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Posted: 4/10/2022 at 8:48 PM Post #1
I am currently writing a story called War of the Sylesties, and this thread is the backstory of some of the characters. Some will have long and interesting stories, while others will have short and boring ones.

First up is the oldest of our adventurers: Sylva.

Sylva was born with a mother that had nothing. Her mother lived in the streets, fighting for food and for warmth. She could not take care of a newborn baby, who was still just an egg. So she found a reasonably safe place, which happened to be Queen Solandrie's garden. The day Sylva's mother left her, the clear skies shifted into a storm. The rain and hail had no end, and it broke open the Sylvorpa's egg. So just a baby, a baby not ready to face the world, was freed into the rain.
Sylva stumbled and crawled toward a light that she could barely see through her unopened eyes. She fell asleep outside of the castle doors.
When the rain finally subsided, Lithia, Colit, and Solandrie went out to check on the plants. While the other two took separate paths, Lithia continued forward. And at age ten, the princess was left to raise a young Sylvorpa that had been found in a puddle, shaking visibly.
Lithia had rushed inside, calling out to a servant to get her a warm towel and food. When Sylva opened her eyes, Lithia cried out with joy, and the two were bonded forever.
Sylva has the weirdest accent, and she's known for calling people out on mistakes. She's a know-it-all!

Next is the sassy Zolnixi, Cather!

No one knows how Cather came into our world of Sylestia. Except me, of course, and I shall gladly tell you his story. But first...
Cather's eyes opened slightly and he shook his body, water flying. Then he suffered a terrible flashback to his childhood.

A hiss. A growl. The sound of a body being thrown onto the ground. But these sounds, the sounds of fighting, were normal to Cather. He had been raised next to them, and sometimes he even fought. His tribe was called the Venom Zolnixi's, which is why Cather's fur was multiple shades of green. But their fur color was not the only reason why they were called this. They were also wicked.
There were four groups: The thieves, who robbed travelling merchants and towns for food and other supplies. The assassins, who mercilessly murdered enemies of the tribe. The lurers- usually females with a strange aura that attracted all males in the vicinity- caught other Sylesties to use as slaves. And then there was the council, which was made up of mostly older Zolnixi's with a lot of experience.
Cather's mother was a lurer, and his father was a thief. He himself had been a topic of much discussion among the council of the Venom Zolnixi's. They eventually decided that with his quick thinking and general stealth that he would become an assassin. So he trained. And he fought. He had even murdered a hatchling that had disobeyed the rules the other day.
Now, you might be thinking, This doesn't sound like Cather at all! and I agree with you. This doesn't seem like the proper life for a Zolnixi that would eventually grow up to serve the prince.
Eventually, on one of his first missions, he was caught by a trapper sent by King Dalan. He was brought back to the castle when Colit was fifteen, and when Cather was three. None of the royalty knew about his dark past, and Cather planned to keep it that way.

This is Lavender, an ex-guard of the castle.

Lavender had a good childhood, being bred by a skilled elf who generously paid for her training. The Puffadore had only one dream; to become the best guard in all of Sylestia. And she did become that. But still, she was unsatisfied. The other guards, Morkko's especially, teased her and shoved her around. She wasn't that small was she? Compared to the mighty Ny'vene that passed her on his patrol, she was like an ant.
And so, when she had chased the fleeing Cather and Sylva, she had very proudly stuck out her chest and declared that she could handle it. The other guards were too tired to argue. And so she had run away with the other two.

This is Honey, the clumsy chef.

