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Username: Drdark
Title: Eggcellent Designer
User ID: 127963
User Level: 32
Joined: 3/11/2019 at 8:46:26pm
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About Me
Clearing Out everthing for Xanje stuff.

- You can pay in Sylestia Gold or in Xanje Pets/Items/Currency
- All pets are fair game!
- I have a thread on Xanje advertising my gold, items, and pets too so some pets or items might have been claimed on Xanje. I will inform you if that is the case.
- Items will go off of what price they would be if I got rid of them.
- Just because I'm leaving does not mean you can get all these pets for free or give crappy offers. BE FAIR.
- I will add more notices if needed but these are all for now.

4 Perfume of Themed Attraction
1 Prismatic Philter
1 Philter of Expedient Learning
1 Philter of Nullification
1 Greater Pet Dye
2 Regular Lupora Essence
1 Regular Morkko Essence

Avi Items
Black Raven 50g
White Raven 50g
Tamed Aeridini (Peppa) 20kg
Unicorn Enchanted Companion (Stormy) 20kg
Grove Spriteling (Azzy) 20kg
Fancy Winter Snowbird (Antheia) 20kg
Unicorn Companion (Angel) 5kg
Unicorn Companion (Dash) 5kg
Unicorn Companion (Stormy) 5kg
Spellcrafter's Companion (Bubbles) - he was very dear to me - 10kg
Lunar Fairy Companion (Serene) 20kg
Lunar Fairy Staff (Serenity) 5kg
Storm Lord's Staff (Aquamarine) 2500g
Vernal Wedding Dove (Ivory) 2500g
Seductive Demon Whip (Felfire) 2500g
Demon Channeler's Sickle Sword (Felfire) 2500g
Vernal Wedding Flower (Cerulean) 2500g
Deity Champion's Sword (Enlightened) 2500g
Garden Tender's Whip (Emberthorn) 2500g
Garden Tender's Whip (Viridian) 2500g
Jellyfish Companion - Flying Fish (Nocturnal) 2500g
Nordic Warrior's Axe (Frozen) 2500g
Trick or Treating Pumpkin Basket 50g
Dancing Spider (Mr. Jumper) 2500g
Sylestian Engineer's Wrench (Casual) 2500g
Cozy Hot Chocolate (Crisp Rainbow) 2500g
Bone Reaper's Banner (Noxious) 2500g
Lava Dancer's Lei (Molten) 2500g
Angelfish Shell Staff (Queen) 2500g
Aeridini Tamer's Outfit (Island Flower) 8kg
Fauna Caretaker's Garb (Pink Lily) 8kg
Storm Lord's Regalia (Volcanic) 8kg
Farmer's Outfit ~Free~
Lunar Fairy Vestment (Serenity) 8kg
Dream Stealer's Robes (Strawberry) 8kg
Nightfall Marauder's Outfit 8kg
Sylestian Scout's Garb 8kg
Sylestian Sergeant's Garb 8kg
Pyromaniac's Garb (Patriotic) 8kg
Jovial Cafe Outfit (Boss Blue) - also very dear - 15k
Chocolate Candy Bulbori Costume 2kg
Scarecrow Ruby Gingham Costume 2kg
Frozen Plate Armor of the Warlord 4kg
Fauna Caretaker's Ears (Long - Twilight) 8kg
Hummingbird Mask (Ruby-Throated) 8kg
Deity Champion's Crown - Long (Wonderous) 8kg
Snow Pearl Jewels (Frosted) 4kg
Pyromaniac's Cap (Aurora) 8kg
Pyromaniac's Hair Band (Aurora) 8kg
Sylestian Engineer's Goggles (Casual) 4kg
Lunar Fairy Cape (Serenity) 8kg
Unicorn Tail (Stormy) 8kg
Hummingbird Wings (White) 8kg
Angelfish Wings (Queen) 10kg
Lunar Fairy Wings (Serenity) 10kg
Pyromaniac's Dragon Wings (Patriotic) 8kg
Pet Information
In order to help reduce Server Load, these stats have been temporarily disabled.
Exploration Information
Battle Record: 940-25 (97.41%)
Mission Record: 6-0 (100.00%)
Gold Earned: 2,405,565
Scales Earned: 8,956
Quests Completed: 14
Sylestia Completion: 2.34%
Dungeons Cleared: 0
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 0
Legendary Items Found: 0
Epic Items Found: 2
Rare Items Found: 22