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Username: Elise
Title: The Artistic
User ID: 20446
User Level: 75
Joined: 6/11/2014 at 7:43:08pm
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Account Age: 3,033 Days
Profile Views: 9,322
About Me
While I'm quite willing to breed eggs and let others breed with my pets, THE ONLY PETS I'M WILLING TO SELL ARE THOSE WITH A PRICE TAG. So please don't ask me if you can buy pets that are not for sale already. ESPECIALLY if they have a name.
In the same vein, I don't do exchanges.
Thank you for your understanding.
I'm 47, French-Canadian, unemployed, artsy. I also have Tourette syndrom, OCD, and dependant/avoiding personality disorder with schizotypal traits. (I hope I wrote all that in proper English words... O.o )

I have a particular obsession with kelparis (maybe because they look like my zodiac sign, Capricorn!) and my ultimate goal is to have a breedable 6vis pair of each kelpari theme in existence XD. (4vis for the majestic themes, of course. Ahem.)

If you want to contact me, use the inbox method please. Using chat will only get you blocked. I do NOT like chat.


Agapios et Agape: Forever Susan Lily Nytekrie

Eiko et Tsuneo (frosted+arctic kitsune)
Vivid Dawn: Agim, Agon, Aferdita


Moon Defender - luffox - 3 vis : 130,000gold, infertile
Ether Flame - vulnyx - 6 vis : 160,000gold, infertile


Mermaid project: males named after hard corals, females named after soft corals


1x female Silver Dust Vulnyx max stats by Grapejuice, 150k

Yureineko (81597) is interested in a max stat Cavernous Depths Kelpari, if I ever consider maxing that theme.

CasmereSphynx (formerly Nebulacrash) gets to breed my Astral Wanderers for regular breeding fees, and buy eggs from me for 600g. Once she finishes her project, she'll give me a pair of max stats astrals.
She also gets any Cupid puff eggs free.

Lovelock: breeding WS and EE ferrikkis

I have promised 5 free egglings of their choice to Sapphirefall

Harleyc has promised a discount if I should want to breed my kelps to his (winter themes). I will return the favor, too.

The following get a 75% rebate if they want to buy a Flutter eggling (35,000 instead of 140,000)
Dragongem23, Hopeless, Cian, Lonefox.

Nafila gets my PB puffs for 1g, and she lets me have her own creations for the same.


Cwen: quinn
Cyning: koo-ning
Dealan'de: dee-lan-deh
Jixiang: tsi-see-anh
Muscinae: moo-she-na-ay
QiuYue: choo-U-ay
Sithiche: sheechee OR she-ah-thuh OR seh-theesh (voiceless th)
Spirende: spee-yoh-neh
Urquhart: arr-kat
Verthandi: vert-hehn-dee

Max Stats I can recolor:
Roxie, Foxie, Coxie, Lexie, Vixie, Tixie, Luxie, Nyxie, Punxie, Araxie, Trixie

Used for all my projects. (Quite flexible depending on my mood!)

Regular species (aurleon, bulbori, draeyl, faelora, kelpari, luffox, lunemara, lupora, morkko, nytekrie, qitari, sylvorpa, vulnyx, zolnixi): 5,000 gold per trait point

Puffadore: 7,500 gold per trait point

Fabled species (aeridini, griffi, lighira, ryori): 10,000 gold per trait point

Ny'vene: 15,000 per trait point

Nephini: 20,000 per trait point

Ferrikki: 25,000 per trait point

PB offsprings:
Theme: price as calculated above X 2
Exclusive theme: price as calculated above X 3
Majestic: price as calculated above X 4

Max Stats projects: always sold infertile. Price as calculated above + 100,000 gold.

Crystalphoenix = Asagi = Agent15

4carry+ tamed to reclaim:
1591738 1718437 1733896 2114436 2251762 2333168 2382438
2453792 2655377 2713218 1491140 2052438 2062374 2078129
2103131 2121837 2257255 2849509 1761029 2108685 2301319
2435120 2515892 2593410 2623624 2159507 2285085 2585628
2593410 2093595


Personal Projects:
Themed Projects:

Old project thread:
Dolphina: 2790816, 2792749, 2520227, 2738996, 2576827, 2847376, 2847377, 2792770, 2792736.
Sola Char: Sun Scorched Morkko
Damselfly: Midnight Firefly Bulbori
Austral Ray: Southern Lights Morkko
Languor: Phantasmal Essence Ryori
Rime Spear: Winter Magic Nephini
Ahti: White Sands Luffox
Amanda: Mandarin Fish Kelpari

Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 163,802-180 (99.89%)
Mission Record: 13,859-194 (98.62%)
Gold Earned: 282,569,814
Scales Earned: 513,089
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 858
Bosses Defeated: 2,567
Elites Defeated: 4,722
Superiors Defeated: 29,687
Mythical Items Found: 197
Legendary Items Found: 3,169
Epic Items Found: 9,490
Rare Items Found: 15,203