Honey's mother and father had tearfully left the young cub at the castle, wishing her all the luck that they could give. The Ferrikki had been raised by the chef, who had died two years ago. Then she had to cook for the king himself. But never was Honey thanked or acknowledged by her superiors; she was common filth, only there to shine the royalty's shoes.
And so the Ferrikki had lived in dank room, attached to the kitchen by a thin piece of wood. All she had to eat was stale bread and other crumbs left on the plates. And after a year, Honey found herself sitting next to the small hole in the castle wall. And she would look up into the starry night, and pray to the moon. She would cry and beg for her parents to come and take her away, take her somewhere where she wasn't disrespected and spat upon.
But her parents never came.
Honey can make honey appear out of the orb thing in her tail. It's the finest honey in all the land. But after the bee crisis of Sylestia, there's nowhere to get honey besides from Honey herself. This might be the only thing she's proud of, besides her beautiful coat of shining fur.
~The night of Lavender, Sylva, and Cather's escape.~
Honey sighed and curled into a tight ball, digging her nose into her paws. It had been another long and boring day, with the prince and princess arguing about Sylvorpa's and Zolnixi's. None of it mattered to the tired Ferrikki, though. She was completely still in her falling apart room until she heard soft voices and a small clutter.
She snuck out and accidently knocked over a pan. Three figures jumped in fright. Two of them were the runaway pets of the prince and princess, and one looked like a guard. "Oh, sorry. Say, what are you all up to?" Honey asked in embarrassment, picking up the pan and putting it on its shelf. The Puffadore and Zolnixi looked uneasy as they shifted from one foot to the other.
"We're running away to Sweet Blossom Orchard, because the king's children are planning on making us attack each other." Sylva said in a loud voice. "Oh, is that so? Well, I mean... Who's going to cook for you guys? I mean, I have a reputation for being the best cook in the kingdom... And who doesn't need an expert chef on a long adventure? Everyone needs an expert chef!" Honey blurted, sucking in her breath as soon as she was done.
"You, the best chef in the kingdom wants to come with us, to run away?" the Puffadore, Lavender, asked curiously. Honey nodded, her head bouncing. "Only if it's okay..." Her voice began to crack. "Oh, please take me with you! I do my best to cook, but it seems King Dalan is never satisfied! I'll do my best to help you, I know the ways around the castle!" Honey said with tears forming in her eyes. Sylva looked at Cather and Lavender, and they both sighed and nodded. "Well, pack your bags and food! Freedom waits for us!" Sylva said, Cather whisper-shouting "Yeah!" Honey breathed a sigh of relief and dashed through her door, packing her meager possessions.

This is Horizon, a Lupora who won't listen to you.

Horizon was born from a beautiful Lupora named Natani and a strong male named Storm. They loved their child with all their hearts. Until their hearts were carved out, that is. In the dead of night, while the two parents were resting in the stables, a Venom Zolnixi crept inside their stall and bit their necks. The parents never had time to thrash or howl in protest. Poor Horizon in the stall over heard the smallest noise and hopped onto the gate and saw blood matting her parents fur. She gasped for breath but it did not come. She saw just the flick of a green tail before tears crowded her vision.
Since that night, Horizon has hated Zolnixi's with all her heart. When the owner of Natani and Storm found the bodies, they blamed the stablehand, who was kicked out of the city even though she was innocent. Horizon's owner, Sol, was sympathetic to the young Lupora and so she helped raise her. Horizon ended up, as where most fighters do, in the castle. She worked and worked until she was awarded a medal for strongest Lupora.

Rainbow Dust:

Even I don't know much about Rainbow Dust, except that he's very shy. His past is most definitely shrouded in mystery.

This is Seaweed, a playful Sylvorpa.

Seaweed is the most cheerful, funny Sylvorpa you'll ever meet. Disappearing magic tricks? Yep. Terrible jokes that we laugh at because they're terrible? Absolutely! Seaweed is best friends with Rainbow Dust, and yet they are so completely different. Seaweed used to be Lithia's pet, and Rainbow Dust used to be Colit's, until a clumsy stablehand dropped a philter of unlearning on the two of them. The prince and princess threw them out, and they went to live the rest of their lives out in a cave.
Until the most ragtag group stumbled upon them.
Honey, Sylva, Cather, and Lavender were drying off in a cozy cave when Rainbow Dust walked up. He was shaking with fear as his eyes rested on everyone. Seaweed walked out after him, in total surprise at the sight he saw. "Sylva? Cather?! What are you guys doing here?" Seaweed asked, eyes bright as he rushed towards his friends. Lavender told the story while the two listened, laughing at the sheer cheek of the newcomers.
Though he won't admit it, Seaweed has a crush on Sylva. He can't help but grin every time she curtly corrects Cather.

This is Summerless.

Summerless is, in Uieaoeia's words, 'a chill Ryori with a lot of secrets. Her past is shrouded in mystery, and she hates the war raging. She'll always try to calm others down, but to no avail. Summerless is unique in that she can directly control natural disasters, and only dies when all the natural disasters are destroyed. Since she's such a pacifist, she only uses it when needed.'
She is best friends with the most unlikely Sylesti, who I'll introduce in a moment. Summerless is said to have risen from a pond with no explanation. She had no memory, except that she knew she was gentle and kind. The other Ryori's had gathered around her, some murmuring she looked like a queen. Summerless noticed that they were on the coast. And, wait, is that a--
"Tsunami!" cried a child, pointing a paw into the distance. Summerless felt it as well as she saw it. Not wanting her new friends to drown, she connected her mind to the water until it swooped back in the other direction and died down. There was a collective sigh from the town as older Ryori's floated above the rooftops and shouted down that the huge wave of water was gone.
Summerless, scared, created a portal into the Shadow Realm and disappeared for a year, before returning to calm down an angry Sylvorpa named...


