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Forum Index > Fan Fiction > Misted Shadows (Renewed)
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Posted: 9/15/2022 at 7:20 AM Post #1
Heavily inspired by War of the Sylesties

About the characters

This is about some of my pets btw

Dustie and Maine have new owners, so we have new children!

Pm to be added to Pinglist
Just note you may add your own characters (any kind, preferably Sylvorpa/Ryori) to the story if you'd like <3 (Private chat pls)

A long time ago, before humans inhabited the world, Sylesties lived in groups known as tribes. Some of the tribes lived with multiple different types while others lived alone, isolated from others. This story is about a family in the Ryvorpa (Ryori/Sylvorpa) tribe who is a bit different from the rest. This family is known for always having mist (not the normal 'mist') surrounding their bodies. No Sylesti knows how or where they got this unique trait but many are interested in it. Especially a very helpful Sylvorpa by the name of Shadow. This Sylesti usually watches the family in the shadows, always hidden from view. Join and watch as this tribe tries to discover the 'mist'eries (I'll see myself out) of this family as Shadow tries to help them.

Characters by |Anonymous| are people who submitted characters but do not wish to be mentioned.

(We're using Sylestia aging time for this)

Info about the tribe:
-Two leaders, or kings/queens, that rule over the tribe (One a Sylvorpa, one a Ryori)
-Certain tasks are assigned each day to the members of the tribe, which some will be mentioned in the first chapter.
-Adolescents go through a cycle of jobs, to help the rulers decide what their role will be.
-Once adolescents reach the age of an adult, they are given a role in the tribe, which will be their main job.
-Every month, there is a day where all adult Sylesti switch roles for the day, so they have experience in other fields.
-The tasks are not the same as roles. Tasks are done during a 1-6 hour period in the morning, while jobs/roles are done throughout the rest of the day.

Info about the mist:
-Tempest Armor gene
-Appears at adolescent age.
-Though its rare, the misted family can also have mist wings attached to their mist like Sabelle does (aka cyberpunk wings mut). Savviana does not have them.
-The mist can sometimes come from their orbs (aka fox fire mut), though it's rare. Neither Sabelle or Savviana have it, but their mother, Myst, does.





Egg (Pm name ideas)

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Level 60
The Sweet Tooth
Joined: 7/14/2019
Threads: 104
Posts: 2,408
Posted: 9/15/2022 at 7:20 AM Post #2
POV - Sabelle (3rd person)


"Hey Empress! Bet I can float to that tree and back before you!"

"Oh it's on Misty girl!"

As Aurleon chirped a tune and the wind whistled along, the Ryvorpa tribe happily got ready for the day. Young Sylvorpa already out and about, Ryori calmly chatting near their dens, and both of the species preparing to do their daily tasks. Since adolescent tasks start later, two particular Ryori had all the time in the world to play.

"Hah! I told you I would win!"

"No fair! You had a head start!"

"Oh hush, it was all in good fun."

Sabelle and Empress had just finished a fun little race around a tree, Sabelle being able to get a head start due to the other being caught off guard.

"Anyways, how's your lil bro doing? I heard he started getting angsty from Ambrosine."

"Oh, he's fine. Ambro told me he finally made a friend, which is good."

"How about we go check on him? We have about an hour before her majesty assigns our tasks, so we should be fine."

"Sure! Let's go."

With that, the two Ryori made their way over to the nursery, where all the Sylvorpa and Ryori not old enough to have tasks are kept.

"Morning Ambrosine! How are you today?"

A beautiful male Ryori whipped his head around to the two, startled. After a moment, he calmed himself.

"I'm fine, Empress. Hello Sabelle. Assuming your here to check on Savviana?" Ambrosine always had a softer and more raspy voice, which made him hard to hear sometimes. Since he's one of the caretakers of the tribe, he didn't need to speak out much unless one of the young ones was hurt or one of the eggs were damaged by something.

"Yes, we are. Thank you for watching over him."

"I mean, it is my role. He's in the back of the den with his new friend. Careful not to step on any hatchlings on the way there."

"Thanks Ambro!"

With that, they made their way to the back of the den, struggling to not trip on the hatchlings running between their feet.

And in the corner of the den, a small blue Ryori and a pinkish-purple and green Sylvorpa hatchling were piled on top of each other, chatting about something. Their conversation stopped as the adolescents walked over, which the Ryori jumped up, running to Sabelle's talons.


"Hello there Savvi, how are you?" Sabelle gave a smile, looking down at the Ryori

"I made a friend! Look, this is Mulberry! She's going to be the next queen of the Sylvorpa!"

The Sylvorpa, Mulberry, gave a tiny wave, curled up in the corner like a cat.

"Wow, you really resemble your father, don't you?" Empress bent down to the young Sylvorpa. She was obviously pretty young compared to the rest of the hatchlings, probably only hatched a few days ago.

Mulberry gave a quiet nod, she didn't seem like the talkative type, but hopefully that would change with age.

"Sabby! Sabby look! My other orbs are growing in! And my legs too!" Savviana pointed at the smaller orbs forming in, then looking back at his growing legs, his smile bright.

"That's wonderful! Soon you'll be doing tasks with me and Empress."

"I wish I had a sibling! Savviana is so cool!" The other Ryori pouted, giving a funny-looking grumpy face.

"Don't worry, your like a sibling to us anyways!" Sabelle gave Empress a pat on the head. "How about we go play a game? You two can come along too."

"A game? I wanna play!" The growing Ryori jumped up in the air, doing a spin, while the Sylvorpa simply nodded, getting up from her spot.

"Wonderful! Let's go!"

With that, the four walked towards the exit, Savviana clinging onto Sabelle's back because he was too lazy to walk.

Outside of the den, they were met with the two who presumably started the misted family. Myst and Aireo.

"Oh hey mom and dad! We were just about to go play a game." Sabelle smiled at her parents. They were always very protective of the two, and ever since they had another egg, they have been non-stop checking on their children.

"Wonderful. We just wanted to check on you, plus Aireo got the task to help with the children today, and I wanted to see him to it." The beautiful female Ryori said, her smile was always soft and kind, her being one of the kindest people in the tribe.

"Aww, is that the little superstar I was hearing the Sylvorpa king talk about? He was right about her looking like a nebula." Aireo bent down to look at the small Sylvorpa.

Instead of being frightened like you would think from her personality thus far, she stayed completely calm, looking up at the adult with a slight frown, though that was probably just her resting face.

"Aw, she looks like you when your angry." Aireo commented, looking over at Myst.

"Very funny. You guys can run along now, I'm on fruit gathering today." Myst said, giving a smile to the four before floating off to do her task.

"Bye dad, see you after tasks." Sabelle gave her father a wave then walked away with the others.

"So, what do we play?"


Empress - Character by me

Ambrosine - Character by me

Mulberry - Character by me

??? - Character by |Anonymous|

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Level 60
The Sweet Tooth
Joined: 7/14/2019
Threads: 104
Posts: 2,408
Posted: 9/15/2022 at 7:20 AM Post #3
Level 60
The Sweet Tooth
Joined: 7/14/2019
Threads: 104
Posts: 2,408
Posted: 9/15/2022 at 7:21 AM Post #4
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