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Breed with DFoolFemale
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Relic Armor Accessory 1 Accessory 2 Costume
Name: Un-named
Pet ID: 2716603
Current Owner: Krinadon
Original Owner: Krinadon
Birthday: 11-03-2016 02:37:40AM
Age: 141 Days
Maturity: Adult
Profile Views: 57
Battle Record: 0-0 (0.00%)
Missions Completed: 0

240/240 (240) 100%
0/100 (100) 0%
28/100 28%
Level: 0
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Physical Damage: 12
Magical Damage: 12

Strength: 23 (23)
Intelligence: 23 (23)
Dexterity: 22 (22)
Agility: 24 (24)

Physical Mitigation: 12.67%
Magical Mitigation: 12.67%
Critical Hit Chance: 8.80%
Accuracy Bonus: 8.80%
Avoidance Chance: 9.60%
Quickness Rating: 4.60
10/10 100%
Species: Morkko
Breed: Sylesti
Gender: Female
Children: 0
This is an Exclusive Sylesti
Spooky Woods Morkko
Gene One: None
Gene Two: None
Gene Three: None
Mutation One: None
Mutation Two: None
Mutation Three: None
Eye Color:  
  R:235 G:166 B:010
Color One:  
  R:050 G:010 B:004
Color Two:  
  R:250 G:214 B:165
Color Three:  
  R:014 G:009 B:009

Gene Color One:  
  R:013 G:010 B:008
Gene Color Two:  
  R:026 G:025 B:022
Gene Color Three:  
  R:249 G:221 B:193
Mutation Color One:  
  R:061 G:002 B:012
Mutation Color Two:  
  R:051 G:034 B:032
Mutation Color Three:  
  R:029 G:022 B:023

Accent Color:  
  R:235 G:166 B:010