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Username: Minlifalcon
Title: High Priest
User ID: 139343
User Level: 65
Joined: 12/21/2019 at 7:47:21pm
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About Me
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I like to buy pets and battle and capture sylesti. my starter pet is laura. I only have 3 pets when I was level 18
You have found [Regular Ny'vene Essence] x1
List of best players, they are friendly to me!

Pervious usernames: Anniel11

10,000k gold (because I am low at gold)
500 diamonds
Pet costumes
Any kind of essences

Thank you Theamazing for the costume!

I have free pet leveling, just PM me if you want training.

You can buy my pets and release them, because krinadon say this:

Unfortunately, we have been receiving a lot of complaints as of late of players harassing other players regarding the sale of pets. This thread will serve to outline what buyers and sellers should expect and explain why it is considered harassment to try and tell other players how to play the game.

Most importantly, when you sell a pet, you sell the pet at 100% of your own risk. You have no right to tell a buyer what they can, or can't, do with a pet that they purchase from you. Are there exceptions to this? Yes, and I will explain below. But regarding any general sale, this is how it is. So what does this explicitly mean?

-If you accidentally sell a pet to the wrong person, it is not the buyer's fault and they do not have to return it to you. However, I would always suggest that you politely contact the buyer and see if the buyer and seller can work out some sort of deal to remedy the mistake. But again, the buyer does not have to do anything. It is not their fault.

-If you sell a pet and the buyer releases the pet (or does any other thing with the pet that you did not want, such as dying it, mutating it, nullifying it, changing its gender, etc.), there is nothing that you should ever say to the buyer about it. When they purchase your pet, it becomes 100% their own pet. You have zero say over what happens to the pet. You should not request the buyer to not buy more of your pets, you should not request the buyer to return the pet, you should not request the buyer to not do whatever it is that they did again to any other pet. This is inappropriate and this is harassment. As a seller, you would not want buyers messaging you and asking you not to sell pets the way that you're selling them or not to breed pets the way that you're breeding them, would you? So please give buyers the same respect.
By: Krinadon
So that is what krinadon says.
If you don’t want people buy your just release them, told them, but if the buyer release the pet you don’t want let him to release, PM me for a new free pet.
choose a bag
Create a spooky pair
Please play my games.

Spring festival titles:
Master egg hunter: find all 20 eggs and defeat the temple boss in the egg maze.
The Tender: Tend other player's Plants at least 25 times.
Green Thumb: Harvest at least 1 of every Regular Plant species.
Fabled Green Thumb: Harvest at least 1 of every Fabled Plant species.
Majestic Green Thumb: Harvest at least 1 Majestic Plant Pet.
Omniscient Gardener: Harvest at least 1 of all 22 Regular/Fabled Plant Pet species and any 3 Majestic Plant Pets.
Premier Green Thumb: Harvest the very first Plant Pet.

Fall fest titles:
Finish in the Top 20: Title: The Hallowed
Trick 500 Total Times as Visitor: Title: Trickster
Treat 500 Total Times as Visitor: Title: The Sweet Tooth
Host 500 Visitors: Title: Candy Dispenser
Give Out a Gift Basket*: Title: The Kind-Hearted

Summer festival titles:
Assistant to the Sculptor: Use Sculpting Agents on other players' Sculptures 25 times.
Sculptor: Sculpt all 14 Regular Catalyst Themed Pets.
Fabled Sculptor: Sculpt all 7 Fabled Catalyst Themed Pets.
Majestic Sculptor: Sculpt a Majestic Catalyst Themed Pet.
Omniscient Sculptor: Sculpt all 24 Sculpting Themed Pets.
Premier Sculptor: Be the first to complete any Sculpture.

Winter fest titles:
Snow Wars Mastermind: Win a match against a Tier 6 AI Opponent.
The Tactician: Win a match against a Tier 3 AI Opponent or higher without losing a single Unit.
Snow Wars Combatant: Win a ranked match against another Player.

Snow Wars Champion: Place 1st on a Snow Wars Leaderboard.
Snow Wars Veteran: Place 4th or higher on a Snow Wars Leaderboard.
Snow Wars Challenger: Place 10th or higher on a Snow Wars Leaderboard.

Another title I get from the garden: the perfectionist
I just harvest a plant that has hidden trait, specific trait and least 2 traits maybe.

My starter pet:

About me
Minlifalcon’s quiz
Laura and her friends went to a cave roller coaster. Laura sit on the cart and goes so fast!
At last, people were dizzy, only Rainey, I peed a little bit! She said.

Hello.... what are you doing here?

Hey! What are you doing???

Are you sure?

Are you sure you gonna keep scrolling down?

You are just wasting your time, Soon I’ll go away.

What are you doing down here? I gonna go now and you wasted a whole time just keep scrolling.


Congrats to go all the way down here! PM me and get a new random beautiful free pet!
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Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 4,346-59 (98.66%)
Mission Record: 99-10 (90.83%)
Gold Earned: 1,883,751
Scales Earned: 14,203
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 4
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 0
Legendary Items Found: 9
Epic Items Found: 118
Rare Items Found: 253