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Username: Varyntha
Title: Maze Runner
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About Me
In the dark,
No one can see the shadows encroaching and swallowing you up...
If you would like to request a breeding with Bloody Bones at a lower price or for some kind of trade, feel free to let me know! ^_^ Don't worry if your Neph returns with a little nibble on her neck... Though he likes to romance his partner, he never passes on his vampirism unless they want him to. ;3

07/14/2017/F - If you have found broken links or images around that I have posted or messaged, it is because I had to delete everything out of my Photobucket and there's no way I can go and take down all the broken things. I have no other way of hosting images yet so I won't be able to post ones outside from Sylestia.

I may have some random Sylestis for sale in my Stables. ^_^
Since I have over 4000 Sylestis now ^D^ , it will probably be easier to do an Advanced Search and search for Sylestis of mine for sale. ^_^ But if you do browse my Stables, you may find some Sylestis that are not set up for sale that I may be willing to sell/trade/breed. ^_~

Themeds I may be looking for... But probably not overanxiously. XD I know Themeds are rare and expensive and I don't want to take them away from people that love them dearly... See my Stables or you can do an Advanced Search to see if I have any Themeds you may want to buy/trade/breed. ^_^ They won't all be available, but I find it difficult to waste Themed by not even trying to get them for people that are not as lucky as others...:

Easter Egg Bunny Luffoxes with Traits I don't have yet.
Maybe any Coal Embers showing at least black and orange... <_< XD
Burning Embers Zolnixi - I found that I really like Pearl Armor on these and wouldn't mind having a male and a female.
Chocolate Cream Pie Nephini - maybe
Sacred Scarab Lunemara D_D
Night Sky Lunemara - possibly one or more of each of these... D_D
Red Curse Ryori - >_< I love these so much but can probably never afford what they're worth.
Ghostly Hallows Lighira - I may be willing to purchase any purple tagged of these that are for sale but it will take me a while to save up for the ones that are left. (Yes it was I that purchased all the cheaper ones. ^D^; ) If you have one you want to sell, feel free to Message me and maybe we can work something out. ^_^
Some not random notes XD
*Fiolei gets a free offspring from Lost Soul Fairy Bulbori Project for their help. Fine with either gender with slight preference to female.
*Spelf and Bitsybites5 have helped with Sakura Sylvorpa Projects and may get offspring if they want them.
*FleurFaolan gets at least 1 fertile Varyntha's Ghostly Hallows Lighira offspring in exchange for breedings with their GHL male, maybe 2 if more than 4 breedings are necessary.
*GoldGryphon gets a fertile Varyntha's Ghostly Hallows Lighira offspring if they want one for their help in the Project.
*Draki has an open-ended reservation for something in exchange for the Puffadore Essence. ^_^ Perhaps a Sylesti or project help?
*LDDarkWolf gets 2 Butterfly Fairy Kelpari: 1 4v + 1 w/ at least carries. (2 Lighira Frost Essences 1/9/2017)
*Thunderess provided Fairy's Fert.
*DON'T make Kalores Sylesties! Kalores prefers to make their own Kalores Sylesties! Be good!! :[
Random notes I didn't want to lose and don't really have anywhere else to put...
*My wild caught Sylesti #1826384 (a female Luffux) appears to be carrying the Gene Red Panda... >_> Didn't even know... XD
*Maleficent has Mystic Water carried.
*The Cotton Candy Twins - Smoky and Icy, respectively.
*Vulpie Counter: ---
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Battle Record: 17,813-30 (99.83%)
Mission Record: 15,320-38 (99.75%)
Gold Earned: 98,197,214
Scales Earned: 247,039
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 5
Bosses Defeated: 131
Elites Defeated: 194
Superiors Defeated: 2,147
Mythical Items Found: 4
Legendary Items Found: 1,098
Epic Items Found: 1,804
Rare Items Found: 1,718