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Username: Blazingphoenix01
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About Me
I breed piles and piles of Lups! If you'd like to trade for one or want me to breed a pair, shoot me a PM ;b Prices of all pets negotiable!

They/Them, Ace, Artist
On FlightRising and Toyhouse under same name

I enjoy hoarding characters, dragons, and pets. I really enjoy doing RPs but am very rarely able to keep them going. Lore is another thing I do. When inspired, I can write 3k words on one topic.
Contact me on Toyhouse and maybe I'll add you to my authorized list so you can see my character stories.
Also I'm an Undertale, Deltarune, and Sonic lover. However, I'm not the crazy fangirl type so don't worry about that :3

The artist

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Epic Items Found: 38
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