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Level 29
Joined: 8/8/2019
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Posted: 8/10/2019 at 6:23 PM Post #1
(Sorry if this is horrible)
(and the main character is Human, not a Sylesti. It's not done even though it's a little long. I had to go at a weird point in the story, so it stops in a weird way. Hope you like it. Thanks for reading. And sorry for the name. Couldn't think of anything)

My first memory is being in a field. I could tell I was alive. I could tell the creatures running around me were Qitari and Bulbori. I knew the figure that flew across the orange-tinted sky was an Aurleon. I could see the sun peaking over mountains in the distance, telling it was sunrise. I didn't know my name. I didn't know where I was, I couldn't tell who I was. And in that moment, I felt my first emotion. Confusion. And then my second. Fear. Pure, gripping, fear that I haven't felt since. The next thing I remember is stumbling forward and tripping on my own feet. The ground rushed up to meet me, and couldn't stop it. Crack. A sharp bullet of pain erupted in my left elbow. I had felt pain for the first time. Now, at this time, I look back at that and think " How did something as small and painless as a fractured elbow stop me back then?" I've faced so much worse since then. The next hours of my life were ... blurry, at best. I heard a voice, no, two voices. Having a conversation. I don't know what they were saying. One one the voices picked me up and lay me down in what must have a wagon. I heard a whip snap and the cart started moving.
Then we were at a building. A tower. made entirely of mossy, gray bricks. Odd, purple and red vines were growing on the sides. They were thin, and had white flowers that seemed to live their lives in ten seconds or so, budding and growing and drooping and dying. the voice that had put me in the wagon picked me up and carried me inside. It dropped me on on a quilt, and I instantly fell asleep.
When I woke up, I was still on the quilt, but in a different room. the wall stretched higher than I could see, and a ghostly light shined around me and the room. I sat up, noticing two things; my arm was healed, and their were at least ten other people in the room, all starting to wake. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see a boy with dark green hair and eyes, and freckles all over his face.
" Hullo." He said cheerfully "Do you know whats going on here? 'Cus, I'm pretty confused right now. I mean, I don't even know what my name is. That's something you'd never expect to forget, inset it.?"
I couldn't keep from smiling a little. He was taking this all so lightly, it was a little kinda funny.
" I don't have any idea about any of this." I responded
" Well, that's okay, I guess." The boy's face lit up "Hey, we should be friends!"
A voice from the left of us interrupted him. " So that's the kind of person you are."
I turned to see another boy, this one with silver-tinted blonde hair and gray eyes. I already didn't like him. Silver slumped over.
" You aren't going to last ten minutes if you take everything with such a light heart." He pointed at me. " You, orange eyes, you might last a little longer. I'd say an hour, tops."
The boy with green hair looked confused for a second, and then a look of realization crossed his face.
" Ohhhh. So this is like an arena game? One where we just have to survive or do we kill each other and stuff?" He said. At this point, I was extremely confused. What the heck was these two talking about?
" Well, at least your smart." Silver said, grudgingly. " Yeah, it's an arena game. We're put in groups of four, two boys and two girls. Then we just have to survive. Last group standing wins."
" Wins what?" Green asked
" I-" Silver started, only to be cut off by me.
" Waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait. Wait a second." I pointed at the boy to our left. " How do we know we can trust you. And how do you know all this? Answer truthfully!"
"I was a part of this before, pulled out for some reason. The memory spell only works once. And you shouldn't trust me. You shouldn't trust anyone here. For all you know, the person closest to you is plotting to kill you." He sighed. " Now shut up. Their about to hand out names and Sylesties."
As if on cue, eggs and slips of paper started ... I mean, they just appeared out of thin air, so I'll say that. The one that appeared in my arms was blue and purple, and looked like a flower that hadn't bloomed yet.
" What did you guys get as your name?? Apparently, I'm a Vivek. I don't feel like a Vivek, though. I like the name, though. What did you guys get?" Green, well, Vivek, asked
Silver said Azrail, and looking down at the slip of paper, I saw the name Zenchi. Under that it said " Means loud and impulsive" Which is just mean, if you ask me.
I told Vivek my name, and his response was " This is great!! We're all on the same team."
" We are?" I asked, doubtfully.
" We are! look on the other side of your paper!"
I turned my paper over and saw the words:
Your team:

