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Username: Mysticalhexanes
Title: The Kind-Hearted
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About Me
Welcome to my Adventure Log!

*~* NOTICE: I am going to be taking a hiatus from the game soon, once all of my Hatchery pets are grown up and sorted. I am not sure when I will be returning. Best wishes to everyone here on Sylestia!

*** More Storage also has pets waiting to age up.
*** Watch pups from Yena x Berryking crossing, as want 2 pups of same gender (RL and RA runes)

Hello everyone, I'm MysticalHexanes, or just "Mystical" for short!

My main objective in the game is to collect a ton of first-generation (Tamed and Generated) Pets with Traits that I like, and breed them together until I've got a lovely, homemade collection of 6-Vis Pets.

(I will then add Pet Dyes to them to make them all as colorful as possible, as I positively adore things that are rainbow!)

If you have any first-gen Pets you're looking to part ways with, including eggs you found while exploring, just let me know and I'll probably be interested in giving them a home.

I collect most of the species on the game, but the ones that I don't are Lunemaras, Ryoris and Nephinis. I'm just not the hugest fan of those ones. But every other species is great with me!

As for myself in real life, all I'll really say for now is that I'm female, around 30 years old. Two of my biggest passions in life are animals and stories (both writing and reading them). I have pet parrots and finches, and hope to become a published fantasy author someday soon.

Thanks for visiting my page! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions for me, or would like to be friends on the game.

Best wishes,

~ Mystical


New Naming Pattern:
"Name" for regular first-gen and pets from the old program
"N a m e" for pets I generated with Essences
"NAME" for pets bred in the new program

~Guide to the Trait Sets I Prefer in Each Species~

G1: Eyespots D or Spring Arcanist's Flare F*
G2: Dread Stripe H
G3: Leaf Veins L or Rainbow Stripes Q or Grove Warden's Pollen S*
M1: Pampas Tail F
M2: Elegant Feathered Wings E
M3: Fae Dust C

G1: Leaf Veins I
G2: Tiger F
G3: Ancestral Runes E
M1: Tempest Wings J* or Imperial Dragon Wings M*
M2: Imperial Dragon Scales J*
M3: Hawk Crest O or Imperial Dragon Horns P*

G1: Tiger E or Broken G
G2: Rainbow Gems B
G3: Leaf Veins H
M1: Fox Tail C
M2: Jeweled Feathered Wings D
M3: Jackalope Horns G*

G1: Crested Gecko G
G2: Radiant Runes E
G3: Leaf Veins E
M1: Feathered Wings C or Fairy Wings J
M2: Raptor Feathers F or Back Spikes A
M3: Spiral Horns B

G1: Jurassic E
G2: Leaf Veins G
G3: Diamonds D
M1: Fae Wings A or Dryad Tail H*
M2: Flowered Headdress B or Dryad Headdress C*
M3: Vine Flowers B

G1: Tiger (Rainbow) B or Ocelot E or Victorian Drape P*
G2: Tri-Color B
G3: Galaxy A
M1: Puffy Tail A or Tri-Tails B
M2: Arctic Fur A
M3: Ram Horns A or Fluffy Ears B or Lunar Pearl Jewelry E

G1: Fancy Stripes J or Barracuda K
G2: Frostfeather Teardrops H*
G3: Leaf Veins F
M1: Crystallized Tail S*
M2: Crystallized Garb O*
M3: Frosted Fae Wings B

G1: Leaf Veins J
G2: Calico D
G3: Deep Sea Runes D
M1: Heavy Scaled Plating E
M2: Kirin Fins H
M3: Sea Unicorn L or Kirin Horn S

G1: Bengal Fade K
G2: Bengal Fade K
G3: Leaf Veins J
M1: Leg Fur F
M2: Mystic Wings E or Gazebra Wings I*
M3: Quad Horns B or Eastern Dragon Horns C

G1: Cross Fox B
G2: Marbled I
G3: Leaf Veins D
M1: Wispy Tail C or Foo Dog Tail H* or Maine Coon Tail J
M2: Wyvern Horns K, some Moon Armor D
M3: Wyvern Wings O

G1: Leaf Veins S
G2: Blotched J
G3: Bumblebee G
M1: Dragon Scales F or Crystal Ice Armor L or Nomadic Yeti Fur P*
M2: Feathered Wings D or Crystal Ice Wings H or Fairy Tail L*
M3: Jeweled Horns A or Dragon Horns E

G1: Sand Tiger O
G2: Leaf Veins F
G3: Constellation Runes E
M1: Dragon Scales D or Owlbear Feathers J*
M2: Dragon Scales I
M3: Dragon Scale Horns H

G1: Leaf Veins P
G2: Magma Runes B
G3: Dusk Wings D
M1: Feathered Tail L
M2: Ornate Horns C or Imperial Dragon Horns Q* or Frost Dragon Horns R*
M3: Imperial Dragon Wings J*

G1: Leaf Veins J
G2: Swallowtail K
G3: Moon Runes A
M1: Icicle Feathers F
M2: Icicle Wings E
M3: Icicle Crown F

G1: Spots F
G2: Lava Flow G or Leaf Veins H
G3: Rainbow Life Lines E or Delicate Runes G
M1: Aristocrat Tail L
M2: Astral Horn F or Aristocrat Crown O
M3: Arcanic Wings D

G1: Leaf Veins K or Magma Runes M
G2: Rainbow Scales F
G3: Rainbow Mane C
M1: Dragon Scales J
M2: Whiskered Dragon Mane H or Elaborate Horns I
M3: Feathered Wings H

G1: Leaf Veins M
G2: Alpine Newt M
G3: Iridescence D
M1: Sea Fur I
M2: Fairy Wings E / Nereid Wings F*
M3: Fairy Crown I / Water Dragon Horns L*

G1: Calico F
G2: Tabby H
G3: Leaf Veins E
M1: Jeweled Wings D
M2: Tundra Fur A / Nekomata Tail C
M3: Flame Spirit Horns B / Ethereal Horns F* / Ram Horns I

G1: African Painted G / Ocelot J
G2: Royalty G
G3: Rainbow Life Runes D / Leaf Veins H / Rainbow Advanced Runes J
M1: Dragon Wisp Tail G* / Feathered Tail J / Mystical Unicorn Tail L*
M2: Dragon Wisp Armor R* / Gazelle Horns U
M3: Feathered Cherub Wings M
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 3,021-0 (100.00%)
Mission Record: 1,219-14 (98.86%)
Gold Earned: 4,364,337
Scales Earned: 32,024
Quests Completed: 18
Sylestia Completion: 11.91%
Dungeons Cleared: 3
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 0
Legendary Items Found: 22
Epic Items Found: 79
Rare Items Found: 190