Also in Uieaoeia's words, 'A Sylvorpa who's not who he seems. He's actually an android, built to destroy the Zolnixies once and for all. The Sylvorpas who created him greatly boosted his powers, and rendered him immune to everything--except lightning and wither. In fact, he's quite weak to wither, and has no remorse.' Temp, short for Tempesstorn, is absolutely crazy. He kills every Zolnixi that enters his sight, and can only be calmed down by Summerless (who sometimes fiddles with his wires). At even the slightest indication of violence, he bares his teeth and paws that ground in agitation, waiting for a fight.
Since he has no memories really, we'll move on.

This is Onyxia, a gentle Nephini who's secretly sometimes violent.

Onyxia was born in Astryl's Vale and had a good life until a wizard stumbled in. The other Nephini's shunned him angrily, while Onyxia welcomed him in and helped him. Her tribe hated her for this, and offered her one more chance. She declined politely, making her own family roar angrily and chase her away. So she ran with the wizard, who's name she didn't know.
Eventually, after running for a week, they encountered a swamp. The wizard finally told her his name, which was Wish. Onyxia nodded politely and introduced herself. "My name's Onyxia. My brothers and sisters and everyone in our tribe will never let me back in. Wish, please tell me that what I did, the life I threw away, is not for nothing. I ran because I have no friends. I was doomed to breed with someone, who's age is too great for me to count. I ran for our benefit, not just for yours." She breathed in deeply, then realized with a pang that, no, this elf couldn't understand a word she just said. But this was not the case.
Wish sighed and sat criss-cross on the grass. "Thank you for helping me," he said formally, picking up a blade of grass and then shredding it into tiny pieces. He sighed again and looked up at the darkening sky. "We should set up camp soon. I bet it'll rain tonight." So the two made a makeshift shelter, and the day after that they made the small hut in the middle of the water that they still live in today.

This is a newer character, Ribbon.

Ribbon looks like a harmless Bulbori right? Yes, she does indeed. But didn't you know that those ribbons are great for strangling enemies? And that those shimmering wings on her back are made up of the hundreds of souls that she's released? Yep. All of that's true. Though she's a tracker and not an assassin, she still murders ruthlessly if something doesn't go her way. And once she's covered head to toe in blood, she smiles sweetly and does a dance before dashing away. And that's where her friend Kelena comes in, but we'll get to that later.
This Bulbori was caught by a harsh trap when she was barely an adolescent. She was bred with other Bulbori's, and when the children came out ugly, she would get whipped and abused. So she grew up hating fairies and elves and so she's an assassin. Sometimes.
She works for King Dalan with her best friend, Kelena. They do missinos such as chasing the mice away or tracking a baker who angered the king. They work in silence, and you won't find anyone more terribly skilled in the art of killing.
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Kelena was unfortunately found by a bunch of wandering Necromancers. Being the idiots they are, they chanted "Food! Food! Food!" as they picked up her egg and took it to their makeshift house. The house itself was made of various pieces of cardboard and sheet metal leaning on to a pole dug deep into the ground. It was a metal teepee. Inside were other Necromancers and prisoners, all glancing up eagerly at the large egg. The leader of the Necromancers stepped forward and explained casually that if they all infused their dark powers into the egg it would be more delicious. So they all did that. The leader grinned as they wore themselves out pouring power into the egg. His plan was a brilliant one. The Necromancers were idiots, he knew that well, and had powers that could benefit him and not them. The hatchling would have dark powers that he could use to take over the world. The Necromancers, after four hours of straight infusing, fell down on the ground, exhausted. "Food, food, food" they chanted weakly. The leader, not too smart himself, smirked and laughed. "More like fools, fools, fools." he cackled, and with each fools he brought his hand down and crushed them all under his magic. They died a terrible death, but at least it was fast. A few cracks started to appear in the egg, and the next day the Lighira was born.
"Ah, a girl!" exclaimed the leader, looking at the person who was polishing his dirty leather boots. "Scrat!" he told him, shooing the servant away. The leader cradled the Lighira, crooning and feeling her great power even at such a young age. I shall call you Kelena. That is perfect for a tool of destruction. he whispered wickedly. Kelena's eyes opened a peek, and she took a look at her owner. She stared at him, eyelids fluttering, before her nose was tickled by a feather on the leader's necklace. She closed her eyes and let out a huge sneeze. The leader was knocked off his feet, groaning in pain. Fire had come with that sneeze, so now he was scorched and dying. Scared, Kelena ran away. She very soon found her way into the poor part of Ethernia, where a widowed woman took her in and cared for her. But the lady was old, and she died only a week after Kelena's wings finished growing. Still a teenager, the Sylesti entered the world scared and confused. She saw so much violence and anger in her part of town, so different from the kind and gentle words of the widowed woman. It rubbed off on her, and she became an assassin.

