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Username: Darktempestshadow
Title: Eggcellent Designer
User ID: 127963
User Level: 28
Joined: 3/11/2019 at 8:46:26pm
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About Me
Themes I'm Looking For (pls PM if you have any for sale or can spare one for a price):
Volcanic Glass Zolnixi with Ornate Spangles, Royalty, Steampunk Wings (all vis)
Dusky Dawn Zolnixi with Ornate Spangles, Chow Tail, Spirit Wings (all vis)
Dusky Dawn Zolnixi with Double Stripes, Advanced Runes, Comet Moth Wings (all vis)
Needing Help with something:
Welcome to my stables! If you need anything just ask. I usually only have sales in my hatchery but sometimes I will sell a few stable pets i'm not really into. If I ever seem angry, sad, or both please note that I have depression and am currently taking treatments for this. I'm 13 and I was born in August. I am currently taking care of all the strays the best I can with my $10 allowance plus money from helping my grandpa around the house and outside.
Obsessed with Breaching Orca Babies. PM me if your selling some for cheap Playing soccer so if I don't get to you right away i'm at practice. Monday, Tuseday, and Thursday practice days from 7:00pm to 9:00.
-I don't normally sell hatchlings or egglings unless I know or have an idea of what they look like unless it is for a very high price.
-Please only breed themed pets that are matching themes.
-Most prices can be lowered. If you want a price lowered please PM me so I can lower the price.
-If I say no to breeding or selling pets then I mean no. Continuing to bug or spam me will result in blocks sorry.
Spectral Ny'Vene
Themed Ordering Service:
RolePlay with me?:
Recreating my pets:
Free Services for New Players:
Generator Stuff:

Notes & Reminders-
-Names for pets: Snowfire, Starfire
-Find a red colored Arctic Nomad Vulynx for sale
-Name a female Royal Elven with the elven ears Artemis
-Juni220 wants to get a royal elven lupora with traits and is ok with a higher price
-GalaxyWyvern83 wants a black spectral female-ID: 131590

Reclaim these guys:

My Dream Outfit:

Astral Wanderer Ryori
Diamonds and Gold
Another Stable
Costume of the Frost Banshee
Vernal Wedding Gown (Gothic)
Zombie Survivors Outfit (Ivory)
Angelfish Robes (Queen or Emperor)
Spring Ballgown (Twilight)
Flower Flapper Attire (Twilight)
Angelic Robes
Angelfish Shell Clip (Emperor or Queen)
Ghostly Stag (Chilly)
Any Ninetails
Any Shadow Stalker
Cerberus Pup (Dalmation or Magma)
Sylestian Knights zolnixi (royal)
Morkko Cub (any except Brown)
Festive Calf (Tan or White Spotted)
Any Dancing Spider
Jovial Teacup (Boss Blue)
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 890-22 (97.59%)
Mission Record: 4-0 (100.00%)
Gold Earned: 1,206,208
Scales Earned: 6,974
Quests Completed: 14
Sylestia Completion: 2.34%
Dungeons Cleared: 0
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 0
Legendary Items Found: 0
Epic Items Found: 2
Rare Items Found: 20