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Forum Index > Other Fiction > Georgia's Ocs
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Posted: 8/13/2022 at 5:23 AM Post #1

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Level 61
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Threads: 196
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Posted: 8/13/2022 at 5:24 AM Post #2
Oc from: wastelands created by Katelynn4545


Name: Georgia Jaspers
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual Demiromantic
Appearance: Georgia is a young culcasian woman with long stright chocolate brown coloured hair that reaxhes down to her midback with a side parted fringe and greyish blue colured eyes and an oval shaped face, Georgia is a petite girl who a size 10 uk size and has freckles on her nose and thick glasses
Personality: Georgia is a kind quiet individual who rather shy at first and known to keep to herself and only talk when spoken to untill she gains more confidence she's also stubborn and emotional and prone to jealousy and Clumsy but deep down a good person at heat
Fears: Georgia has a fear of needles and Spiders
Likes: Geogia loves flowers and reading and wolves and she also likes the colour pink, collecting shiny rocks/Gems, Selene and animals
Dislikes: Georgia dislikes the cold, the colour purple and she also dilikes Spiders, self centered and aggressive people and pain
Strengths: Georgia has some knowledge in healing and herbs from books she read and approachable and rather light on her feet making her good at getting around
Weaknesses: Georgia has bad eye sight and extremely clumsy qnd her shy nature makes her a target for bad people and isn't the type to stand up for herself and being emotional she can get upset or mad easily and can become jealous if she has romantic feelings towards someone and jealous of people who get close or to friendly
Occupation (Job): Bondling vet and carker who also taking over her mother Bondling kennel whwre Bondlings say untill their 'humans' are able to return, recovered
Friends: Riker, Kuro, Selene and Rosco
Voice Claim: lilith borderlands

Georgia's Bondling
Selene Moonstone
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Herosexual
Appearance:Selene is a female pure white Timber Wolf with light blue colured eyes and a black noses and poined wolf ears and pink paw pads different from the nornal black paw pads of wolves
Personality: Selene is a brave and intelligent creature who's extremely loyal and a good hunter and tracker she's pack/family orientated, calm and quiet and has a gentle side
Fears: Selene main fear is dying or the death of Georgia and Tigers due to a prior incident
Likes: Selene like most wolves likes meat,the Moon and being in a family but Selene different from other wolves likes Seashells and sleeping on others backs so of your bond is larger and warm Selene might use them as a pillow
Dislikes: Selene Dislikes tiger ls and Archnids (siders) the colour purple, getting woken up, loud noises and when others insult her species
Core: Light: Selene can heal most injuries including fatal ones but cant use physical attacks and her core uses life force using it to much will kill her
Voice Claim: Wynne Dragon age


Name: Kage kuromiya
Age: Twenty One
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual Demiromantic
Appearance:Kage is a half culcasian half Asian male with extremely long jet back hair that reaches down to his bottom and a oval shaped face with dark brown eyes and a scar over his left eyebrow Kage has a somewhat muscular board figure and somewhat large hands with a scar over his right shoulderblade and another one across his back.
Personality: Kage is a brave and loyal individual who's extremely Over protective and stubborn and has a short fuse prone to losing his temper but dispite this he calm in difficult situations and somewhat intelligent and confident and acts cold and distant to people until he knows them well enough but keep down he's a good person who really kind to those he loves
Fears: losing loved ones, not being strong enough to protect others, hights
Likes:exercising, the colour red, Georgia, animals, reading, Dominick, his mother, Georgia touching his hair, Rock and punk rock music
Dislikes: people touching his hair (exsept Georgia), being mistaken as a girl due to his hair, his father, self centered people, losing, the colour purple and snakes
Strengths: kage is physically strong acting as the tank in battles and raids/hunting trips he also quite intelligent but people don't see past physical strength (everyone often only seems him as the tank) and is calmnin difficult situations
Weaknesses: due to his size Kage isn't light on his feet or fast making him a easy target for quick attacks, kage has a slight temper and has been known to lash out and he's also extremely over protective
Voice Claim: Kenta Kamakari aka Edgeshot Mha
-kage eas born to a Japanese woman called Miki Kuromiya and a culcasian man called Maxwell Chadwell unfortunately his father wasn't a nice person and left the family for another woman.
- kage and Georgia are childhood friends and Kage used to have a crush on her
-Kage's name is Japanese and means shadow