Next is the weird eye-loving Ommeta.

Ommeta is a Lunemara who is probably in love with eyes. They collect eyes, putting them over various parts of their body (wings, chest, etc.), eat eyes, paint eyes, and literally everything else about eyes. Ommeta was born male, but goes by they/them. They call the darkest part of Ethernia their home, where they sneak up on unsuspecting Sylestians and steal eyes right out of their sockets. The eyes immediately turn black as soon as they come in contact with Ommeta; they're so wicked and twisted (but come on, what's so bad about stealing eyes from living people?) that when they touch anything that once lived it shrivels and turns black.
Ommeta... they had a strange past. They developed their love of eyes because they were raised by Vorkids. And Vorkids have a lot of eyes.
The Lunemara had been taken in when they were young and lost. The Vorkids had no love for them- in fact, they feared them. But hey, free food. They just had to fatten Ommeta up. A wave of Vorkids had been killed by Sylestians and their Sylesties, leaving great piles of spider-like bodies all around. Interested, Ommeta had popped an eye into their mouth. Amazed at the chewiness and flavor, they had rapidly stuffed more into their mouth, falling in love. Eye good! they exclaimed, flopping down onto the pile. Eyes turned black and attached themselves to Ommeta, causing it to look like they had lots and lots of black orbs on them. Their wings are really good for storing eyes, and it doesn't look half bad. Whenever they're hungry, they just take an eye off some part of their body and pop it in. Delicious!
Ommeta talks like this: "Kingee got good eyes. Ommeta love eyes, kingee love eyes?"


Myst had always been a cheerful Ryori compared to her friends and family. So when she was still an adolescent, she was put in charge of entertaining the hatchlings. The children would giggle and gasp and cower as she told make believe stories. They especially loved the one about the Walrus and the Carpenter. It went like this:

The sun was shining on the sea,
Shining with all his might:
He did his very best to make
The billows smooth and bright
And this was odd, because it was
The middle of the night.

The moon was shining sulkily,
Because she thought the sun
Had got no business to be there
After the day was done
"It's very rude of him," she said,
"To come and spoil the fun."

The sea was wet as wet could be,
The sands were dry as dry.
You could not see a cloud, because
No cloud was in the sky:
No birds were flying overhead
There were no birds to fly.

...and so on.


Shadow was found in the woods outside the Ryori tribe just a few weeks after Myst hatched. The Zolnixi's fur was wet and soggy, and her eyes still unseeing. So she had been introduced into their tribe, which she could only appreciate when she was older. She had told jokes and stories along with Myst, and they became fast friends. The two often pranked Myst's parents, and the parents didn't mind because they were their daughters. They had immediately volunteered to adopt Shadow and care for her.
Shadow is often considered the blunter and dumber of the two, because she seems always to have an enemy behind her back. But she can most definitely be smart when she wants to. Once, she had saved the whole village from a dangerous and somewhat blind Lunemara by spreading her butterfly wings to confuse it. The Lunemara thought that she was a male Lunemara protecting his territory. Thank goodness he was blind!


