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Username: Miroh
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About Me

Please don't ToT me when my status says offline! :3
~Formerly Stryker666~
Stupid cancer... some of us want a new car... a new cell phone... to lose weight... but someone battling cancer wants just one thing, to win that battle. 97% of my friends won't re-post this, but 3% will. Please re-post this in honor of someone who lost their battle or someone fighting it.

Don't support LGBTQ+? Get off my freaking page.

I'll be on and off due to school and the state of my mental health, which is in the toilet. So please don't get mad if I read but don't respond to your pings and PMs. I'm just mentally struggling atm, so please be patient. Thanks~
If you say anything rude or bad or mean about kpop, I'll probably let it go, but if you continue to do it, I'll chase you away with...uh....I don't know. But please don't. But if you insult Stray Kids, that's another story. You will receive a block, a rant, and a vow that I shall never talk to you again. Do I sound rude? I hope not. I'm a little too overprotective of Stray Kids and 3RACHA for personal reasons, so I get very defensive of them. :/
Ah, the wonderful sight of a pigeon attacking my doggo. Time to go save them. That was of no relevance, but it's a funny image, isn't it? Yes, I do think so. And that wasn't the first time. Honestly, when will Scarlett ever learn?

Things to know about me:
-Proud Aussie! I'll tolerate k-pop hate better than hate on Australia and its citizens. Wow, I sound like some character in a dystopian fantasy.
-Very serious STAY. You probably guessed that from before.
-Animal lover until death, and even past then.
-I love Seto more than Stray Kids. Sorry, SKZ, but family is family.
-I can come off as rude or scary first off, as people have told me, and I'm what people call...a...tsundere? I think that's how you spell it? This is according to my friends. And enemies. I swear I'm a nice person ^-^
-I like dogs over cats, but I still love my cats like you my 3RACHA trio. Please come back to me.

Yo, have a look at this:
I promise to think of Jisung when I am having stage fright.
I promise to think of Felix when I am thrown into a new place.
I promise to think of Chan when I am called on to be a leader.
I promise to think of Changbin when I am lonely and discouraged.
I promise to think of Minho when I need to try again.
I promise to think of Hyunjin when I need compassion for animals.
I promise to think of Jeongin when I need to cheer up.
Most of all, I promise to always STAY by their side.
Repost if you're a STAY.
(Taken from Quora)

“I want to go to sleep and not wake up, but I don't want to die. I want to eat like a normal person eats, but I need to see my bones or I will hate myself even more and I might cut my heart out or take every pill that was ever made.”
-Laurie Halse Anderson

Pride hearts made by Xedite! > Max-Stat Vene Project

It'll say I'm always on because I never log off. Sometimes I do, for like 30 mins to 1 day, but mostly I don't. Just a heads-up. Am I your friend? If so, click here. And please don't send me a friend request without context.

If you want to go username-based, then Mir or Miroh.
Or if you want to go more directly~
Then Fynn/Ares (Rarely Maeve or Levi, when I'm feeling feminine )
Auri can call me Fynni if she wants, nobody else can or they shall feel my wrath.

Fluid, lol (Mostly he/him, it/its, and they/them)

Take this quiz!!!

My personality type

Best friends:
Auria too, but I'm adding her when I feel more energized (sorry Auri)

My profile:

-Queenofhearts gets a free Dying Lovers Fae for her help! Thanks, Queenofhearts!
-If brother makes an account, give themed Rikki, Ryo, and Puff
-Breed Animaspectra a dyed 5vis Royal Elven Lup
-Auri gets whatever she wants because she's amazing
-Fenn gets free max-stat pair or trio for the 3-vis Aeri and 2-vis puffle
-Pyro gets free 6-vis Winter's Chill Lup baby for the Kitty outfit

And now, for the fun and weird k-pop stuff.

Woohoo I'm wasting your time

I <3 Lee Felix and Bang Chan


What are you DOING

Stray Kids


Wow by 3RACHA

What are you doing down here?

"Iron Man in the streets but I'm BETTER THAN TONYYYY"

Wow, you made it all the way down. Jeez. Stan Stray Kids. If you PM me the phrase "Fighting fighting", I will educate you on SKZ. If you PM me the phrase "Stray Kids are living memes", I will yeet you k-pop (mostly SKZ) memes.
Stan Stray Kids, stan talent.
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