" See? now we just have to find this Susu person" Vivek said.
Level 29
Joined: 8/8/2019
Threads: 1
Posts: 7
Posted: 8/11/2019 at 12:32 PM Post #2
The rest of this part is relatively uneventful. We found Susu, a short, quiet girl with brunette hair and pale blue eyes. Her Sylesti was in a red egg with grayish spots. And I got a better look at Vivek and Azrail's Sylesti eggs, too. Vivek's was a light teal color with blue spots, and Azrail's was was gray with black feathers crawling around it.

Zenchi's egg:

Vivek's egg:

Susu's egg:

Azrail's egg:

After finding Susu, we left the building through a door that appeared after everyone had their Sylesties. It became pretty obvious that none of what we were seeing was actually real. The world split in four directions from here. In front of us was the feild I had been in before. To our left was a forest, to our right was a mountain range, and behind us there was a desert, with the slightest glimmer of an ocean beyond it.

I took one look at this and decided that we were going into the forest.

" We're going into the the forest." I stated, and started walking towards it. I heard Azrail sigh, but no one objected, and they followed me. They must have figured out that once I've made a decision, there's no stopping me from carrying out with my plan. So, we went into the forest, and that, my friends, is how our adventure started.
Level 29
Joined: 8/8/2019
Threads: 1
Posts: 7
Posted: 8/11/2019 at 5:23 PM Post #3
So, a few days went by. During that time, not much actually happened. Azrail showed us which plants were safe as food and how to tell if the water was clean or not.

" The first three days are just so we get to know the land, and weed out the ones that can't survive in the wild themselves." He explained.

It was day four of being alone in the forest when our Sylesties hatched. I only recognized Vivek's, a blue, female Zolnixi with odd stripes and runes across her body, and Susu's, a red and black Lunemara. Mine and Azrail's, I didn't recognize. Neither did Susu or Vivek. Azrail was just as uncertain as us. His looked like a large squirrel or something, with a big, puffy, tail holding a red orb. Vivek said he looked like a black and white Calico, which is true. Mine was blue with yellow wings. It looked like a snake to some degree, with a flower on it's tail and a thin, curling, tongue.

" What are you guys gonna name yours?" Vivek asked. He was rolling around in the dirt with his Zolnixi.

" Great." Azrail glared at them. " Your both hyperactive. I bet on Vivek dying off first."

" I think I'm gonna name her Neela. I like that name. Neela seems to like it too." Vivek said, completely ignoring Azrail. He stood and scooped Neela up. " So, what are you guys gonna name yours?" He pointed at the blob of fluff Azrail was holding. " You should name yours Calico, since that's the only thing we can say for sure about him." Azrail looked down at his Sylesti.

" Sure. He can be called Calico. I don't really care about names."

" Great!" He turned to me and Susu. " What are you gonna name yours?"

" I like the name Ilahi" Susu, who was laying on her stomach watching the Lunemara hatchling called over.

" Cool! What about you, Zenchi?" Vivek asked.

I looked down at the Sylesti in my arms, and she looked back up at me. " Maybe ... Anakla?" I don't know why, but that name seemed important to me. It still does.

So, that pretty much ended our fourth day. Azrail said that we should start taking turns keeping watch at night, because the people running the arena were starting to release other methods to kill us." I mean, unless you want to get mauled by a savage Morkko or Nytekrie." was his method of convincing us, and we all agreed. Me and Vivek kept watch on the first night. I went first, and after an uneventful yet tiring night, I woke up Vivek and went to sleep.
Level 29
Joined: 8/8/2019
Threads: 1
Posts: 7
Posted: 8/11/2019 at 5:40 PM Post #4



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