Aiedaeil is always determined to defeat his enemies, no matter the cost. He has a royal demeanor (which is no surprise, because he's a prince) and an almost perfect sense of morality, except for when he's in his reckless mode... He will logically evaluate plans, which will annoy the people who made the plans. Aiedaeil is very overprotective of his friends and family- but when those loved ones die, he will be emotional and grieving.
Aiedaeil is a prince of Thesian Griffi clan, though he only recently learned that. Nytekrie invaders had attacked his home clan when he was a child, killing many and leaving him barely alive. He occasionally has flashes of that event. Luckily, he was found by a group of Lighira's who took them to their clan and nurtured him and raised him. The village elder, Samasuchi, was kind and thoughtful, but he unfortunately was killed in a Morkko raid. Shifting into a reckless state, Aiedaeil killed all the Morkko's and then half the clan. He is ashamed of himself to this day, but he didn't know any better. Terrified of what he had done, Aiedaeil fled the sight and sailed away to find where he had come from. Halfway through his journey, he heard a huge KABOOM off in the distance. Worried and hoping to help, he sailed over there, only to find a corrupted Ny'vene was attacking a city! Aiedaeil willed himself into a reckless state, roaring with anger. He killed the Ny'vene and quickly ran from the city to avoid another accident.
He sailed to a mountain, which turned out to be the Thesian clan's grounds. He didn't know that yet, and he got off his boat in hope that these Griffi's would know of his clan. An older Griffi, adorned with royal armor and crest, walked up to him and looked him in the eyes. His eyes were misty. "Greetings, traveler," said the Griffi. "I am Elysian, leader of this clan. How may I be of assistance?" Aiedaeil's bowed down. "I am looking for my clan," he explained. "Perhaps you have heard of the Thesian?" Elysian inhaled sharply, daring to believe... "Aiedaeil?" he asked, his voice barely above a whisper. Aiedaeil tilted his head. "That is I," he replied. "I was badly injured in a raid years ago, and now I look for my lost clan." Elysian bowed his head and smiled. "You are a prince of the Thesian clan," said the leader. "You are my son!" The prince's eyes widened, and a shimmer of a tear appeared on his face. "Greetings, father. Now that my journey is complete, I must go redeem myself by helping the people of Sylestia." Aiedaeil said. "What, what, no! You just got here- stay a while, my son. After all, your people must meet their prince." Elysian said earnestly. Aiedaeil wasn't about to argue- he would stay, for now.
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Lithia is the princess of Ethernia. Having a cold demeanor, she obeys the rules and hates people who don't. She has ice powers, which she inherited from her mother, making her not only a fierce warrior but a magical entity. She also has the pale skin and wolf ears like her mother, and from her father obedience and... pacing. When confused, angry, or worried, Lithia will pace about her room, annoying everyone else in the vicinity. She has to keep track of her twin brother, Colit, 24/7 due to the fact that he's really mischievous and will get into trouble just because.


Colit inherited wings and fangs from his mother, and also the playful sense of humor. He will burn down rooms to annoy Lithia. When he was a child, he snuck up behind his parents who were talking. Solandrie gasped and appeared insulted. "Dalan, shush! The children are near!" she exclaimed, giggling. Dalan raised an eyebrow- he didn't believe her. Hiding behind a chair, Lithia bit her lip and tried not to yell out as Colit warmed up Solandrie's cold tea to the point where it was almost boiling. Colit snickered quietly and snuck away, and Lithia immediately took his place and cooled the tea back down. It scorched her hands, but it was worth it. She then stealthily walked away, scowling fiercely at her brother who laughed.
"What's so funny?" Dalan asked, walking up to them. Lithia and Colit immediately became silent and bowed their heads. "Nothing, father!" they said in unison. Colit held his breath, trying not to laugh as his mother took a deliberately slow drink from her tea. She acted as if it was on fire, waving her hands around her mouth and grabbing a glass of water and chugging it down. Lithia frowned and shook her head. Solandrie winked at the two of them, suddenly sipping the tea with great ease. Dalan was completely oblivious as to what was happening.

King Dalan:

Dalan never speaks to anyone after the supposed death of his beloved wife. He barely glances at his children once a month. Stern and serious, with little to no emotion, he won't smile until Solandrie is laughing joyously with her children once again. Dalan, all in all, is a good king, caring for his people and solving problems. He's trying his best to halt the war that is starting to happen, though thieves and tricksters are already taking advantage of the confusion by stealing and selling false protection charms.


Wish is a wizard who lives in the swamps with Onyxia. Known for his masterful potion that allows a person to speak the Sylesties language, he's a little evil. He was kicked out of Ethernia for using an endangered plant to make a useless potion. The potion made the tips of his hair turn green. "You wouldn't understand!" he said to the guards who escorted him out of the city. "It's for fashion. Hey, let go of me!" The guards resolutely threw him out of the gates, before shutting them in his face.
"So kind of you!" he yelled through the door. "I know we're best friends!" In despair, he wandered around Sylestia, eventually encountering Onyxia's home.