Kage's Bondling
Name: Dominick
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual Demiromantic
Appearance: Dominick is a male snow leopard with pure white,grey and black fur and rounded leopard ears and tail and black paw pads and golden yellow eyes
Personality: Dominick is extremely Brave and over confidence often coming off as cocky and he is also a massive tease often teasing others in a playful manner but Dominick is also extremely loyal and selfless and protective
Fears: Making Selene mad, losing loved ones,pain
Likes: teasing others,hights, sleeping, Kage, Snow, exploring the mines
Dislikes: being lied to, Narcissistic people, most, the colour purple, spiders and snakes
Core: Darkness: can manipulate Shadow's to attack others or to use as a smokescreen he is weak to light and his core uses his life force and using to much will kill him
Voice Claim: Ryuji Sakamoto from persona 5

Image credits:
White Wolf
Snow leopard
female Human
Male human
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Level 61
The Kind-Hearted
Joined: 11/9/2019
Threads: 196
Posts: 3,938
Posted: 8/15/2022 at 1:40 PM Post #3
Fae Oc
Used in Rp with: Kittbee who also created the Fae wpuld it's self

Name: Eleanor meriwether

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual Demiromantic

Age Maturity: Young Adult female between 23 and 33

Species(s): Human and Fae Hybrid (Wolf Feirial)

Personality: Eleanor is a polite and rather kind individual who alao has a sweet side and massive lover of animals and a natural green thumb feeling at peace with nature or when gardening she's also rather stubborn and extremely emotional known to het angry and upset easily over both big and small things and she's also prone to becoming jealous when it comes to anyone she has romantic feelings towards getting jealous when others become to close or show an interest in anyone ahe romantically cares for. Eleanor is also clumsy at times and being raised by human with no knowledge of her fae herratage she's extremely clueless

Fae Physical appearance: Eleanor true physical appearance is a young woman with light pail culcasian skin tone with extremely long stright pure white hair that reaches down to the floor with a Sideswept fringe falling on the left side of her face and bright golden Amber coloured eyes similar to golden brown coloured eyes of a wolf she also has petite figure and is around five ft eight height with pure white pointed canine ears simular to a Timber Wolf and a large white busy white tail that so busy and long she's known to knock things over with it when distracted or excited similar to a wagging dogs tail and has long black funger nails simular to talons or claws and are rather Shap

Human physical Appearance: Eleanor is a young woman with light peachy culcasian toned skin with long light ash blonde hair that reaches down to past her shoulders that's often tied up in a bun or ponytail style and has a messy fringe and round almond shaped green eyes that sometimes look a emerald green in bright lights like sunlight or lights from bulbs and has lots of freckles on her nose and cheeks each freckle variety in different sizes and smooth arched eyebrows she has a petite figure and is around five ft four in hight looking delicate and fragile and like a strong gust of wind could blow her over and a scarover her left eyebrow

Abilities: Eleanor has a natural talent for gardening and a natural green thumb able to easily grow amazing plants of great quality and keep plants surviving far longer then farmers and expert gardeners ahe also is good with animals having animals drawn to her

Family: Hamilton meriwether (Human Father- Deceased) Lilianaqua
(Fae Mother-Unknown but presumed alive)

Special traits: bing half human and half Feirial Fae Eleanor has inherited some Fae abilities without the unnatural fae physical appearance so she's able to hide within both the human world and Fae would and doesn't have all the drawbacks fae often have only about half as she's half human. Eleanor also has human physical strength [might give her Healing abilities]

