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Username: Crystal25152
Title: Trickster
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Joined: 8/31/2013 at 4:45:59pm
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updated march 7th, 2020

elliot / crys | he / they | 17

im really only online during festivals lmao

im on discord but i change my tag really frequently so heres a server im active on, theres always a next to my name

. ,

Heyo, I'm Cry! I made a survey about battling in the Fall Festival Zone.

they/he - I am nonbinary; genderfluid/genderflux pangender.

The simple explanation is, I shift between feeling like a boy, girl, neither, both, "whatever".

I'm a highschool sophomore and love cartoons and video games; I do art too! Except I'm too stressed to now! Yay... -not-. :'7

Anyways, I'm not that active on Sylestia usually, I log on every so often if there's a festival or something.

My Discord tag is Aliiziot#5509 ^-^

Happy 5 years of being on Sylestia, me.

hi you can call me Lou or Elliot
^Please sign up for free MP3s of video game soundtracks? Maybe? No? Alright...^
-Give ElmoElmo Ryo egg
-Keep up with drawing requests
-Make a custom
-Give all males breeding fees
-Check if Dragon3000 is selling my MC Ryo
^Direct Chatroom Link^

Drawn for me by Strike!

Drawn for my Rainbow Beauty Nixi by Ivywoods!

Sites I Use
INT/USHowrse- Crystal25152
Adventure Quest- Crystal25152
RotMG- GameSEGA (No numbers allowed for usernames.)
Sonic Stadium- Crystal25152
Sonic Wikia- Crystal25152
Samurai Taisen- Crystal25152
YouTube- Tsukiko Anzai (That's not my RL name but I like it.)
PaigeeWorld- Crystal25152
DeviantArt- Crystal25152
Runescape- Crystal25152
Hey hey hey! Crystal25152 here! Welcome to my About Me page! Below are lists of random things...

About Me
(As of 10.8.15)
I am 12 years old!
My B-Day is on Dec. 15th!
I currently am in 7th grade.
I take orchestra and art as electives.
I can adequately play the violin.
I can play the piano, just not much lately.
I read many, many books... Ask me for recommendations!
I love the cartoon Gravuty Falls and Rick and Morty!
I have a liking to Steven Universe and Star vs. the Forces of Evil!
I love third generation Pokemon games. Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, ect. The ORAS ones are awesome too!
I love video games, except I don't get to play very often.
I love music... Not much of a jazz person, though.
My favorite bands are Three Days Grace, Set it Off, Skillet, Green Day, and Imagine Dragons!
I love art, usually cartoonish anime drawings. Though I sure do love realistic art, too!
I am incredibly lackadaisical.
I have a large interest in chemistry, medicine, and genetics.
As a young teen, I have a crush! ^-^ Edit - We are friends, but I don't have the nerves to tell him...
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 5,874-72 (98.79%)
Mission Record: 1,127-35 (96.99%)
Gold Earned: 16,399,570
Scales Earned: 5,309
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 21
Bosses Defeated: 62
Elites Defeated: 137
Superiors Defeated: 842
Mythical Items Found: 2
Legendary Items Found: 236
Epic Items Found: 529
Rare Items Found: 531