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Username: Valeriem205
Title: High Warlord
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Joined: 4/5/2017 at 7:22:50pm
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About Me
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Going on Semi-Hiatus~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am going on Semi-Hiatus. I will be on periodically, but I really need a break from being online. I will respond to any PMs when I check in periodically and will check forums when I check in, so sorry if my replies are late. My life has gotten too busy with school.


If you are someone who enables the behavior of someone who used mental illness as excuses or refuses to do anything on their own, please just don't talk to me. I am not okay with that behavior and do not wish to have that kind of inconvenience in my life. I am done with people complaining continuously about the same thing all the time and not doing anything about the "problems" they are bringing up. I have reached the final straw and I don't care if I am blunt. If you feel the need to complain about basic things that YOU can fix, don't bother talking to me. You will get no sympathy from me. At. All.


Hi everyone. You can call me Val or The Nefarious Potato. This game got me through my 7th grade year and I will forever be thankful. Don't be scared to shoot me a friends request or just a PM with any random stuff.

Selling Max Stat Themed Venes Thread:

Selling Recolor Items:

Selling Themed Restricted Trait Pets (soon to be max-stats):

I have now resorted to mainly lurking in Region Chat or having the chat closed completely, so if you need/want to talk to me, PM me or Tiny Chat me. I'm done with RC so you will not see me in RC anymore, except for the occasional pop-on when I see certain people in chat. It has not been fun for me anymore due to some incidents. I am always logged on, so just Tiny Chat me or PM me if you actually want to talk to me. I will pop on to say something and will immediately close the chat, so if I don't respond to something you say, PM me or tiny chat me and I will try to answer.

I keep myself logged in on my computer or phone, so if it says that I am online and I am not responding to your PMs, I might just be logged in but not on at the moment. If I don't respond in 20 minutes, then you can send another PM if it is important, but please don't spam my Inbox with PM's asking why I am not answering yet.

I have lots of pets for sale and will be open to lowering the prices on a select few, so just PM if you would like the price lowered. If you like a pet that is not for sale, PM and I might sell it to you. If there is a breeding pair you like, PM and I will make sure to sell you one of their offspring.

Most of my pets don't have breeding fees on them, but if you would like to breed with any of my pets, just shoot me a PM and I will set it up for you. I will not be allowing breeding with any pets that I am selling (whether they have a price on them or not - if they are in the Sale Tab of any of my stables, they will not be up for breeding).

None of the pets in my Project Pet Stable or any project pets I have will not be available for breeding unless you buy them fertile.

I am always open if you just need to talk or need to vent to someone that won't judge you. I love everyone and am a very great listener.

I love jokes and if you need something to cheer you up, just PM me and I will tell you a very corny joke.

Stay beautiful everyone and please remember that someone out there loves you!


Marichoness's Profile since it was infected:

Fanatical nixi hoarder, marionette queen, releaser, and co-leader of the nixi club!

I would put that Mari was here, but that sounds way too much like what took down many profiles site wide (including my own) *shudders*. But..... Mari has successfully infiltrated Val's profile! *happy dance*

First to discover the Dawning Equinox nixi *so proud*
Also first to get 6vis, so now I'm maxing them!
So close to getting 1 of every nixi theme, the only one I'm missing is Rose Petal (Which I'm saving up for!) Next goal: A breeding pair of every theme. Also kinda close to this!

Somethings about me:
You might have been able to tell, but Val is my precious and everyone who goes near her answers to me-
*Shuffles away from ferocity* Anywaaaayys, I'm actually pretty laid back (but occasionally protective), and definitely an optimist. I usually prefer to go with the flow rather than plan.
I prefer waffles over pancakes, the edge of the brownie rather than the middle, and my food slightly overcooked. (Guess I am a dragon?)
I offer a free gen testing and infert service! You can find my forum thread or just PM for free testing/infert~
Big bookworm, and I'll name my pets after characters, so if you recognize, do tell! I like a little of almost every genre but 2. I can be very picky about my non-fiction, but there are some great ones out there (PM for recommendations!)
I write on occasion, but prefer editing for friends. I am working on a Graphic novel though, and would love an artist! (PM)
My most common nickname is Mari, followed by Marich, and even the occasional Mary. All are perfect! I respond to just about everything, including Gluten (there is a story behind that one lol) She/Her, not picky.
I never log, and I am on Sylestia Time. I am on at least once a day, but usually way more than that. I will usually respond to Pings/PMs within the hour.
Please PM me if you are from Nebraska! I've yet to find any state buddies though.
I love dragons and adore red pandas. My favorite color is orange (A specific sunrise color) followed by green (preferably deep or emerald). My favorite music is a bit of everything, but right now is prominently instrumental (it helps that I play the violin).
For all my Sanders Sides friends out there: I am a Roman!
Potterheads: Gryffindor! (I know Harry kinda sucked, but I promise we are not all like that rotfl) In my family it goes: Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor (me), Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw. Yeah, I have a lot of people in my direct family...
If you are desperate to know my birthday here's a puzzle. My birthday is the same number repeated the same times as itself with nothing in between also that same amount of times as the number before. (PM and if you get it right I'll say, if not.... better luck next time!)

My old about me was at least 25% sass and I find that to be pretty accurate

That's all for now! I'll have plenty more when my profile comes back C:

-End Mari's section-


Dream Wings:

Dream Heads:

Dream Helds:

Dream Outfits:

Dream Backs:

Dream Items (Kelp Themes):

Dream Luff items:

Pay Abs back 300k for vene
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Mission Record: 2,037-5 (99.76%)
Gold Earned: 141,526,644
Scales Earned: 57,033
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 71
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Legendary Items Found: 378
Epic Items Found: 2,686
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