Nes the Faun:

Nes is a trapper, a thief, and a liar. He'll scam you, then stab you in the back. He goes out into the wild and captures Sylesties that'll make a profit for him. After he found a genie, he's had much better luck and can now more easily play tricks on unsuspecting elves or Sylesties. He's always on the lookout for gold; if he sees a pouch that makes a jingley noise, it'll likely be gone within the next five minutes.

Atha the Genie:

Atha has to obey Nes's every wish- as all genie's do. But Atha is the most powerful genie in all of Sylestia, granting up to a thousand wishes. She is not deceitful when providing for her masters. She had had this faun controlling her for only a month, yet Sylestia began to crumble every hour.
Atha had caused the argument which began the war.
Atha had, years ago, enchanted Tempesttorn to hate Zolnixi's.
Atha had dropped the filter of unlearning on Rainbow Dust and Seaweed.
Though no one knew it yet, Atha had melted the Sylesti sculpture that Lithia had made for the generous couple, and had froze Colit's flame.
Atha had run the thought through Solandrie's mind to flee. And never return.
Atha is actually a good person- genie- and was nicknamed Atha the Kind, but she is more commonly known as Atha the Possessed. She can't escape her horrid fate. No matter what she does, no matter how much she hides, she will be endlessly chased by the fantasies of lunatics. Fantasies of endless wealth, of riches, of anything you can imagine.
She has yet to find a master who uses their wishes to help the people of Sylestia.

Queen Solandrie:

Solandrie is very powerful and magical. She has ice and fire powers, and the ability to turn into a dragon, though no elf besides Zaos (we'll get to him later) knows this. She has many more powers that'll be revealed in the story.
She started out as a simple peasant. Her father was killed while fighting off invasions of monsters, leaving her with a sick and grieving mother. Young and scared, she cared for her mother as best as she could. She would sit by her bed for hours on end, caressing her mother's hand and praying. Solandrie was actually using her healing powers, which caused her mother to rapidly get better. In a month, she was standing up and cooking once again.

