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Username: Lunarwolfie
Title: Trickster
User ID: 47310
User Level: 60
Joined: 12/11/2015 at 9:29:27pm
Last Online: 13 Days ago
Account Age: 920 Days
Profile Views: 2,601
About Me
"Throw me to the wolves and ill return leading the pack"
i want the dream stealers Baku!
If i leave my grin behind,
remind me we're all mad here and it's ok

Welcome To my profile I am Lunarwaffles
Nice to meet You all (Lunarwolfie)
(please read down)

OR any of these Bane Bane has created
NightbaneWolf: Lunar the lunatic
NightbaneWolf: Lunarwaffles
NightbaneWolf: Lunarwoffles
NightbaneWolf: ok, go fetch, puppy wafflebutt
NightbaneWolf: you're a colorful lollipop
NightbaneWolf: Hey waffle
NightbaneWolf: Thank you Waffle Waffle
NightbaneWolf: wolfy duck butterbeer
NightbaneWolf: ba dwaffle bad waffle
NightbaneWolf: Aww! *cuddles and hugs tightly** fuzzy!
NightbaneWolf: good woofy
((((Bane o.o)))))
NightbaneWolf: you're a beautiful fluffball
NightbaneWolf: aren't you a wolf?
Me: yes.
Me: a lunar wolf. more or yes.
NightbaneWolf: cuteeeeeee
Me: cute?
Me: whats cute?
NightbaneWolf: you
NightbaneWolf: you're cute

(Please Read) Info below

<3 Prices are based off of peoples range of buying
AND Advanced search PM to bicker prices <3

MOST nyvenes and puffs and now lunes (other than gifts)
i have regenerated and made pairs (or they are singular) of PLEASE dont regenerate a pet to look like it as its my design and i would like to keep them that way and breed them as they are mine BUTT please feel free to ask to breed or have a offspring of ANY pets (i do have the right to decline certain 1s)

FYI my stables are a mess atm XD themes
and pets and tab names are all messed up so ya....

No need to read any futher unless you want to then by all means go ahead
Skin Color ish (for myself) efd0cf

Eggling -> Hatchling = 3 Days
Hatchling -> Adolescent = 6 Days
Adolescent -> Adult = 18 Days
copy the pet's url, and at the end of the link, there will be a &maturity=__. That number there would be the pet's maturity in hours. So when the pet reaches 72 hours, they will become hatchlings; 216 hours to be adolescent; 648 hours to be adults.
Total Cycle = 27 Days. (or so)

Old posts of mine need to be updated Dream Outfits Themes

Vivianne9 i have Bulb for me

"Bulbori, Faelora, Lighira, (X)Lunemara(X), Lupora, Nytekrie will be the next 6 to be revamped (in no specific order)"
"And then Aeridini, Griffi, Luffox, Nephini, and Ryori after that (again, in no order)"

-Kk owes me 50k.

~LDD owes me 620k pets and 550k i think for wing set,

Random Achievements of mine
You open your Premium Clam and find something inside!
Item #1 [Prismatic Pearl] x1 9/23/2017 8:31 pm game time

On 6/10/2017 around 1:37pm server time
i got to the very last door on pick a door and
round 5 i picked door 3
I recieved
[Trait Disruptor (Puffadore - Steampunk)] x1
[Trait Disruptor (Aeridini - Natureguard)] x1

Imperium(wish forum)Posted: 9/14/2017 at 12:03 A Post #374
Wishes granted~!
Neph's in general are avoiding me this fest, so granted your second wish. Sent you an Aeri catalyst and a golden pearl.
Imperium sent you Beach Supplies: Golden Pearl x1! 9/14/2017 at 12:01:26am
Imperium sent you Beach Supplies: Aeridini x1!

Record amount of Gold (for me): 1,550,056

Encountered 20 Maniacal Pyromaniac


By: NightbaneWolf

Flight Rising
(-the ?)
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 26,062-41 (99.84%)
Mission Record: 1,237-96 (92.80%)
Gold Earned: 10,355,571
Scales Earned: 31,911
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 26
Bosses Defeated: 76
Elites Defeated: 114
Superiors Defeated: 630
Mythical Items Found: 10
Legendary Items Found: 66
Epic Items Found: 619
Rare Items Found: 1,704