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Posted: 11/25/2021 at 2:46 AM Post #1
I have a horrible habit of having story ideas based off of specific pet designs or the names of their parents and now here we are - I don't have a bio to put them in, so a forum will do to introduce the characters I've made based off of some of the pets I've acquired on-site or wish to one day have!

Eventually I will sort this post to include separate things for mere notes, bios, and then short scenes, but for now it's sorta just an idea dump! You're more than free to take a look around or drop a comment, though :)


character notes / ideas

The Reverence

Overseer of cosmic balance and retribution. Rather melancholic and has a distaste for how he is seen as the next in a long line of psuedo-"gods". He lives in a palace much too lavish and vast for his own liking, and holds the ability to open pocket dimensions.


One of The Reverence's most devoted followers, yet also one of his closest friends. He follows His Reverence's orders as if every word he speaks is law, and treats every opinion he has as the truth. He is more than happy to enact the punishments that he must fulfill for his duties, even though it saddens him when he can tell that His Reverence is hurting due to having to make the call. The Reverenence loves him dearly, but quickly can grow tired of his constant glorifying. He's trying his best to help Repetance realize that he is just like him, flaws and all, and to not let him defend all the mistakes Reverence has made.

Note for my current lore stable

Line One:
Reverence and his Followers

Line Two:

Morbid Misfits

Nuclear Winter the irradiated, Plaguera the sickly

Line Three:

Deepest Trenches

Line Four:

Demonic Circus

Ringmaster and his Nukke (puppet), Oblitus the outcast angel, and Psysentis the stealer of minds

Line Five:

Idk yet but they're dragons

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