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About Me
1). I'm NO LONGER accepting random friend requests. PLEASE at least message me and let us get to know each other first, ok?
1a) Please do not send solisitations, or requests of any kind without at the least having introduced yourself, thank you.

2). I will no linger be taking unrequested sales messages.

3). I'll be on as often as I can; it may or may not be scheduled or consistent, but I'll be here. Primarily for the big events like Festivals, Revamped Species Releases, and the Mega Zone...IF however I'm not here and you need me, you're welcome to request alternative ways to contact me though those may take a 2-5 days for a reply. Here even on my offline/in between events times IF I see a message here I reply as promptly as possible as I still check in a couple times a week unless I have no plans or business(breeding trades, trades, sales, ect) here to attend to.

I OWE Silvestra 1-2 Angelfish Aeri PB Offspring in payment for the disrupter she sent me.
I owe both Rika, and Ama Cosmic Vene offspring. My (B) Tamed Neph thread

Mega Zone Goals:

Summer Festival Goals 2016:

2016 Spring Festival Goals:
1). Catch themed pets, buy during fest IF I can't catch. Met
2). Aim for Themed Neph
3). Have fun, and make fest fun for others. Met

2015 Winter Festival:
1). Catch Themed Pets
2). Aim for Themed Neph
3). Spend as little gold as possible.
4). Make fest fun for others.

2015 Fall Festival Goals:
1). Catch Themed Pets - met
2). Aim for themed Neph - Met, caught myself. Sacred Autumn Treasure is the second ever Charred Leaf Nephini in game. Vis Swoosh and Feathered Wings, female.
3). Spend as little gold as I can - totally failed, but was worth it.
4). Make a fest fun for others - hope I met this goal
5). Pay off more of my loan, have not heard from loaner so I have no clue what's goingon with that.

2015 Summer Festival Goals:
1). Get 4 more stables, one of which must be used for RL Ligs. Met
2). Catch more RL Ligs! *Must add to tagged count* Managed to get one via perfume
3). Aim for gettig a Themed Nephini(zone or exclusive) Met
4). Keep gold over 200k the whole fest. Accomplished so far. Met, mostly.
5). Have fun! And help make the fest fun for others! Met

Suplamental Summer 2015 notes:
Got 7 fabled Seeking Sylesti pets (a 2 vis Ryori from the maze, and 3 vis Nyvene from a seeking basket, a 3 vis Griffi from a basket, 3vis Nyvene from a basket[traded], 3 vis Griffi[item was gifted to me], 3 vis Nephini, 3 vis Puff). I only missed out on getting a Lig and a Aeri, but pure bred offspring of those two will work.

Summer Fest Suplamental: My Summer Fest Themed Submissions:

My Strelitzia Nicolia Nephini Purebred Stat Capping Project thread:

2015 Spring Festival Highlights/Goals:
1). Goal of getting exceptional fert, met. Used on neph plant, being grown in Eimell's garden for me.
2). Goal of getting pair of Tagged Flower Nephs, met. Both of my Tagged Flower Nephs are 3 vis.
2a). My male:

2b). My female:

She's one of three SN Nephs with Floral Henna, though the other two are hatchlings right now so it's hard to say if their owners will be disrupting their traits or not. She and my boy may not match up the very best they could, BUT all of their babies will be 1-vis(Mutation 1: Ethereal Wings), and 5 carry(Gene 1: Leopard, Gene 2: Stripes OR Monarch Butterfly, Gene 3: Floral Henna, Mutation 1: Spectral Wings, and Mutation 2: Sun Armor)! So I'd say that's an awesome amount of traits. Both parents where also Prismaticlly Philtered, so all babies will have boosted base stats upon hatching!
3). Maintained over 200k gold over corse of entire fest.
4). Helped make fest fun for others.

Thanks to Maimah, and all my other many friends for all the lovely birthday gift babies, and the other gifts that you all have been so kind as to send my way!!!*hugs the babies*

Winter Fest 2014(and early 2015, ending on Jan.4th)
I spun the wheel 143 times (104 regular, 39 lucky). Won an Evergreen Puffadore(3 vis) on my 59th spin of the wheel. Winning ticket was a regular one the Ice Queen dropped after I fought her. That makes one wheel pet for me per fest sense Spring Festival 2013. UPDATE on my Evergreen Puff it is my very first 3 vis wheel pet!!! Will be made female upon reaching adolesent stage, Traits are Gene 1: Merle/Tiger(EF), Mutation 1: Feathered Wings/Candy Wing(BD), Mutation 3: Flower Collar/Jewled Flower Wrap(FG). I also Prismatically Philtered my Evergreen Puff.
On Spin 97 I won my SECOND wheel pet this fest! A 2-Vis Angelic Nephini!!! Again won this wheel pet with a regular ticket.

Note 3: List of people that I'll be gifting baby GB Nephini to- That is when/if i get to make my pair.
1) Vulpie

Fall Festival 2014:
I caught the very first Zombiefied Nephini, female, rare. ^.^ I also placed 13th on the Red Curse Ryori Mojo contest(1st round), and got two eggs, one from the mojo and one from the contest. I got two HD ryori, one male and one female.

Summer Festival 2014:
I had my Raspberry Lemonade Lighira pet design picked to be a themed pet! I own a total of 32(I think) Tagged, and several lovely Pure Bred offspring.
My friend Maddytivon, and I are working on a joint 6-Vis RL Lig project.

Chat room direct link:

Link to my first ever 6-Vis project!!! I'm aiming to make some lovely 6-Vis Spring Glow Nephinis!!! Please help?

Tribute To A Legend: Tribute project for Leonard Nimoy

Tribute Nephi project for my mom:
RIP Momma...I miss you. Here's the thread for this project:

Me and my daughter:

My service dog in training, Noah: <--- He's an Alaskan Malamute(giant, ie above standard size), and Great Pyrenees. R.I.P Mommy's sweet boy.

<--- My dream Aeri project!!!

<--- Another dream Aeri project I want to do.

This is my idea of how my ball python Belle(who I had to rehome), may look like on here:

Please meet Lowie, she was my best friend as a kid, my sister, and my confidant. She's still one of the best things that's ever happened to me, and I miss her dearly.

This puff is modeled after my dog Lowie who passed away when I was 11. I now have my Lowie in game. ^.^
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Battle Record: 63,317-21 (99.97%)
Mission Record: 3,899-22 (99.44%)
Gold Earned: 89,664,618
Scales Earned: 26,311
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 78
Bosses Defeated: 212
Elites Defeated: 379
Superiors Defeated: 2,907
Mythical Items Found: 24
Legendary Items Found: 578
Epic Items Found: 2,809
Rare Items Found: 5,473