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Proficiency Tutorial
Welcome to the Proficiency Page! This Page allows you to customize your Pet's capabilities and strengths for Battling and for completing Missions. This short tutorial will hopefully help you learn the difference between the various options that you can choose from.

Attuning to an Element

The first choice you should make for a Pet is choosing which Element to attune it to. A Pet's Element will not only determine which Abilities it learns to Battle with, but it will also decide whether or not it uses Strength or Intelligence as its Damage Dealing Stat. This can be confusing to new Players, so just keep it in mind later on when choosing which Equipment for your Pet to use.

Once you have decided on an Element to attune your Pet to, click the provided button at the bottom of the window to confirm your selection. You can change your Pet's Elemental Attunement at any time for a nominal re-training fee.

Each Element has a listed Role in Battle, Battle Specialty, and Recommended Stats. They are all explained in detail below.

Roles in Battle

Offense: An Offensive Pet is meant to deal massive amounts of Damage to Enemies in Battles. The more Damage that your Pets can deal, the faster that Enemies will be defeated and the shorter that Battles will take. However, Offensive Pets do not handle taking Damage very well and can be a bit fragile in Battles. They also do not provide any support to other Pets in your Party.

Defense: A Defensive Pet is meant to absorb incoming Damage from Enemies and to survive longer than any other Pet in Battles. However, Defensive Pets do not deal much Damage and will take a bit more time to defeat Enemies than other Pets will. They are best suited for survival or for protecting others Pets in your Party.

Support: A Supportive Pet is meant to provide Buffs and/or Healing to the other Pets in your Party. While they still deal moderate Damage and absorb moderate incoming Damage, their real benefit comes from providing assistance to the other Pets in your Party.

Battle Specialties

Single Target Damage: These Pets specialize at dealing massive amounts of Damage to one Enemy at a time.

Multi Target Damage: These Pets specialize at dealing massive amounts of Damage when fighting multiple Enemies at a time. The more Enemies available, the more Damage that these Pets can deal.

Survival: These Pets specialize at surviving for long periods of time in Battles. These Pets will last the longest in any Battle before being defeated.

Tanking: These Pets specialize at distracting Enemies and forcing them to attack themselves instead of the other Pets in your Party.

Healing: These Pets specialize at restoring Health to themselves and to the other Pets in your Party. As Pets receive Damage from Enemies in Battles, these Pets can restore the Damage being taken.

Buffing: These Pets specialize at providing bonuses and support to themselves and to the other Pets in your Party, which allows them to perform much better in Battles.

Recommended Stats

Strength: Strength is used as the Damage Dealing Stat for the Air, Earth, and Water Elements. Strength increases a Pet's Physical Damage and its Physical Mitigation.

Intelligence: Intelligence is used as the Damage Dealing Stat for the Fire, Light, and Shadow Elements. Intelligence increases a Pet's Magical Damage and its Magical Mitigation.

Dexterity: Dexterity increases a Pet's Critical Hit Chance (which increases the Damage of an Attack by 100%), Accuracy Bonus (which counters an Enemy's Avoidance), and Quickness Rating (which determines the order of actions in Battles).

Agility: Agility increases a Pet's Physical Mitigation, Magical Mitigation, Avoidance Chance (which allows it to completely avoid an incoming Attack), and Quickness Rating (which determines the order of actions in Battles).

Spending Proficiency Points

Every Pet begins with 1 Proficiency Point to spend at Level 0. Additional Proficiency Points are earned at Levels 30, 60, 65, 70, and 75 for a total of 6 spendable Proficiency Points.

Proficiency Points are used to increase a Pet's Health, Strength or Intelligence, Dexterity, or Agility. A Pet's Elemental Attunement determines whether its Strength or Intelligence is boosted.

When spending Proficiency Points, it is important to allocate them to the Recommended Stats for each Element as those are what that Element relies most heavily on for being successful in Battles.

Proficiency Points can be reset and re-allocated at any time for a nominal re-training fee.

Additional Information For Higher Level Pets

If you are a new Player, you can probably skip this section until later as it pertains to managing Pets as they start gaining Levels. Once you have a Pet attain Level 30, you should return to read this section.

As a Pet increases in Levels, it will eventually unlock new Abilities based on its Element. New Abilities are unlocked at Levels 30, 65, 70, and 75. The first Ability for every Element is an Attack, or an Ability that generates Mana when used. The other four Abilities for each Element are Finishers, or Abilities that consumes Mana when used. When selecting an Element for higher Level Pets, be sure to browse the available Abilities carefully as they vary greatly and are very unique to each Element.

Pets can earn Expertise by Battling Enemies within the Lost Grove, a Level 60+ Zone. Each Pet will have its own Expertise Rating for every Ability in each Element. As a Pet's Expertise Rating increases for an Ability, that Ability will eventually Rank up to the next Rank; increasing its power in Battles. Each Ability can reach the maximum Rank of 5. Additionally, switching a Pet's Element will NOT reset their Expertise Ratings. Those ratings are retained and will be exactly where they were if you decide to switch the Pet back to the original Element.
Relic Armor Access. 1 Access. 2 Costume
9,129 / 9,129 (2000 + 0) 100.00 %
0 / 180 (120 + 0) 0.00 %
51,192 / 71,074 72.03 %
Owner: Krinadon
Level: 50
Physical Damage: 136
Magical Damage: 661
Strength: 272 (100 + 0)
Intelligence: 571 (100 + 0)
Dexterity: 394 (100 + 0)
Agility: 302 (100 + 0)
Physical Mitigation: 34.41%
Magical Mitigation: 42.39%
Critical Hit Chance: 36.32%
Accuracy Bonus: 23.51%
Avoidance Chance: 17.32%
Quickness Rating: 69.60
Available Proficiency Points: 0
(Next Proficiency Point Earned at Level 60)
1/3 1/3 0/3 0/3
Choose an Element at the top to view the Ability Tree for this Pet.
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