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Username: Elune
Title: Fancy Pants
User ID: 140706
User Level: 70
Joined: 2/5/2020 at 4:13:05pm
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About Me
Formerly Sleepyhollow
Take a look around my stables and hatchery, there's always something for sale! And they're always genetically tested. *I accept alternate forms of payment, so if you're interested in something and don't have the gold, just shoot me a message!*

**I'm open to trading theme baby for theme baby, especially if you have something on my wishlist (keep scrolling down to find it). Just send me a message **

***FREE genetic testing! Just ping me in your forum thread or shoot me a message***
(It would be nice if the pets were already set up for me to buy and return, but it's not a requirement)

Simple Vis Breeding Guide
6 Vis Breeding Guide
ALL the themes!

-I- -I- -I- -I- -I-

Themed Wishlist: (WIP) - updated 9/27/21
PBs perfectly acceptable, I do not *need* tagged.

-Ancient Artifact
-Blossoming Rose
-Festival of Lights
-Ocean Sunset

-Bejeweled Arcanist
-Vampire Bat

- 3/7/21 - I have one of every themed bulb in the game as of today through SummerFest 2021!
-10/24/21 - Need an Ancient Mosaic from the Ancient Temple

-Autumn Forest
-Autumn Sunset
-Christmas Pudding
-Fairy Tea
-Veiled Mystic

-Emerging Myconid
-Enchanted Ember
-Haunted Woods
-Poison Flower
-Rose Champagne
-Sweet Pumpkin

-Brilliant Sunset
-Peppercorn Vine
-Scrying Crystal
-Warming Breeze

-Arcanic Protector
-Charming Chocolate
-Cherry Cheesecake
-Ember Peacock
-Harvest Day
-Mulled Wine
-Sleigh Bells

-Berry Fairy
-Blue Hydrangea
-Chocolate Fudge
-Deviant Deluge
-Echoing Laughter
-Fiery Luck
-Log Fire
-Ocean Waves
-Peanut Brittle
-Phantom Shallows
-Primordial Waters
-Ravenous Reaper
-Sunken Cemetary
-Tranquil Waters
-Tyrielle's Minion
-Whimsical Waters

-Ancestral Deity
-Celestial Lights
-Cherry Cordial
-Chocolate Fudge
-Flaming Parrot Tulip
-Ghostly Hallows
-Gingerbread Cookie
-Glowlight Oasis
-Harvest Day
-Life's Breath
-Midnight Rose
-Mountain Spring
-Sacred Spellbook
-Serene Shores
-Spring Sky
-Starburst Nebula
-Winter Pine

-Autumn Night
-Cracked Geode
-Flickering Umbra
-Moonlit Sea
-Night Sky
-Rosenmunnar Cookie
-Sacred Scarab
-Turquoise Gem

-Alluring Owlbear
-Emperor's Fortune
-Fall Frost
-Forsaken Guardian
-Molten Depths
-Mystic Witch
-Roman Nougat

-Autumn Leaves
-Black Swallowtail
-Blooming Iris
-Breaking Dawn
-Catatumbo Lightning
-Charred Leaf
-Chocolate Cream Pie
-Chocolate Surprise
-Coal Ore
-Cool Breeze
-Crackling Firewood
-Cranberry Delight
-Eventide Beach
-Flower Power
-Forest Afternoon
-Garden Succulent
-Gingerbread Cookie
-Glow Worm
-Harvest Day
-Harvest Fairy
-Horned Owl
-Luminous Pimpernel
-Midnight Misfortune
-Mountain Majesty
-Pastel Hyacinth
-River Nymph
-Sandy Sunset
-Snow Diamond
-Solar Eclipse
-Solstice Magic
-Spirit Jewel
-Sunlit Dawn
-Sweet Pea
-Tranquil Sunset
-Tyrielle's Minion
-Underground Lava
-Whispering Wind
-Winter Magic
-Winter Storm

