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Posted: 8/3/2014 at 12:51 AM Post #1
Genetic Testing Etiquette
A Guide for Providing Service!

It came to my attention that sometimes, there are concerns with Genetic Testing that some players NEVER want to come across.
Genetic testing is incredibly simple, but can be potentially sticky, and might need some sort of etiquette. (orz I'm sorry if this seems totally uncalled for)

I want to make yet another guide so that people know the best way to go about testing, whether they are:
those who need tests, who search for the services, or
the testers, who provide their services.

1. Background what is genetic testing and why is it a thing

2. The Process how it plays out

3. Client Etiquette how to ask for a genetic test

4. Tester Etiquette how to service others

5. Tips what makes things more efficient

6. Notes

7. Examples of Breeding Threads
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Level 65
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Joined: 1/12/2013
Threads: 336
Posts: 12,790
Posted: 8/3/2014 at 12:52 AM Post #2
1. Background what is genetic testing and why is it a thing

*The idea of having those with Exceptional Test Kits publicly offer their kits to test other players' pets is the community's idea, not so much the admins'. Keep this in mind!

When you first get a pet, all you see are its colors and its visibles. If you just hatched it out of an egg, you only see the genes, not the mutations.

But then, it could possibly have hiddens!

So you get them tested, using a Genetic Test Kit.

Once you do, your pet will have an icon in their genetics box that looks like:

However, Genetic Test Kits are consumable, and a player can have many more than just one pet to test.
Sylestia currently has no NPC that sells these kits. They sometimes come from events. Players can sell them on the broker. But even that is limited.

THERE IS, however, an unlimited, permanent tester that doesn't wear out after hundreds of tests. It's the Exceptional Genetic Test Kit, buyable for 1500 diamonds ($15) or 1000 diamonds on a sale.

Though, most people don't have that many diamonds, right?

So what's an alternative to getting your pet tested?

You can ask someone who already has an Exceptional Genetic Test Kit to test your pets. c:

There are nice people in the community that offer up their services and Exceptional Genetic Test Kits to those who don't have gold or test kits of their own.

Some of them have formal threads where users can post the pet in question to test.
Some informally offer their service by words, telling people that they can test them in region chats or by PM.

Either way, this is a cheaper alternative to testing pets, as most testers are kind enough to do it for free.

However, this doesn't mean that there shouldn't be manners in doing so.

Genetic testing, albeit simple (just one click, and voila! tested), takes an unsaid amount of trust, as you are often giving your pet to someone else for free, and expecting it back in exchange for a free test. Thus, I have made a guide for Genetic Testing, so that both clients and testers have something to refer to if they are unsure of how the process works or if something sticky arises.
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Joined: 1/12/2013
Threads: 336
Posts: 12,790
Posted: 8/3/2014 at 12:52 AM Post #3
2. The Process how it plays out

First: the client asks a tester to test

a) "Hey, can someone test this pet for me?"
b) "Hey [insert player's name here], can you test a pet for me?"

If a player actually responds "yes", then...

Second: the client sets the pet for the tester to pick up

Go to the pet page of the pet you want to test, click Manage Pet...

Usually you put 1g in Sale Price. This is to give the pet to the tester without hassle.
But make sure you put the ID of the player that you want to test the pet in the Sell to User ID box. So that only the tester can pick up the pet, and no one else.

Third: the tester picks up the pet

The tester will buy the pet you set up. You can see this in your Account Overview page.

Fourth: the tester tests the pet with a Genetic Testing Kit

After the testing, all hidden traits, if the pet has any, would be shown. If not, "None" should be in the place of a genetic slot.

Fifth: the tester sets the pet back up for client

Just like how you set up the pet for the tester, the tester in turn sets up the pet back for you. If done correctly, you should be able to click View Prices on your pet's page, and pick up the pet for exactly the same amount you set up for the tester.

Sixth: the client buys back the tested pet

You now have a tested pet. c:
Rinse and repeat as you wish, so long as you find a willing tester!
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Level 65
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Joined: 1/12/2013
Threads: 336
Posts: 12,790
Posted: 8/3/2014 at 12:52 AM Post #4
3. Client Etiquette how to ask for a genetic test

If you are looking to get some pets of yours tested...


-ask in public chats (ie general chatroom, region chat) if anyone can test your pet(s)

Possible Client: Hello, can anyone test my pet?
Tester: Sure! My ID is _____, send me the link!

-look in the Breeding Discussion for testing threads

-PM someone nicely if they have a testing kit

-use please/thank you in your request (manners go a long way!)

