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Username: Littlemidna
Title: Wondrous Witch
User ID: 154847
User Level: 75
Joined: 12/29/2021 at 2:47:44am
Last Online: 4 Hours ago
Account Age: 394 Days
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About Me
To Hira: Hello o7

**I am buying any and all Gingerbread House nytes :3 97 candy pulls but! finally got ToT treat got second ToT treat at 206 handfuls

Scroll to bottom for pictures of kitties

**I test for free
I also rank, following Fox's prices

My Leg/Myth/LG themed forum*

Art shared on Made by Unstaeble

Hi, you can call me Little or Midna. Pronouns are she/her, but won't be upset if you use they/their or anything else.
(& if you play or ever played Legend of Zelda, that's where Midna is from(Twilight Princess) and she's one of my favorite characters in the whole entire world <3)

My favorite breeds are (rn): TBD. I think I love too many xD
My least favorite is Lighira and Puffadore. I do like some of them, just not most. >,<

**Feel free to send a PM or friend request- I'm sometimes real quiet and disappear cause of health problems, but I always try to get back to ppl asap

Outside of Sylestia I play a bunch of stuff, but mainly RPGs, open-roam worlds, arcade, and a ton of breeding games. My main consoles(95% of time) are PC and Xbox- but I also have the gameboy advanced, DS, Wii, PS4, Switch, and Iphone(mobile games are great, I don't care what anyone says >.< )

I live in the southern USA, I'm in Sylestia's timezone. Pan
May 16th Taurus in my mid 20s (am getting old and feel even older /j but half /srs xD)
I live with 2 of my best friends. Hopefully going back to college at some point soon, but it's sooo expensive Dx
I have a cat named Nyx, she's my baby. I had another that was my absolute soulmate but she had to be put down last summer.. Rip Shyloh 3: *April update- I have a new kitten named Artemis, but I can't get my pictures of her to upload on imgur*
I'll post a pic of them if I ever figure out how that works.

I accidentally found this game from an ad on facebook xD. Butttt really glad I did, I'm obsessed and the community is so stinking nice!

*Have a 100k discount on Kaitt's future max bunnies from the leg I gave her (* ^.^
Katt is gibbing me super fae after revamp from maxed revamped offspring from this lad for the 3 Wintertide Dreams Griffis I gave her :3 Set up for Edme's project when adult- 28722

~~~~~~~ Other Notes~~~~~~~
*Syn likes fae, kelp, and ryo
*Hira likes nephs & some aeri/rikki
*Katt likes griffi with CBW
*Copeh and Falk collect griffis
*Fae likes themed qits with lux locks*
*Tom likes Draeyls*
*Tig and Way like Puffs*
*UntitledPrince, Painteventer, & Elevensins get discounts on CC when done with project*

12 Jan 22- First Legendary seen & caught ->
20 Jan 22- Level 70 ^.^
24 Jan 22- Caught my first restricted trait pet. She's lovely <3
25 Jan 22- Hit 5,000,000 earned gold (Holy smokes that's a bunch of moolah.... Now how did I manage to be broke at this point? Lol)
26 Jan 22 AM- Built the Temple of Light (Yesssss! Now just need all the other materials to drop Dx)
26 Jan 22- Beat the Grove Behemoth :3 very pretty construct
26 Jan 22 PM- Built Trading Post
27 Jan 22- Temple of Light rank 1 (cause my babies kept dying and really need that decreased cooldown lol)
27 Jan 22- First LG egg <3
31 Jan 22- Noticed I reached 10,000 battles either on the 30th or 29th.. (it's 10,887 an hour after turnover)
4 Feb 22- 2nd legendary seen & caught
5 Feb 22- Level 75 ^,^
5 Feb 22- a skill hit rank 4 for the first time
6 Feb 22- Built the Enchanted Portal
9 Feb 22- 15,000 battles whoa that's a bunch of hits!
11 Feb 22- First Neph seen and caught in LG
12 Feb 22- First LG tagged caught!
16 Feb 22- 10,000,000 gold hit... Where's it go?!?!? xD. I also built the training grounds and tracker's hut and forgot to put on here.. >.<
16 Feb 22- First cave egg!
16 Feb 22- First cave epic found and caught ^.^ too gorgeous not to put in here.
22 Feb 22- 20,000 battles. Gonna call my team the knives, cause all they do is chop *hi-yah!* xD
23 Feb 22- Took selling all 3 tabs of equipment and a ton of potions to get the gold, but I did it, I finally frigging did it!!!! The blacksmithing forge/station has been built! Thank the gods xD
4 Mar 22- I've slacked a lot on achievement upkeep- trading post and training grounds are r3 and I beat the wormmmmm!!! I'm still in shock lol
15 Mar 22- Beat Earthbender a few times already, but finally beat Voidmancer and then Nynomax immediately died xD
23 Mar 22- First Temple eggo <3
26 Mar 22- First 5 star pet (in temple )
3 May 22- Rank 4 Trading Post
30 May 22- 1st ever mythic pet
20 June 22- Mythic Vul
29 Oct 22- Have noootttt been keeping up with achievements D: But! I can almost make it through 3rd temple, and the top secret cave room finally showed itself to me this morning
21 Nov 22- Yessssss! Beat the 3rd temple boss finally and made it all the way to crypt and took down 2 named in there before having to reset temple.
29 Nov 22- secret cave appeared for 2nd time
22 Dec 22- 1st theme picked \o/ Winter fest zone-Gingerbread House nyte Shyloh Nyx
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Battle Record: 162,119-396 (99.76%)
Mission Record: 1,407-24 (98.32%)
Gold Earned: 134,360,629
Scales Earned: 363,881
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 180
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 0
Legendary Items Found: 438
Epic Items Found: 3,913
Rare Items Found: 3,125