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Username: AtomicBomb354
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About Me
[sarcasm]Welcome to this wonderful, creative About Me of mine, that has so much content and time and effort put into it.[/sarcasm] With the exception of the wonderful art at the bottom

Some things about me:
- I'm 17.
- I'm from England (6 hours ahead of Sylestia time).
- 90% of my life is either playing video games or making video games.
- My games consoles are all hilariously out-of-date (I have a GameCube, original Xbox, PS2, N64, and a SEGA Megadrive lol). I play modern games on PC.
- 9% of my life is drawing and writing, or critiquing said things.
- 1% of my life is looking at memes.
- I make nightmares.

And that's it. I'm a rather dull person. I have a lot of spare time though, so feel free to send me a PM if you want to talk

A few stories that I have worked on:
Niereth's Lair (finished):
The Lost Vulnyx (finished):
The Candy Princess (WIP):
Twisted World (collab with DracornPotato, WIP):

I'm open to art and writing requests. As for roleplaying, if you are interested in roleplaying with me, don't be afraid to ask. I will do basically anything with the exception of pure romance (I don't mind it as a sub-plot, however, but it can't be the main focus). I'm also happy to review anyone's story if asked.

Feel free to send me a PM at any time - I don't bite

^Art by IvyCat! Thank you!^

^Art by Desiree! Thank you so much!^

^Art by 99echosong99! ^
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Battle Record: 5,542-39 (99.30%)
Mission Record: 886-98 (90.04%)
Gold Earned: 4,151,064
Scales Earned: 2,910
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 11
Bosses Defeated: 17
Elites Defeated: 86
Superiors Defeated: 767
Mythical Items Found: 4
Legendary Items Found: 37
Epic Items Found: 179
Rare Items Found: 408