Backstory: Eleanor is the Daugher of a orphaned human male called Hamilton a kinda man with dark blackish brown hair and chocolate brown eyes who lived in a beautiful cottage he built himself and made a living growing and selling crops and repairing tools at the local market her mother meanwhile was a beautiful Feirial Fae called Lilianaqua who ran away from an arranged marriage she had pure white curly hair with Wolf features including ears and a tail and bright blue eyes. her parents supposedly fell in love with eachhother one summer morning when Hamilton her father discovered the injured Lilianaqua who was unconscious and used her abilities to alter her appearance to appear human and Hamilton took her home and soon they fell in love and Hamilton accepted her for not being a human but unfortunately Lilianaqua dispite being pregnant began to miss her home and family and started to resent Hamilton and her unborn baby and they became strained and when Eleanor was born when Hamilton was out Lilianaqua quickly abandoned Eleanor and Hamilton and ran away back home disappearing without a trace leaving Eleanor to be raised alone by her father. Eleanor grew up a happy and normal childhood dispite her unhuman appearance she leaned from a young age to hide her animal ears and tail as her father was scared as when Eleanor was four bandits spotted her and attacked her and kidnapped her hoping to sell her where she was almost sold to a rich landowners hoping to use her as he belived she would give him powerful offspring but luckily the bandits on the way to rich mans house was attacked by rouge Fae's and in the commotion Eleanor excape and managed to find her way home after the incident her father become protective and taught her to hide her unsural features to protect her. Eleanor was thirteen years old when Hamilton became ill and bedbound so Eleanor became the main breadwinner and worked to grow crops to get enough to help family survive and pay for her father medicine but unfortunately Hamilton dadly passed away three years later two days before her sixteenth birthday laving her now alone thankfully Eleanor was taught how to grow and farm crops and made a living growing crops and plants to survive and still lives in her father cottage

Voice Claim: Mandy more from Tangeled, princess dairies

+ Eleanor lives in a collage she inherited from her father Hamilton that is a blue wodden two bedroom college the outside was covered in various flowers and plants and even a small gardening boxes while the inside of her cottage much like the outside had a cottage core feel to it with wood browns and blues due to her father's favourite colour being blue she kept it adding in her own touch throughout the cottage while her bedroom was various pastle and a large bed with white bedposts and a somewhat large back guarden with a massive gardening patch and hey bayels that the local cat's used to sleep and sun themselves on

+Eleanor Fae abilities where sealed inside by her mother Lilianaqua to protect herself in fear of other's finding out she had a child with a human unfortunately her magic wasn't strong enough to hide her her physical inherited Fae traits due to being weak from childbirth

+Eleanor has a close friend called Prism aka Riz a guy who loves pastles and gaming who she plays gaming with and always seems to come whenever it rains, riz belongs to Kittbee

+ Eleanor is a massive bookworm she loves reading books her favourite place to read is her bay window that has a few books and a glass rose on the window sill she takes off the glass rose and books to convert the bay window into a window seat

Note: Credit for cottage belongs to The sims 4 games while the Fae world belongs to the amazing Kittbee
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Level 61
The Kind-Hearted
Joined: 11/9/2019
Threads: 196
Posts: 3,938
Posted: 9/4/2022 at 1:46 PM Post #4
Regular oc
Used in: A Dms Rp with Braxtion

Name: Georgia Christopherson

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Georgia idenifies as Hetrosexual meaning she's attracted only towards the opposite gender in this case males and she idenifies as Demiromantic only strong forming romantic attraction to people shes developed a strong bond with

Appearance: Georgia is a young culcasian woman with extremely long stright jet black hair reaching down past her bottom though she wears it up in ponytail or bun during school to accommodate the school dress code and she also has a oval shaped face and arched thin eyebrows and round almond shaped green eyes and a few freckles she hates she has a petite figure and known to wear gothic fashion outside of school

Personality: Georgia is a shy and quiet individual who's rather kind and caring and considerate at times but also can be described as sweet but she's also extremely insecure having a low opinion of herself and extremely clumsy at times and due to an incident at her previous school she doesn't stand up for herself. Georgia also somewhat of a loner and gard core lover of Animals and games

Weaknesses/faults: Georgia is extremely insecure and has a low opinion of herself so isn't the type to try and chase her dreams or realise her true potential or sand up for herself as ahe thinks what's the point i don't matter. Georgia is also clumsy and definitely the type to trip over nothing and she has really bad eye sight having short-sighted vision meaning she's unable to see anything unless its close to her eyes and hates wearing her glasses thinking they make her look ugly she's also rather weak unable to defend herself

