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Username: Britters
Title: The Eggstraordinaire
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About Me - My new blogging site, tarot and related subjects being the main focus

Appa the fat, lazy kitty

Happy Holidays 2020 from our family to yours! <3

Kieran, my oldest, is such a sweet, handsome boy <3

Torin (aka "Babbin) always looks like the cutest thing in the world with his curls!

Little Kitara this is...

Woody is Kierans chihuahua, but he likes both the kids <3

Close-up of Porky RIP 06-26-2018
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Battle Record: 62,936-55 (99.91%)
Mission Record: 1,392-13 (99.07%)
Gold Earned: 57,591,886
Scales Earned: 44,639
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 63
Bosses Defeated: 274
Elites Defeated: 397
Superiors Defeated: 2,720
Mythical Items Found: 26
Legendary Items Found: 322
Epic Items Found: 2,267
Rare Items Found: 5,324