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Username: Merridew
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my name is Merridew, im currently 15yrs old, living in the state of Florida.
I am a cancer(crab), birthstone is a ruby, birth flower is a larkspur, 7/19/04.
ive moved around my entire life, mostly just back n forth from Oklahoma and Florida.
im the youngest of my siblings, two older brothers(18, 17)

fun fact! me and my oldest brother have the same exact birthday but are 4yrs apart and me and my brothers are each 2yrs apart.

I like, vintage things, especially from the 50s-90s. jazz, indie, and punk rock are my main music genres mostly classic rock like queen, the Beatles, Phil Collins, and toto. I enjoy Shakespeare, and classics, like lord of the flies or poetry.

my hobbies are, poetry, photography, and interior design.
I enjoy science, language arts and phycology.
I love my plantie boys (succulents and cacti)

no friends : )


anxiety club
stylestia LGBT+ club
poetry club

hmu I aint got no friends or anything to do~

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