-Auroral Dragon
-Blueberry Crumble
-Devious Delight
-Flower Warden
-Frost Dragon
-Galaxy Orchid
-Haunting Moon
-Imperial Dragon
-Infernal Spectral
-Nani Plumeria
-Nature's Guardian
-Peppermint Tea
-Primeval Curse
-Solar Eclipse
-Strawberry Nougat
-Sunlit Garden
-Sunset Dragon
-Tropical Blossom


-Ember Guardian
-Giant Clam
-Meadow Tender
-Mossy Meadows
-Night's Lover
-Poison Cloud
-Sugar Plum
-Sunday Best
-Sunlit Crevice
-Sweet Potato
-Underground Pool


I play as Unqualifiedoctopus on Final Outpost
I play as gracefulsarah on Dragon Cave and Flight Rising
I play as SleepyHollow on Tales of Ostlea - Down as of June 11, 2021

Notes to self:

Zetha: send over once Winter wedding Ligh egg

Who drops what inLG
Guide to Themed Pet Design Contests
My designs

Harley's trap team:

Aeridini: Tigress (ID# 35108), Neytiri875 (ID# 126099), Snowsong (ID# 102118)
Aurleon: SleepyHollow (ID# 140706), Auroralnomad (ID# 42299)
Bulbori: Mythnomer (ID# 111248), Unstaeble (ID# 128074)
Draeyl: Crowoverlord (ID# 65627), Blackwolf1969 (ID# 142673)
Faelora: Anemochory (ID# 69390), SpaceElf1 (ID# 24084), MonarchsReign (ID# 71917)
Ferrikki: Kattya (ID# 107342), Renic (ID# 121499), Neytiri875 (ID# 126099)
Griffi: Copeh (ID# 7588)
Kelpari: HARLEYC (ID# 41089), Sierra11111 (ID# 7191), SpaceElf1 (ID# 24084)
Lighira: LemonSoul (ID# 102091), Pearlwish (ID# 2794), GhostPirate (ID# 85987)
Luffox: Pearlwish (ID# 2794), Falkinsey (ID# 24771), Mythnomer (ID# 111248)
Lunemara: Amarok (ID# 33240), SleepyHollow (ID# 140706)
Lupora: Somneli (ID# 49250), ArrancarWyvern, Tigress (ID# 35108)
Morkko: Dexion (ID# 6373), Blackwolf1969 (ID# 142673)
Nephini: Theafy (ID# 71199), Falkinsey (ID# 24771),
(Ny'vene): Iliketaco (ID# 142343), Fox (ID# 17165), Crowoverlord (ID# 65627)
Nytekrie: Vineyiea (ID# 86550), ArrancarWyvern (ID# 131590), Dyris90 (ID# 7970): Plaguebringer only
(Puffadore) Lostwords13 (ID# 5836), LemonSoul (ID# 102091)
Qitari: Mikazukichan (ID# 15483), JeanieC (ID# 12871), Mythnomer (ID# 111248)
Ryori: Snowsong (ID# 102118), Darkesse (ID# 98735)
Sylvorpa: Duckbunny427 (ID# 128002): Females only, SpaceElf1 (ID# 24084), Penumbra (ID# 84200), Neytiri875 (ID# 126099)
Vulnyx: Creativity (ID# 2964), LemonSoul (ID# 102091)
Zolnixi: JeanieC (ID# 12871), Marichoness (ID# 135234), Steal (ID# 139149), Unstaeble (ID# 128074) vis. Chow Tail only

Send to Zetha:
Breed new lazy days Neph - once replacement is bred - breed replacement







If you're still scrolling and you see this, send me a PM with the link to ONE pet I have for sale along with the word Penguin, and I'll set the pet up for you for half price. You'll get it for 75% off if your account is less than 2 months old.
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 8,172-32 (99.61%)
Mission Record: 2,854-41 (98.58%)
Gold Earned: 40,170,404
Scales Earned: 39,201
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 2
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 0
Legendary Items Found: 504
Epic Items Found: 700
Rare Items Found: 347