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Username: Draumrkopa
Title: The Kind-Hearted
User ID: 28907
User Level: 70
Joined: 1/19/2015 at 1:53:50pm
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Account Age: 2,200 Days
Profile Views: 5,185
About Me
Tot Uieaoeia for Baby seal nightsky back for daily item task
Darkesse has dibs on the 2 v peppermint fae if I sell it

Fest notes:
Will buy/trade for in order by most to least interested:
Lupe, nixi, fae
Kelp, qitari, puff
Dray, neph, griffi

Im back!
Im not buying much right now Im collecting gold to get venes

SheVampire (12pt regens)
Cian (Starlight pairs)

1~ Get gold for next tab (Or diamonds for stable)(dia sale)
2~ work on my MS project I keep pushing aside
3~ collect more re-gen venes (thread for sales, need to get back on it)

Important days
November 19: my birthday i will happily give a pet present to anyone who wishes me a happy birthday
October 25/26: my special mourning day, my wonderful grandomther passed away. I give away mouring venes, pm for one on this day
June5: my real life friends birthday, i give away trans lupe, pm me( because he is trans too)

I am willing to Stud out most males! Just PM and ask if they are not publicly available.

I have several project Venes and Lumpora pairs- Ask for them.
Most popular:
Trans Vene
Trans Lupe
Ase/Ace Lupe
Intersex Vene
Rainbow Qitari
Yawe Vene
Royal Lightning vene
Many more!!!!

My Yuri!!!On Ice Project thread (Dead)

My Newbie Givaaway thread: (inactive, still will give gifts)

I work with these people
Mushroomwithlegs: breeding to Crushed flower vene

Pheonixlights: I get breeding rights to all pets

Sinfullysnowing : gets any ryori essences i find in exchange for one fineshed project pet

Ebonyflicker: Free Breeding, As many from Royal Lightning pair.

Earthdoragonlover: Free Breeding

Cian: Free Breeding, As many from HeartAch and Dream Mist as she wants

Sweetystar: 60,000 for Frozen Fire and Didriks Love pairs offspring

Neonglow123 and Luna173: breeding program, Free breeding

Stardreamer33: Got her pet

Typhix: gets a male 5/6 vis lupora

So About Me: Im a male..most of the time. I'm not to picky with my pronouns but They/Them is always a safe bet with me.

My birthday is November 19, 1999 (I am over 18! So ask your parent/Guardian permission before PMing me for casual conversation if you are underage)

I like waking up to mail so send some to me!

I am a big Inheritance cycle fan. Some pets that I breed or found are named in the Ancient Language(or I try too). I am also a reader of LOTR, PJO/HOO, Divergent, ToG, GoGH, Warrior cats and many more. I have read more books then I can count, some friends come to my house and use it as a library. Pretty sad isn't it. But on the happy side I am always happy to make new friends, so send a message if you wanna talk. I love games too!! Skyrim and Legend of Zelda are always favorites of mine, as well as Halo and D&D. I will take in most Draeyl, Kelpari, Lupora, Ny'vene, Qitari, or Vilnyx that you don't want. I may take in others but it just depends on how I feel. See you later!

I get get sick quite frequently and with my many health issues it can bring me close to death. If I suddenly go on Hiatus please be patient with me. (Pun intended) I try to get on sylestia as often as I can but hospital visits and rehab are exhausting and time consuming!!

Im on:
Wattpad, TamiAlber
Howrse US, Dröttning
Snapchat, Ashkopes (please say you added me from sylestia or I may block you)

My regen companion
Thanks Sidgreen01 for giving me Mur and Thorn!

This one is of Hatchi my fav Lup: by Lonefox (Love it so much!)

My current goal for breeding (among many others)

Posted: 8/10/2017 at 9:12 PM

Talk without words
Speak without a voice
Live a life worth living
It is your choice

Spend time making memories
Remember to say thank you
Don't forget please

Actions mean more than you will ever know
A picture is worth a thousand words
An action much more so

Don't worry about a good impression
Focus on bringing joy
Life's about the little things
A smile can make a stranger's day

Draw Emberfall777 some watermelon Mice:
Spring flowers
Rind stripes
Seed spots
Maybe an essence of Vines?
Leaf ears(Id Love these!)

I will not work with Littenlover2017 until she/he/it/they learns proper grammar and stops using shorthand.

Pet Information
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Battle Record: 7,153-40 (99.44%)
Mission Record: 2,386-114 (95.44%)
Gold Earned: 11,725,742
Scales Earned: 23,426
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 6
Bosses Defeated: 3
Elites Defeated: 21
Superiors Defeated: 186
Mythical Items Found: 2
Legendary Items Found: 50
Epic Items Found: 296
Rare Items Found: 520