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Forum Index > Fan Fiction > Lore of Espenfall's pets and Avatars
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Posted: 5/13/2019 at 8:34 PM Post #1
( Please do not post yet xd )

Note: My favorite Avatars are usually saved. All of my avatar are considered spirits whom come out during a season.

First off we have Darth, the blood king and Demon Slayer-

Darth was new to this odd world. These creatures called.. "sylestia" were tamed and used for battle and breeding for show. He didn't like any of them so far. The vile creatures were all so colorful unlike himself who was blandly colored. He smoothly walked the trail he had taken a liking to and heard rustling nearby. He sighed and got out his snare, ready to take on whatever was there but then a gorgeous looking black and red zolnixi came from the bushes. His eyes widened at the sight. A.. A Zolnixi similar to him? A creature to his caliber? He needed this creature for himself but instead of fighting like he thought he might have to the Zolnixi simply came over to him, letting Darth put his hands on it. Both of them wearing the same vacant expression and cold eyes, but they knew they would understand each other. Darth thought it was owned from how friendly it had been and started to search for it's owner but no one claimed it. Darth claimed it as his own and gave it the name Demon Slayer, and the title Slayer of demons. He and this creature are both cruel, mean things but together they are an unstoppable force and the closest of friends. No one could ever split them apart. Darth is said to be a Halloween spirit only to come alive during that season but no matter the time Demon slayer is always in the party. He is defiant to all other then the King of blood himself and is extremely lonely till the Halloween season, when his master comes back from his realm for this festive time. Though, Darth does visit before that. The pair hate being apart.
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