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Username: Zisimilewuzz
Title: Warden of Umbra
User ID: 9109
User Level: 60
Joined: 9/28/2013 at 6:41:34pm
Last Online: Currently Online
Account Age: 1,391 Days
Profile Views: 2,556
About Me
Hey there! My username's supposed to be Zisimi LeWuzz, but then things happened. People usually call me Zi, Zis, or Zisi; I've also been called Simile and Smile.

>> I'm a very nice and very friendly person, but I won't accept a friend request if I haven't spoken to you before. I prefer to accept friend requests from people I'm at least a little familiar with. I do most of my chatting in the Region Chat during fests!

My favorite pets are Griffis and Ryoris. I collect tagged Griffis and I'm willing to offer everything from pets and avatar items to gold and potentially diamonds for them!
Currently Seeking:
- None!

For some unfathomable reason I decided to go continue my education, which means if I'm doing things properly I shouldn't be spending too much time online. If we've been working on a deal and you haven't heard back from me in a few days, please do not hesitate to message me again with a reminder!

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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 57,425-44 (99.92%)
Mission Record: 11,889-66 (99.45%)
Gold Earned: 107,830,838
Scales Earned: 32,243
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.76%
Dungeons Cleared: 46
Bosses Defeated: 278
Elites Defeated: 428
Superiors Defeated: 3,019
Mythical Items Found: 27
Legendary Items Found: 1,293
Epic Items Found: 2,807
Rare Items Found: 6,131