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Lord Etping of Narnia
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Username: LadyMoriarty
Title: Fabled Green Thumb
User ID: 34524
User Level: 60
Joined: 5/9/2015 at 12:21:38pm
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Account Age: 751 Days
Profile Views: 4,411
About Me

*Used to be Missterious, but no longer. Can call me Lady M, Lady, Momo, Lady Mama, Mori, Lady Mori, just dont call me Lady Gaga, or late for dinner. xD ***

Moonsugar and Ember2000 get babies from Moonlit Dreamflower--Legendary theme bulb
(I owe Moonsugar a master trap)


If I don't know you, this includes talking for just one day, I will not add you to friends list, and you will be blocked..this is for newer players. If you bug me, you will be blocked.
I am nice, but I AIN'T THAT NICE! There are reasons I keep my friends list short and CLEAN. So if you are on there, you are lucky ;D.
-Just because I bought a pet from you does not give you the right to spam my messages
-Just because I bought a pet from you does not give you the right to send friend requests.
-Learn the game, don't be annoying, please!
I do respect karma-what goes around comes around. Though, I also like to pay it forward when I can.

*I no longer trade sylestis for other sylestis.*
I have Tinkerbell's Significant Other xD
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 327,550-110 (99.97%)
Mission Record: 313-93 (77.09%)
Gold Earned: 57,541,380
Scales Earned: 749,334
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.76%
Dungeons Cleared: 123
Bosses Defeated: 293
Elites Defeated: 1,732
Superiors Defeated: 17,676
Mythical Items Found: 35
Legendary Items Found: 181
Epic Items Found: 2,099
Rare Items Found: 18,116