Solandrie hummed gently to herself as she ladled soup into a bowl and placed it gently in front of her mother, who smiled softly and thanked her. She began to sit up to slice up some bread to go with it. "No, mama," Solandrie, gently pushing her back down. "I'll handle it. You're getting too old, you can barely move!" She laughed cheerfully, dancing to the kitchen. Her mother, Emma, smiled frailly and shook her head. The words were semi-true.
When she got back, Emma put on a serious face. "Solandrie, you'll be twenty-three in a week. When'll you finally grow up and marry someone?" she asked, dipping bread into her soup. "Mama!" Solandrie exclaimed, blushing. "I gotta take care of you, I have no time for all the crooning boys!" Her mother laughed. "They're practically falling all over you! Even the prince's eye is drawn to you," she said earnestly. "If he didn't want to meet you, then I'm a Ny'vene!"
Solandrie scoffed and nodded. "You are a Ny'vene! Rude with sharp claws." she said, getting her own bowl and pouring soup into it, before walking into her room and slamming the door. Emma cackled with glee, smiling.
One day later...
Solandrie woke up and swiftly got out of bed. She threw on a plain dress and some sandals, before rushing to the kitchen and grabbing a jacket that was hanging on a chair. "I'm going out, Mama!" she yelled in the general direction of her mother's room. She heard a grunt of acknowledgement, followed by snores. Chuckling, Solandrie got a bag, grabbed a bagel, and swung open the front door. Ethernia was awake! Delicious smells of bread, donuts, and other goodies wafted up to her nose. Vendors beckoned people into their stores. "Best prices on books you'll ever get!" "Delicious home-baked goodies over here!" "Fresh meat, sold by the pound!" The sounds of her town rang in Solandrie's ears, making her grin from ear to ear. Fluttering her wings, she strolled through the stalls and stores, waving at citizens.
A young girl with a clean white dress tugged on Solandrie's arm. " 'Drie-drie!" she exclaimed, grinning toothily. "Morning! Dadda said he had important work to do. He said I could go to the library! Wanna come?" Solandrie smiled and nodded and allowed herself to be dragged towards a bookshop. A wealthy man in a neat suit welcomed them, giving the girl a chocolate bar but warning her not to eat it just yet. "The librarian will get mad at you if you ruin her books!" he said in a stern voice. The girl giggled and put the chocolate in her pocket. "Thanks, Dadda! I'll eat it when we get home." she said, grinning. The man looked at Solandrie. "Do you mind watching her for a while, Solandrie? I have some errands I need to do today. Lea's mom will be here shortly to pick her up." he said, kissing the girl on the top of her head. "Of course, sir. We'll read plenty of books in the mean time." Solandrie said, taking Lea by the hand and leading her into the store.
"Well, what do you want to read today, Lea?" she asked, humming under her breath.
"Qitari!" the girl exclaimed, clapping her hands. "Alright then," Solandrie said, laughing. "I'll get my book, you stay put, won't you?" She walked through the many aisles of the library, gently touching the spines of the ancient books. She'd read about dragons today. Girlish giggling drew her attention. There was a group of women about her age crooning over some boy. Whatever, Solandrie didn't have time for that. There was a collective sigh from the girls, then Solandrie heard footsteps behind her. She turned around, finding herself staring into dark green eyes. It was the prince!
She looked vaguely surprised, before she shrugged and continued looking for books. "Hello, Your Majesty," she said as she opened another book and flitted through its pages. "Is there something I can do for you?" Dalan tilted his head. "Might I know your name?" he asked, his voice strong. The girls fell apart, shrieking with laughter. "Solandrie," she said simply, bowing mockingly. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Prince Dalan."
Dalan sighed. "That's King Dalan. My father is getting too old to rule now. Unfortunately, I can not rule alone, though." he said, fidgeting nervously.
"I wish you luck in finding someone to assist you." She continued looking through the pages. Dalan grinned and crossed his arms. "Would you like to join me for lunch?" he asked. Solandrie nodded. He smiled. "Where can I find you?" he asked. Solandrie smiled back. "No one can find me; I'll find you." Then she picked up a random book and walked towards the front of the library.
She found Lea pouring over a picture book full of Qitari's, her tongue sticking slightly out as she strained to read the words. " 'Drie-drie?" she asked, on the verge of tears. "I can't read these words!" Solandrie looked astonished. "But you're ever-so-smart! Now now, don't give me that look!" She sat down on the floor next to Lea, trembling slightly. She read the pages, her mind elsewhere. Guess Mama had been right... I have caught his eye. I'm still debating if that's a good thing...
Someone laid a gentle hand on her shoulder. Solandrie looked up, smiling at Lea's mother. "Time to go, my dumpling!" she said, picking Lea up and thanking Solandrie for watching her. "But momma...! I don't wanna go!" the girl cried, struggling for her book. "You can bring it home for a few days, but you must take care of it." said the man at the doorway. Lea stopped struggling and wiped off pretend sweat from her brow.
Solandrie smiled and waved goodbye. The rest of the story will be told later on.
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Demoness's human form:

Demoness Fifi:

The demoness, whose name is now known as Fifi, had a dark past. Her father, murdered by her mother when she was six, had been a necromancer, raising things from the dead and commanding them to do his bidding for him. Her mother was far more wicked than he. While she had dabbled in the art of necromancy for awhile, she seemed more drawn to summoning, conjuring if you will. She created things when there was nothing to make them out of, and called evil beasts into the world from another plane of life. Her final goal had been to become a demon, before Fifi had slipped her poisoned wine when she was fourteen.
Since she had killed her mother, Fifi had been masquerading as a stable hand for nearly four years now. In between the sessions of grooming horses and picking apples, she studied evil spellbooks and incantations. Her ambition was even greater than her mothers; she not only wanted to become a demoness, but also rule all of Sylestia under her banner. She had achieved one of those things so far.

The Lord:

A mysterious man from a far-off kingdom, where they do not know of color. He claims to be the king of the Land of Gray (as the guards at Ethernia had dubbed it), but there has been such evidence so far. While our heroes of the story don't know it yet, he wants to conquer all of Sylestia, just as Fifi does.


