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0/4 Themed Disruptors out of 4 needed
IMPORTANT: Please actually have interacted with me somehow before you send a friend request! Thank you!
Poison, Thrasher, other- myconid kill priority

Maps by Tori:
Spring Themed design entries:

Clover Keeper Fights/Expected Encounter

My first official project!
Hogwarts Houses Zolnixi Project Thread:

Avi outfit for looking like Firegem1401

Art of me and my battle pets Marina and Djesa by the amazing Nightshades

A seriously awesome Kelpari that the amazing Gidget1942 designed based off of my description in the "Designing" thread

Summer Avatar Dressup Entry

Giveaway Thread:

Winter 2018 Lost Pets entry:

Themed Pet designs for Spring 2018:

Lost Grove Themed Pet Entries 2018:

Fall Fest 2017 entries for Themed Pet Designs:

Winter Fest 2017 entries for Themed Pet designs:

Themed Pet Designs, Fall 2018:

Spooky Avi Dressup with Story:
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Battle Record: 18,251-193 (98.95%)
Mission Record: 1,326-96 (93.25%)
Gold Earned: 23,011,102
Scales Earned: 37,773
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 45
Bosses Defeated: 2
Elites Defeated: 3
Superiors Defeated: 42
Mythical Items Found: 17
Legendary Items Found: 171
Epic Items Found: 1,195
Rare Items Found: 2,030