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Username: Draumrkopa
Title: The Kind-Hearted
User ID: 28907
User Level: 63
Joined: 1/19/2015 at 1:53:50pm
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About Me

Doing a Trans Lupe project now PM Skyfallthesaberwolf with updates
Status: almost compleate!!
Nail gets a trans lupe
Lilithskull gets a lupe
Sweden gets a lupe
LivingInMyOwnReality gets a Lupe
Kittyauthor too

Im back!
Im not buying right now Im collecting gold to get venes from

SheVampire (12pt regens)
Cian (Starlight pairs)

1~ Get gold for next tab (Or diamonds for stable)
2~ Find male Ny'Vene 6vis with Starlight Armor to cover females
3~ collect more re-gen venes (thread for sales, need to get back on it)

Important days
August 25: Revealed day, when i returned to society as a female. If you pm on this day and ask you get a free offspring (trans lupe project)
November 19: my birthday i will happily give a pet present to anyone who wishes me a happy birthday
October 25/26: my special mourning day, my wonderful grandomther passed away. I give away mouring venes, pm for one on this day
June5: my real life friends birthday, i give away trans lupe, pm me( because he is trans too)

All adult males are ready for coverings.(If not PM me to set them up Im to lazy to set them up as soon as they come in)
I have several project Venes and Lumpora pairs- Ask for them.

My Yuri!!!On Ice Project thread

My Newbie Givaaway thread:

I work with these people

Pheonixlights: I get breeding rights to all pets

Sinfullysnowing : gets any ryori essences i find in exchange for one fineshed project pet

Ebonyflicker: Free Breeding, As many from Royal Lightning pair.

Earthdoragonlover: Free Breeding

Cian: Free Breeding, As many from HeartAch and Dream Mist as she wants

Sweetystar: 60,000 for Frozen Fire and Didriks Love pairs offspring

Neonglow123 and Luna173: breeding program, Free breeding

Stardreamer33: Got her pet

Typhix: gets a male 5/6 vis lupora

Vineyiea: Tester

Ivycat: Will share infertility kit for project offspring

So About Me: Im A girl...[srt]With A Trans girl-to-boyfriend. [/str] He desided that Im not good enough- the scronny anorexic must of been better

I like waking up to mail so send some to me!

I am a big Inheritance cycle fan. Some pets that I breed or found are named in the Ancient Language(or I try too). I am also a reader of LOTR, PJO/HOO, Divergent and many more. I have read more books then I can count, some friends come to my house and use it as a library. Pretty sad isn't it. But on the happy side I am always happy to make new friends, so send a message if you wanna talk. I will take in most Draeyl, Kelpari, Lupora, Ny'vene, Qitari, or Vilnyx that you don't want. I may take in others but it just depends on how I feel. See you later!

Im on:
Wattpad, TamiAlber
Howrse US, Dröttning

My regen companion
Thanks Sidgreen01 for giving me Mur and Thorn!

This one is of Hatchi my fav Lup: by Lonefox (Love it so much!)

Posted: 8/10/2017 at 9:12 PM

Talk without words
Speak without a voice
Live a life worth living
It is your choice

Spend time making memories
Remember to say thank you
Don't forget please

Actions mean more than you will ever know
A picture is worth a thousand words
An action much more so

Don't worry about a good impression
Focus on bringing joy
Life's about the little things
A smile can make a stranger's day

Draw Emberfall777 some watermelon Mice:
Spring flowers
Rind stripes
Seed spots
Maybe an essence of Vines?
Leaf ears(Id Love these!)

I will not work with Littenlover2017 until she/he/it learns proper grammar and stops using shorthand.

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Battle Record: 3,132-37 (98.83%)
Mission Record: 2,296-107 (95.55%)
Gold Earned: 5,159,850
Scales Earned: 6,792
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 3
Bosses Defeated: 3
Elites Defeated: 21
Superiors Defeated: 186
Mythical Items Found: 2
Legendary Items Found: 30
Epic Items Found: 129
Rare Items Found: 367