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Username: LadyMoriarty
Title: Wondrous Witch
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FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED, AND WILL NOT HOLD FOR FOLKS. They have been seriously discounted for this. Sale ends Friday 11/24/17. Get them while they are there!!!

Horned Owl Neph is up for breeding

Owe Zenaku a master when I can. Thank you

Am quitting for a while after fest so most of my pets will be going up for sale in the next week or two- Project pets, either my own, or purchased from others, will not be up for sale...Most of what is going are new/old themes. And things I personally bred that some folk may like to have.
I have to focus on my health first and foremost, and my family. Its going to be a busy month, for I have quite a lot of appointments to tend to. My patience, for a while now, has been too low to stay around here, so when I do come back, I want to have stable space, and a clear mind, an a bit of a fresh start.

And I will miss a whole bunch of you...

Had a chance to make an offer on a Majestic Ryo, but I couldnt, i had to spend the rest of my gold on disruptors for a silly ligh -_- Stupid Lucky Runes..

Forum posts you CAN ping me on-
1. My posts
2. Sale posts--if the pet has already been bought by me in advance.
3. Potential sale posts message me first with the subject line "Would you be interested in.." And I may let you know if I might be interested..if no answer, assume that's a no thank you.
4. Official posts- for example, updates on MegaZones, any questions I've made, etc.

If there is a pet I have thats up for breeding, thats too costly, please feel free to PM me with the subject line Breeding Cost of: and add the pet link! So many times I have had to actually try and find a pet someone wants to breed to, and usually due to lack of time, I can't...DONT FORGET THE LINK!

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Battle Record: 484,342-116 (99.98%)
Mission Record: 322-93 (77.59%)
Gold Earned: 91,462,265
Scales Earned: 1,095,769
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.24%
Dungeons Cleared: 184
Bosses Defeated: 293
Elites Defeated: 1,732
Superiors Defeated: 17,676
Mythical Items Found: 62
Legendary Items Found: 290
Epic Items Found: 3,579
Rare Items Found: 24,396