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Username: Banzai
Title: Aspiring Gladiator
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Joined: 6/19/2013 at 2:49:59pm
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About Me
Hi I'm Banzai and I'm coming up with my dream party, I just hope that we can add more pets to the party as well (Which is only up to six). In my party this is what we will look like:

Shenzi has been painted so now she's happy with me. I have lots of pets now and I'm still getting some more, I don't know if I want to do any projects, but I might think about it:3 You can be friends with me at anytime, I do random request as long as you're nice. I sometimes don't trust a lot of people online, but I'm still open.

Also my breeding prices for themes vary depending on traits/genes. The more traits and genes, the higher I will price them. It also depends on how nice the pet I capture looks. So please don't haggle the prices as I set the prices to be what they are worth in breeding. I priced most of the themes fairly.

For me, breeding is not cheap!

Here are my pets and what they do:

Shenzi: She was born as a generated pet, she has passion for her owner and she likes Banzai secretly. She is also stronger and very fast but sometimes clumsy and gets out of balance when going on an adventure.

Banzai: Very passionate about his owner, he likes Shenzi, but when Shenzi gets hurt or knocked out in battle, his attack power rises and he gets very angry. He also likes his new team mate, Edward. He is also very protective and nice to others that he meets.

Edward: He has passion for the whole team in his owner's stables, he is also very shy and doesn't like to be the leader of the team. He is really friendly around other stable pets and their owners.

Pearl: She is really loving but weaker than the whole group, she really likes Charlie secretly and she wants to become part of the party so that she can fight like her friends.

Sabrina: She has a lot of happiness within herself, she runs around all of the time and wishes to become part of the party soon. She has no secret love because she hasn't been around other sylesties.

Charlie: He is very protective and has some strength to fight like Banzai, but he secretly loves Pearl, and he also wants to become part of the party later on.

Now that you know them well, I also do RP fourms if you want me to RP or help make an Rp that we can play and add others. You my contact me at anytime unless I'm offline, I will get back to you. I finally got a job so I will be on much later Monday-Thursday!

Also doing a legendary Pokemon pet projects, P.M Me if you want me to make you your very own legendary pokemon themed pet:




All Pokemon have been finished! So the first stable is 100% done! ^w^

Themed Pets (About more than you can imagine):

Team Moon:

Moonfur: She is the leader of Team Moon!

Spottedfeather: The member of Team Moon!

Silverstream: The last member of Team Moon!

The New Windchaser Team!:

The new fighting team, right now we are leveling up: Completed!




If there is anything else you need, feel free to message me. I'm always online by the end of the day. I also Roleplay in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rp, so if you wanna join me there, you can. I don't lead the thread, but someone else does but I'm sure they might allow you to join! ^w^

I shall see you sylestians on the other side of the upcoming Mega Zone! ^w^
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Dungeons Cleared: 25
Bosses Defeated: 81
Elites Defeated: 342
Superiors Defeated: 3,452
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Legendary Items Found: 240
Epic Items Found: 880
Rare Items Found: 5,206
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