06%)
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Gold Earned: 14,689,444
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