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Posted: 2/10/2019 at 9:30 PM Post #1
We can share pet stories here! :D Open, if you have pet background stories, feel free to share!
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Threads: 43
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Posted: 2/10/2019 at 9:45 PM Post #2
Kaleria, The lost land

As the light faded, leaving a wide eyed, bright colored Nixi in front of me, I knew her name immediately.


Her colors reminded me of the swirling water of the lost land i had called home. Our bond deepened as we fought through the trials that awaited us over the next few weeks. She had an endless amount of energy, but stood regal at the same time.

Just like the Goddess I had heard so many stories about.

In a time of terror and war, Goddess Kaleri took mercy on the broken families of the world and created a land for them. The land of mirrors, soon dubbed 'Kaleria' by the doting followers of Kaleri, was a peaceful land. Only able to be accessed by the lineage of all the families that She placed there, and only accessible via mirrors from the realm of reality, or the world as most people know it, Kaleria stayed a lovely place for generations. Until, of course, outsiders gained access to it.

How I arrived here in Sylestia still remains a mystery, as I myself am a native of Kaleria from a royal bloodline. Through ups and downs, making new friends and many enemies, Kaleria has stayed true to her name as a protector and fierce friend, for which I am grateful.
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Posted: 2/10/2019 at 10:35 PM Post #3


This is the deposed Prince Myrmidon of the Shaledon Kingdom, a rather unique little range in the depths of Lake of Astryl's Tranquility whose location is well known, if you happen to look down upon it's ruin when you face Vorpar. The prince's tale is a semi-sad tale. Wemerfolk, under dominion of Queen Ariel, allied ourselves with the Water Elemental, Vorpar. Nobody really knows for certain how it got here. Many suspect the queen herself had summoned the horrendous beast. What we do know is that it materialized in the heart of Shaledon where it and it's army of elemental laid waste to Shaledon and it's inhabitants,even converting schools of fishes into the vicious Water Sprites lurking in the lake depths today.

Myrmidon's grandsire led the herd at that time.Alas the elementals slaughtered the adults and adolescents but paid almost no heed to the hatchlings, save for sport to the water sprites. Other than Myrmidon's eldest sister, who had been mated in another herd, he is the only surviving member of the 'royal' line of Shaledon. A herd kingdom that had survived for nearly 1000 years. Unbeknownst to Myrmidon, there was an ancient legend that a prince of Shaledon would be mated to a princess of Thestria, an ancient kelparie herd realm far north of the falls that feed the lake, and was supposedly, cursed. Frozen in time.

But the life of the young prince was far from safe. His schooling mates helped to hide his identity from his tormentors, while he secretly tried to organize his fellows to revolt. Unfortunately the plot was discovered and virtually the entire school was torn limb from limb. Though in the battle the prince was rendered unconscious and thought dead. He came too smothered in a pile of his fellows torn body parts and was discovered by the merfolk, that sought to tame/enslave him. His spirit was nearly impossible to break, but could be soothed with the presence of a few mares, or so we merpeople thought.

Not long after he neared coming of age, Queen Ariel sought to breed him with her stock of mares from lines in her royal mounts. Sometime during the season, he made good an escape and eluded capture too many times to count. I was one of the Mermen tasked with taking him back alive. However it wasn't the ingenuity of the merfolk that captured the prince, but his discovery of the Thestrian prophecy. That ancient civilization that he, and we, thought it was just a myth, until a mysterious young filly claiming to be the lost Princess Kanakwella discovered him...
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