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Username: Aamore
Title: Wondrous Witch
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Joined: 8/28/2016 at 4:18:33am
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About Me

~ Welcome ~
Welcome one and welcome all! Just to get this point across, I used to be Spicybb but I have now changed to Aamore since that is a name I am very fond and familiar with. ^ ^


~ You Can Call Me. . . ~
Cal, Callie, Aamore, Spicy, or anything else fun or creative you can think of. ( Just make sure I know about it. x3)


~ Things to Know About Lil 'Ol Me ~
1. ) I'm ADDICTED to Regens. I'm a regen hoarder now. I, love, them. If you have ANY regens I would LOVE to talk out a price or trade with you.

2. ) I will sell a certain item to you cheaper than I would normally put the price on the broker. I see the broker as my last second option, so while yes I will look at the prices as a reference I will talk it out a sell it with you cheaper if you notice me offer it in global chat.

3. ) I run a lot of threads. While I may hold frequent contest I am slowly finding more and more difficult to set aside the time to finish up the judging, prizes, and special art request. I apologize for this but school is really kicking my butt right now.

4. ) I am usually not on during the summer. I don't own a personal computer and sadly the only device I have to play Sylestia on is a school owned Chromebook. This will hopefully be changing soon.

5. ) I make art! I might take a while to make it but that's because of the way that I draw. If I feel that I am rushing through a certain piece of art it usually turns out messy and bad. Therefore I enjoy drawing art over a span of days.

6. ) I'm 15! Some people seem to care about concealing their age but frankly I don't care. My birthday is on April 22, which is why April is obviously the best month. =u=

7. ) I am REALLY falling in love with the new Luporas! I just CANNOT wait for their revamp!!!!! If you want to buy a 6vis regen off of me just ask! I'll be looking around for themed prolly.


~ Carnivals ~
During each Festival off season I attempt to run Carnivals to provide everyone with fun and enjoyable activities that result in prizes and in thread currency. If you're ever feeling bored while the Festivals are away, just check out that seasons thread!

- Fall Carnival~ This thread is closed. It'll be open once more during the fall of 2020!

-Winter Carnival~ This thread is about to open up! Check back in after the Fall Festival for it's activities.

-Valentine's Carnival~ This thread is closed. It'll be open once more during the winter of 2020!

-Summer Carnival~ This thread is closed. It'll be open once more during the summer of 2020!


~ Threads of Mine ~

- Aamore's Fits~ This is mainly a thread about keeping up with the main design's I make on this website since I don't have enough AP to buy spaces in the generator.

- Design Contest Winners~ Here you can find the winners for each of the contest that I have hosted! Please give your feedback! I would love to share all of the wonderful designs that everyone has posted!

-Wishlist Post~ Here is just a list of stuff that I want in this game. ^ ^


~ Games That I Play ~
1. ) O v e r w a t c h ! ! ! !
New York Excelsior best team!!!!
I have an addiction to this game C':. However, like the noob that I am, I only play console, more specifically, Xbox One. Disappointing, I know, but I can not so proudly claim that I have over 500+ hours. ( Cough cough, majority of those are TOTALLY not on Mercy )

2. ) Animaljam
I am on and off on this game. I have been sadly inactive for a good while. I usually Rp on there with Warrior Cats or certain packs. My username is Calelikespie and Uncolored in case you were curious.

3. ) Xbox One
Well, obviously I play this. I just stated my addiction of Overwatch on that thing above. The games that I play are Spyro Remastered, Overwatch, Destiny 2 ( Eh, not that much anymore ), COD Black Ops 4, Red Dead Redemption 2 and a couple more games. My gamertag is Aamore but if you friend me PLEASE send me a message over how you found me or I simply won't friend back.


~ Art ~
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Battle Record: 13,333-42 (99.69%)
Mission Record: 267-95 (73.76%)
Gold Earned: 21,893,564
Scales Earned: 23,516
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 25
Bosses Defeated: 38
Elites Defeated: 82
Superiors Defeated: 552
Mythical Items Found: 7
Legendary Items Found: 90
Epic Items Found: 901
Rare Items Found: 979