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Username: Banzai
Title: High Warlord
User ID: 5897
User Level: 75
Joined: 6/19/2013 at 2:49:59pm
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Account Age: 3,050 Days
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About Me

Hi I'm Banzai and I'm currently training more pets. You can find me anywhere, but I prefer that you ask me about the accounts if I don't know you.

The image below was drawn by me. : D

I also have lots of pets and I'm still getting some more. You can be friends with me at anytime. I'm also an artist, so feel free to commission me at anytime.

Pets in my stable are not for sale! You are welcome to breed with them at the current prices.

Themes and Prices (Discounted breeding fees included!)

My breeding prices for themes vary depending on traits/genes. The more traits and genes, the higher I will price them. It also depends on how nice the pet I capture looks. So please don't haggle the prices as I set the prices to be what they are worth in breeding. I priced all of the themes fairly. (You may haggle for the ones priced for 50k or more).

Breeding with my captured themed pets is not cheap! The lowest price starts at 20k.

Prices range from 20k-200k+!

Discounted prices are available when I announce it here.
Current Party:


This earth and fire elemental Zolnixi is very strong and is really good at defending himself against attacks. He is built for battle and is currently being used in the Mega Zone and all of the festivals every year.


This light elemental Zolnixi is very supportive and is really good at using her healing powers. She is built for being helpful and will revive her team mates if needed by using her "Divine Balance". She is currently being used in the Mega Zone and all of the festivals every year.


This air elemental Zolnixi is very offensive and is really great at attacking enemies while dealing a bunch of damage at one time. He is built for battle and is currently being used in the Mega Zone and all of the festivals every year.

Retired Pet Info

Here are my retired pets:


She was born as a generated pet, she has passion for her owner and she likes Banzai secretly. She is also stronger and very fast but sometimes clumsy and gets out of balance when going on an adventure. Now retired, she watches over the stables.


He loves Shenzi and will always protect her and Edward with his shadow powers. He was the second pet that was caught and has survived many journeys. His armor is a symbol of bravery. Now retired, he stays in the stables to watch over the other pets.


He is very quick to fight and uses his light powers to help heal his team mates. He has been through the long journey with his team and has survived the battles that he faced. Now that he is retired, he helps Shenzi and Banzai watch over the stables.


She was found near the side of a road with no owner. Banzai decided to take her in and give her a home. She has been told to watch the stables and she helps do so.


She was captured and placed in the stables a few days after Banzai's journey began. In hopes of helping her party, she decided to stay in the stable and look after her own children. She has become retired.


He was found and captured by the owner who also goes by the name, Banzai. He is very fast, wise and is not slow when a battle is about to unfold. He is always ready for action. After a few years in the stables without facing any fights, he has decided to retire and take care of the hatchlings in hatchery.

Sadly, there is only 3 to a party. This was going to be a plan for a 6 party team. I'm only using my maxed stats for now. All of the retired pets listed are really retired and not up for battle any longer.
I will see you all on the other side of the Mega zone!!!
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 148,922-181 (99.88%)
Mission Record: 4,430-64 (98.58%)
Gold Earned: 61,286,542
Scales Earned: 20,659
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 26
Bosses Defeated: 81
Elites Defeated: 342
Superiors Defeated: 3,452
Mythical Items Found: 7
Legendary Items Found: 282
Epic Items Found: 1,288
Rare Items Found: 6,153
Trophy Collection
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