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Username: Lunarwolfie
Title: The Hallowed
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People are so rude. why do people act like they care when tney dont? well sylestia people need to stop that. and rela people too.

"Throw me to the wolves and ill return leading the pack"

i owe Fufu56 (User ID: 55729) : 70K
kk owes me 50k

CHECK HATCHERY AND EVERYTHING HAS ITS PRICE if u see a pet tats too high priced or isn't priced maybe we can make a deal pm and we can talk
i accept all friend request and if u want to talk im usually here unless at school lol
ty have a nice day.

1 of my final FAVS and is my prize Griffi he is

Eggling -> Hatchling = 3 Days
Hatchling -> Adolescent = 6 Days
Adolescent -> Adult = 18 Days
copy the pet's url, and at the end of the link, there will be a &maturity=__. That number there would be the pet's maturity in hours. So when the pet reaches 72 hours, they will become hatchlings; 216 hours to be adolescent; 648 hours to be adults.
Total Cycle = 27 Days. (or so)
Current amount of money (on game) : 29,180k Dream Outfits Themes
~My Past Avatar Designs~

Winter 2016 Freezing Reindeer, Halloween 2016 Miss Hook
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 2,618-28 (98.94%)
Mission Record: 581-74 (88.70%)
Gold Earned: 1,853,314
Scales Earned: 24,285
Quests Completed: 18
Sylestia Completion: 11.87%
Dungeons Cleared: 24
Bosses Defeated: 68
Elites Defeated: 109
Superiors Defeated: 571
Mythical Items Found: 10
Legendary Items Found: 20
Epic Items Found: 111
Rare Items Found: 244