Family: Charlotte Christopher's [Mother-Alive] Maxwell Chadwell [Father-Alive] Dominick Christopher [brother-Alive]

Love interest: Braxtion's oc Braxtion

Likes: Animals, reading books, Playing Games, Blue raspberry slush puppies, Lattes from cafes, The colour Pink and black, Anything Gothic, Nightmare before Christmas, Her brother (platonic obviously) Wolves and Nightcore music

Dislikes: Sharron and Karen the local bullies, The colour purple, Spiders, arrogant people, Spiders, bullies,Her mother's Boyfriends and rap music

Biography: Georgia was born in a small English town called Reading located in west Berkshire area where she was born to her mother Charlotte Chadwell (Ne Christopherson) a waitress and her father Maxwell Chadwell a lolly driver and she had an older brother called Dominick (named after a friend) as a child Georgia was shy but a sweet teachers pet but unfortunately when she was seven years old her father was discovered to be having an affair and ran away to be with his lover breaking her mother's heart. Georgia didn't fully recover from losing her father becoming withdrawn when she was fourteen after multiple failed relationships her mother meet an American man and the family moved to Dakota America to be with him and Georgia had to uproot her life, change schools and lose friends but unfortunately two years and six mouths after moving Charlotte and the boyfriend broke up and the family relocated to [rp] where she ince again had to change schools where she was treated differently due to her gothic illness and personality


* Georgia has a Nintendo switch lite which was a birthday present her favorite games is Pokmon sword and shield, Animal crossing and Stardew vally her favourite characters are Leon and Piers (Pokmon) Sebastian and Harvey (stardew valley) Stirling, Lucky, Raymond and muffy (animal crossing)

*Georgia has gad several crushes on Fictional characters including Piers from pokemon, Spencer reid deom Criminal Minds and ironically Doctor Stephen Strange from marvel

*Georgia's bother Dominick is a massive fan of both Rock music and boxing and has a dislike for football he also likes Animals and the colour yellow but dislikes the colour green. Dominick has light ash blonde hair and green colured eyes . Dominick is extremely protective of Georgia due to his chilhood

* Georgia's natural hair colour is platinum blonde she actually hates her hair colour as its the same hair colour as her father so ahe dyed it black feeling it suited her better and fitted her gothic fashion sense more

Notice: Dispite this oc having the same name as my username this character isn't a self incert or in anyway like me we just share similar likes and dislikes so don't worry or assume things
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Posted: 10/14/2022 at 3:32 PM Post #5
Fandom/Rp theme: Stardew Valley
Rp with: Dragonsrcool54

b]Name: Georgia Greenwood

Age: Twenty five

Gender: Female

Voice claim: Flora from fire emblem Fates

Sexuality: Georgia idenifies as Heterosexual meaning she only is attracted to the opposite gender ad she also idenifies as Demiromantic only forming romantic attraction or feelings towards thoses she either known awhile or developed a close secure and strong bond to

Family: Silas Greenwood (father), lillie Greenwood Ne Fairchild (Mother), Sharron Greenwood (younger sister), karen Greenwood (younger sister) and Grandpa Mayfair (grandfather)

Backstory (optional): Georgia was born into a small family that consisted of her Loving and kindhearted mother a woman called Lillie and her father a man called Silas a man described as hard-working, brave and a over protective father and two younger twin sisters called Sharon and Karen. Growing up Georgia was close to her grandfather always calling him grandpa and unlike her younger sisters karen and Sharon loved spending time on his farm. Georgia grew up an average life and sadly when Georgia was fifteen years old her grandfather sadly passed away from illness/old age and unbeknownst to Georgia left her his farm in Stardew Valley. Almost Ten years later Georgia after a devastating Break-up when her Boyfriend of five year's left her and Stuck in a boring office job watching her life go past where the most exciting thing for her was work place Gossip and her sisters petty and catty fights with either eachhother or others Georgia decided to open her grandfather's letter and leaned she was left his farm.

