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Username: Soulfox
Title: Majestic Sculptor
User ID: 102091
User Level: 70
Joined: 1/27/2018 at 8:27:19am
Last Online: 7 Hours ago
Account Age: 570 Days
Profile Views: 1,789
About Me
Hi, I'm Soul!

I love collecting themed pets! Right now I'm looking for any themed Lighira I may not have, so if you have any you'd like to sell, come contact me and I can tell you if I want/need it for my collection, or if I already have it! ^^

**If you have never contacted me before (I may have forgotten), please do not send me a random friend request!**

I also ask that you not message me unless I know you well, as I'm kind of socially awkward. I don't take to conversation very well. ^^"
*Skyrimrox1 - Save a male GF Ferrikki (no pay yet)
*Bsw - Hold a Majestic Fishing Pole
*Painteventer - Sculpting a Coral Reef Ferrikki (adding Golden Pearl, Sea Pebbles (G1, M3)) - Plotted, items sent, QDA added
*Aerimistress - Sculpting a Paradise Parrot Puffadore (adding Golden Pearl, Sea Pebbles (G1, M1)) - Plotted, items sent, QDA added

Catalyst Notes:
Ocean Explorer Aeridini to M
Need Coral Reef Ferrikki x2
Coconut Oasis Griffi to M, need F
Heavenly Nebula Lighira to M, need F (M1,)
Hungry Alligator Lighira to M, need F
Angelic Fire Dancer Lupora M, need F (M2,)
Guava Nephini to M, need F
Soft Sunset Ny'vene to M, need F
Need Paradise Parrot Puffadore
Fairy Garden Ryori to M, need F
Catalysts Needed (Tasks):
* indicates I like it, and not willing to sculpt for someone. All others means I'll sculpt for you and give it back! I just need it for the tasks! (Providing tokens is also appreciated!)
If (M) or (F) is beside the Sylesti, it's because I'm currently sculpting that Sylesti and that gender is what I make it.

*[Lunemara] Scarab - x2
*[Lupora] Fire Dancer - x1

*[Aeridini (Aged)] Wild Blackberry - x2
*[Aeridini] Ocean Explorer - x1
*[Ferrikki (Aged)] Coconut Sands - x1
*[Ferrikki] Coral Reef - x2
*[Griffi (Aged)] Secret Treasure - x1
*[Lighira (Aged)] Glowlight Oasis - x2
*[Nephini (Aged)] Summer Meadow - x2
*[Nephini] Guava - x1
*[Ny'vene (Aged)] Poppy - x2
*[Ny'vene] Soft Sunset - x1 (M)
*[Puffadore (Aged)] Ocean Sunset - x2
*[Puffadore] Paradise Parrot - x2
*[Ryori (Aged)] Sea Slug - x2
*[Ryori] Fairy Garden - x1

*[Bulbori] Summer Squash - x∞
*[Faelora] Enchanted Bloom - x∞
Themed Lighira Completion List:
Name of Theme (owned m or f)
Example: Coconut Mocha (F) - means I have a female and need a male

Burgundy Petunia ()
Celestial Lights ()
Coconut Mocha (F)
Fire Lily (F)
Flaming Parrot Tulip (M)
Ghostly Hallows ()
Gingerbread Cookie ()
Glowlight Oasis (F)
Harvest Day ()
Haunted Hallows ()
Life's Breath (M)
Lion Scallop (M)
Midnight Rose ()
Misty Lily (F)
Patriotic (M)
Serene Shores (F)
Solar Eclipse (M)
Spring Sky (M)
Tidepool ()
Twilight Deity ()
Winter Morning (M)
Winter Pine ()
Likes: Lighs, Nephs, 'Venes, Puffs, Ryori
Dislikes: Anything not from the list above, anything I have and selling

Collect All Breeding Pairs of Themed Ferrikki [x]
Collect All Breeding Pairs of Themed Lighira []
Collect All Breeding Pairs of Themed Nephini []
Collect 500 diamonds for a Second Stable [x]
Collect 1,500 diamonds for Exceptional Genetic Test Kit []
My Active Forums:
Breeding and Sales! -
[LF] Themed Lighira -
Breeding Sales -
[S] Pick-a-Pair Themed Offspring for Cheap -

Forums I'm in:
{ The Ryori Romp } -

Important Forums(Just in case I'm not pinged):

Check-In Forums:


Breeding Fees
**Only non-fabled males up for breeding. If I'm not planning on using a female, please message me about it if you need to breed with one.**

If a themed pet, automatically 300g + traits.
If a normal pet, the addition of traits.
If female, recovery fee of 200g plus above.

Hidden Trait - +100g
Visible Trait - +50g
Carried Trait - +10g
My First Ever Theme I Caught Myself!

Sunfire Water Lily Sylvorpa (Taffy)

Pets (For a low price)
None at the moment

Avatar Items
Any furry pet!

Experience Orbs

Diamonds for an Exceptional Test Kit
Any amount of gold (Maybe 100k)
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 7,942-59 (99.26%)
Mission Record: 107-10 (91.45%)
Gold Earned: 7,910,355
Scales Earned: 2,453
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 1
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 1
Legendary Items Found: 68
Epic Items Found: 600
Rare Items Found: 304