"Can you please test my pet(s)? Thanks for your time! :D"

-check the tester's profile page (click on their avatar or their username in blue link text) to see if they were recently online (if they're online, they're more likely to respond to your test request than if they were offline!)


-demand a test from a player

-demand a player be hasty with your testing

-ask for eggs to get tested...because you can't test egglings, only hatchlings and older

-make the tester hold your pet for an indefinite amount of time after they test it

-leave your pet with the tester while it is hungry, please feed it before testing!


-if you think the player is taking too long to test your pet (it shouldn't take more than a minute!), you may monitor your pet. You can remind the player (via chat/PM/forum ping) if they are taking an irregular amount of time that they are testing your pet, and if they are finished with it so they can set it back up for you if it wasn't already.

-always try to get your pet back as soon as possible! Give the tester time to test, but don't take a long time on purpose to pick up your pet. Stable space can be limited for them, and it's only good etiquette to take them off the tester's hands, as they are your pets, not theirs.


It is up to you to offer tip to the tester. c: (They don't necessarily have to accept it though lol.)
Doesn't have to be too ostentatious. You can ask them to CoD you something for 1k or something. But they know that you probably want a test and nothing more.

You should offer a thank you, though, that's always nice.


When you hatch 5 eggs or catch 3 wild pets (or both), you'd want them all to be tested, and it's efficient to just have a tester do them all in one go that one at a time. So far, most testers don't mind multiple pets, as testing's pretty easy (as long as they have stable space).

Now when your test load goes upwards to 20 pets or more, it becomes more of a "please test my entire stable/hatchery" sort of deal. Different testers have different sensitivities to workloads, but it would be nice to be considerate and make their workload light. (If it's a testing forum thread, look at previous posts by other players and gauge how many pets the tester usually takes, and what their limits are.)

A good way to alleviate workloads is to break up the number of pets you set to multiple testers.
If you have 60 pets you need testing (from say a breeding project), you can separate them into groups of 20 across three different testing users. Make sure you properly ID all your pets to the right user, and link the tester to the correct pets.


Due to the new stable system, all pets that 0 hunger will fall unconscious. Most players, including testers, have a stablehand or feeding system set up that feeds all their pets at the same time if they are hungry, INCLUDING pets in the stables that are being tested AND adolescents in the hatchery. Feeding each and every pet, including the tested pets that happen to be hungry at the time of feeding, takes gold from the tester.

If you don't pick up your pet before the tester/tester's stablehand feeds the stables, their gold essentially goes into feeding your pet.

It is bad etiquette to have someone pay to feed your pet. Please have it fed before you have it tested, IF picking it up as soon as it is available is an issue. If you are timely on picking up your pet, this should not be an issue.


It is utterly rude to leave your pets with the tester, for ANY REASON AT ALL, especially if you've been online while it is being tested.
There are testers that, after about a day of holding the pet, will go through different medias of communication, from PMs to pings, in order to contact you to pick up your pet.

Please pick up your pet after it is tested.

If for any reason you cannot be timely to pick it up, let the person know.

It has come to my attention that there have been cases where a client had pets tested, and didn't want to pick up their pets due to what was in the genes. If this is your case, please pick up the pet anyway and RELEASE IT YOURSELF.

If you leave your pet with a tester for a long period of time, they may have a rule in their thread that they'll release it. Read carefully, pick up your pets on a timely manner, and be courteous for their service.
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Threads: 336
Posts: 12,790
Posted: 8/3/2014 at 12:53 AM Post #5
4. Tester Etiquette how to service others

IF you have an Exceptional Genetic Test Kit AND you want to help out others...


-set up a testing thread, usually in the Breeding Discussion

-if you set up a testing thread, offer your ID number in your first post so people don't have to look for it.

-offer your services informally, like on a region chat or general chat or PM

Tester: Hey, if anyone wants me to test some pets, my ID is ___! Tell me if you have a pet to test. c:
Possible Client: Oh, here's my pet! [insert URL here]


-use this service as an excuse to keep the pets you test

-sell the pets you test to others

-retain pets from users if you have no reason to do so


-complain about testing in public (if you wish to stop testing, you may edit your thread and say its closed and stop offering your services)

-take a long time to test a pet on purpose (make it a habit to get the pet tested and set up for your client as soon as you can! it isn't your pet, after all)

-charge extremely high for your services (I'm not too sure about the future, but most testers do their service for free, or some for 100g each, it's up to you whether you charge or not, but if you're going to charge people, do warn them)


It is up to you whether you accept tip or not.