Apprence (description or pic): Georgia is a young adult woman with (peachy/light?) culcasian toned skin and long dyed chestnut brown coloured hair with dyed eyebrows her natural hair colour is a light blonde mixed between platinum blonde and golden blonde and she has light blue colured eyes and a oval shaped face. Georgia has a slim petite figure that becomes more defined as she works on the farm and has an average bust size of 32ddd and is around five dt six ft in hight and often wears her hair up while working and is rarely seen with her hair down

Farm Name: Either whispering Pines Ranch or Wild Magnolia Meadow

Farm type: Normal farm thats good for starters

Likes: fire quartz, most fruit, void eggs, Greek mythology, animals, music, reading, dogs and occasionally cats

Dislikes: bananas, hot peppers, Ruby pie, the collur purple, her sisters, lewis, the jojo boss, anyone who hurts loved ones and snails

Fears: Georgia has Arachnophobia which means she has a fear of spiders

One special item you bring from home : the item she would being would either be a Glow ring or small glow ring or a large empty fishtank


+Georgia's pet is [will be] a dog she will call either Apollo or Hermes
+Georgia's loved gifts include chocolate cake, sunflowers, cherries opal and most universal loves
+Georgia hates her sisters Sharon is rather self-centered and vain due to being rather beautiful simular to Healey but also shes calculated while her other sister Karen is more similar to the katen meme and things she deserve the world when she doesn't and a player
+Georgia oftens Names her animals after Greek mythology characters like apollo, hecate, Nyx or Hermes except the void chicken she named demon chicken
+Georgia often wears her hair up in a bun or when she's to lazy or busy she wear her hair in a side ponytail

Quotes [becausewhy not]:
""is anyone in Stardew Valley Happy""
""Well, thats gonna haunt me in my nightmares""- when finding the major's underwear
"" Excuse me Robin but you're son needs sunshine *mumbles* dam little edgy vampire boy he's lucky we're friends""
""reasons why i like Autumn
""Harvey? I'll never think less of you for your fear, you're my friend and it makes sense human's aren't designed to be high up if we were we'd have wings""
""Who builds a statues of themselves seriously who""
""Dose abigale eat the amethysts or ground then up in her hair""
""Excuse me missdo you know where *gasp* sir i mean sir""- to Elliott
""Hello I'm Georgia i basically run the farm 24/7 and act as major and therapist and town fixer upper as the real mayor to busy being selfish""

Note: i have linked the original arts for all artwork used in the link exsept Sharron faxe claim belong to Aya Kuroda from a anime called Hell Girl
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Posted: 11/21/2022 at 5:07 PM Post #6
Form: Gods school Rp on Pokefarm Q brought here just incase

Name: Cressida

Age: between 15-19 years old

Gender: Female

Sexuality:Cressida idenifies as Hetrosexual meaning she's attracted only towards the opposite gender and she also idenifies as Demiromantic only forming romantic attraction or feelings towards thoses she either known awhile or developed a close secure and strong bond with

Physical appearance: Cressida is a young teeange female goddess with peachy almost pail coloured skin and long stright pure white hair that reaches down past her midback and she also has golden yellow coloured eyes from which she got her name from and Cressida also has a oval shaped face with arched eyebrows matching her hair colour and has a slim petite figure and an average bust size. Cressida also had rather bad eye sight and if glasses were invited in ancient Greece she would have worn them and has a scar across her left shoulder blade.

God/Goddess of: Cressida is the Goddesses of gates and doors and of canines and dogs


Family Perses the titan (biological father)
Friends: Eris (good friend), hades (friend)Poseidon (former friend now ex friend) and Hephaestus (best friend)
Love interest: N/A
Voice claim:


Cressida and Poseidon used to be close friends but his foolishness and his self proclaimed lady killer nature caused them to fall apart as Alth became fed up of him ditching their meet ups to hang with woman and unfortunately a rumour going around that Poseidon broke her heart

Note: i know within greek mythology that perses is married and the father of Hecate but he's not mentioned as her biological father within the law of GodsSchool so I'm going with that. Also if anyone interested in Cressida old physical appearance its here
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