The third child and final triplet of Queen Solandrie and King Dalan, he had lived in hiding with his mother for twelve years. Then, on that fateful night when his mother fled her kingdom, he had gone with her and hid for another six years in a twisting network of caves. Except, he wasn't an elf anymore. He was a full-fledged Earth dragon, with hints of ice and fire in his eyes.
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Dalan and Solandrie's Lunch

Solandrie nervously wrung her hands as she sat on the wooden floor, back against the wall. She was intently watching her mother crochet a scarf- incredibly boring business. But still, she sat, her eyes narrowed in worry and anxiousness. Every minute or so she glared at the old grandfather cloak pushed against the wall across from her, waiting for both the hands to point to the twelve.
She let out a resounding groan and cradled her head in her hands. She let out a series of woeful sounds- mostly grumbling and whining to herself. Her mother chuckled softly and set down her weave.
"You know, you're never like this. I may be old, but I can tell when something's wrong," she said wisely, clasping her gnarled hands together in her lap. "What is it- a boy?"
"No, mama!" Solandrie whined, staring harshly at her mother. "It's not a boy. I don't even know what those are!"
Her mother then grew cross. She slowly sat up and made her way to her daughter. "You are acting like a child," she said, kneeling in front of Solandrie and lifting her chin up. "If you have business to attend to; attend it. If you wish to sit here all day and whine, that's your problem. But I have never known my daughter to cry over a male. That is not the strong woman I have raised. Go out and dominate that man, Solandrie. The world is in your hands- hold it sternly but softly. A balance..." Then her eyes went foggy, and she started mumbling to herself about how fire and ice equaled each other out.
Solandrie sat up quickly and led her mother to a cushioned chair.
The old woman stared up at her daughter with surprisingly childish eyes.
"You are the balance, my daughter," she whispered happily. "You will be the one who's completely unbiased- what a great queen you will make."
The young woman stared down at her mother with eyes that were older than time itself.
"And you are the one I will always come to, mother," said Solandrie softly. "in my times of need and want. What a wise person you are."
Her mother smiled slightly, and closed her eyes. "I will sleep now, my daughter. Go out and conquer."

Solandrie huddled against the wind in the doorway of an empty caf. The morning had been peaceful and serene, but when noon came around the clouds rolled in like smoke from a fire- not to be worried about if handled with caution. But these clouds were dark and threatening, lightning spiking out from them disturbingly often. Not only did they bring wind, but horrible sleet that pounded on the tile roofs of Ethernia, sounding like bullets raining down from above.
The undeniable fact made itself very clear on this drab afternoon: winter was coming.
As soon as she saw a slight decrease in the weather, Solandrie darted out of the doorway and was soon at the sky's mercy. Very few people dared go on the streets; after all, half of the road was covered in a thick layer of water and hail, not to mention it was extremely cold.
Solandrie ran against the wind, sleet biting her eyes and skin. It was an unreasonable struggle against the elements, but she eventually reached the most well-known pub in town. As she at last retreated from the cobbled streets, she was thoroughly worn out. The young woman adjusted her scarfs and hat before gazing up at the sign above her. It swung and creaked wildly with the forces of the wind behind it, making it difficult to read, though she had read it many times before. In bold pyrography, the words "The Simple Lamp" were like a cozy blanket on a snowy morning to Solandrie.
She hugged the wall as she moved to the strong timber door that marked the entrance to the tavern, which had shutters that were usually open in the summer but were closed now. She struggled to open the door with numb fingers, but eventually got it to open. The wind was immediately at her back, pushing her into the warm building. The door slammed shut behind her, and the only trace of it ever being open was the small puddle of water.
It was the most welcoming sight Solandrie had seen in a month.
Tables were placed arbitrarily around the room, in no particular order or system. Worn wooden chairs were pushed up around these, but also in odd places like the middle of the room near no flat surface. The tall, beamed ceiling was a mystical thing- hundreds, maybe even a thousand, lanterns hung from hooks and nails jammed into the wood. They cast a warm, orange glow on anything their light touched, which was everything. There was no dark corner to sulk in in this tavern, because everywhere was well lit.
There were four rooms on the lower floor of the pub; the main room where the tables and bar were, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the storage room. The top floor had about ten rooms, which had simple yet comfortable beds and the like.
Almost all the tables in the tavern were taken by many diverse people. People with sharp ears, tails, wings, claws, hooves... this was the gathering place of anyone who was anything. The bar had eight bar stools, which were all taken by ferocious looking people. Solandrie knew a couple, but she wasn't here to socialize with them.
She stepped off to the side, to avoid the staring eyes that were following her every move. She shrugged off her thick, furred coat and hung it on a hook along with her gloves, hat, and scarfs. She then took her long white hair out of its braid, making it curl and bounce on her shoulders. Then she finally found who she had battled the weather for- King Dalan.
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