However, do keep in mind that tip is not required by the client if they ask for their pets to be tested.


It's up to you whether you charge per test or not.

I've seen some people who charge 100g per pet (client sets up pet for 1g, the tester tests and sets back for 100g (or 101g I guess)). Though, several others do this same service for free. Up to you.


If you personally do not wish to test during a certain time or only feel comfortable testing a certain number of pets, it would be nice to say them upfront instead of after a user asks for a test.

Situation 1:
Client: Can you test my pet?
Tester: Sorry, it's festival time, I'm busy. Find someone else.
Client: oh..

Situation 2:
Client: Can you test my pets? *lists 20 links of pets*
Tester: omg that's a lot of pets x___x

Situation 3:
Client: Can you test my pet?

*5 days pass*

Tester: oh sorry!!! i had an exam to study for omg i'm sorry
Client: It's okay, I had someone else do it, thank you though. :)

Situations 1 and 2 can be avoided if you put in your first post of your thread (or, if you offer tests informally, your profile page at best) that you prefer not to test during a certain time or prefer not to test too many pets.

Situation 3, which is personal life, and we all have personal things that happen sometimes, can be eased into if you post ahead of time or at the time of the event that you're going to be busy. While it may not be needed, it's a nice courtesy to potential clients. c:


If you take on multiple pets at once, depending on if they're adults in the stables or not, you may need stable space to house all the pets you test. It's only temporary, because the pets you test aren't supposed to be with you longer than a day aha.
But expect the free space of your stable to be temporarily filled at times with pets. c: Not all the time, but sometimes.


If a player neglected to pick up a pet from you in a long period of time:

1. Make every effort to contact them them. PMs or forum pings.
ie: "Hey, you missed a pet, please pick it up, thanks!"

If the player has not responded for about 2 weeks to a month, especially if they were online (you can check their activity on their profile page):

2. State that you will do something about the pet soon if they do not pick up the pet.
ie: "You haven't picked up your pet in 3 weeks. I will release it in a week if you do not pick it up"

Make sure that if you have a preference for how long you hold pets, state it in your post or description UP FRONT so that clients are obligated to know what will happen to their pets if this arises.
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Level 65
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Threads: 336
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Posted: 8/3/2014 at 12:53 AM Post #6
5. Tips what makes things more efficient


-the pet, usually a URL link to the pet's profile

-your ID, for quick reference instead of the tester having to go to your profile to find the ID

-some sort of notification, such as a ping on forum or a PM titled test request

Can you please test my pet? My ID is 1127, thank you!

Basic format:
1. ID
2. all the pets needed for testing


Sometimes, when it comes to multiple pets and time management, there's a difference between:


The difference is, the first set is just text, the second is clickable link. For the first list, the tester would have to copy and paste each and every URL into their browser just to pick up the pet and test it. In the second list, the tester can just click/open a new tab instantly, saving time.

To make links clickable, just enclose them in [ url ] [ /url ] tags.

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Threads: 336
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Posted: 8/3/2014 at 12:54 AM Post #7
6. Notes

-EGGS can NOT be tested!

please don't ask to have your eggs tested. hatchlings only!

Tester: "My biggest issue when testing other's pets is that I'm doing something nice for them that they asked for and they don't even say thank you."

please say thank you, this is a service, a human being is taking time to test your pets c:

Tester: " I love pings, peops are just lucky that I check it all the time lol"

ping the tester to know you're there!


Tester: ahh its just the way people ask about things

and then there was one where the tester was like "no, I don't want to test dueing fests, find someone else"...after that I got so many peops coming to me going "I am really sorry if you do not test during fests, but if you do.."

I actually put a notice on the front of my testing thread saying that I test all the time, so peops didn't feel uncomfortable to ask"

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Posted: 8/3/2014 at 12:54 AM Post #8
7. Examples of Testing Threads

Asha's Genetic Testing Center! by Ashadelmg

Free Genetic Testing by Kiradeki

Free testing by Maddytivon

Free Genetic Testing by Nightoftheraven

Free Testing by Ivodince

Free Testing by Reviren

Another Free Genetic Testing Space by Willowdarimn
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Posted: 8/3/2014 at 12:55 AM Post #9
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Threads: 336
Posts: 12,790
Posted: 8/3/2014 at 12:55 AM Post #10

feel free to post if you have any questions! this is a guide in progress!
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