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Username: Slytherin7
Title: Crystalline Cleaver
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Joined: 4/12/2019 at 12:59:28am
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About Me

Just because it says I'm online doesn't mean anything besides that I have Sylestia open on a tab somewhere.

*Having a hard time getting back to emails, I'm not on here a lot and even when I am I'm having a real bad time focusing. My mental health is currently garbage. I'm sorry*
I've got adhd burnout and I can no longer stay focused on this game for more than two days. I enjoy it but my brain sucks.

I have a genetic test kit now so if you'd like something tested, shoot me a message : )

Mae govannen! I'm Slytherin7 (they/them), feel free to call me Sly or Slyth. I'm a nixi and rikki fan, and I'm always broke
If it's in my stables and it's not for sale, it's not for sale.

I sometimes release older pets for the LG bonus. If there's something you'd like back, send over the 50 diamonds and I'll reclaim it for you.

Today's outfit: it looked pretty

**Owe Scath a master trap or the gold equivalent**

Looking for these avi items:
Ghostly Caretaker's Attire (the one currently on broker is...outrageously expensive? So I might pass on this one)
Arctic Nomad's Scythe ([str]Ember[/str] (thanks Winternova!!), Frosted, and Polar Night)
Demonic Banishment (background)

As a general rule, if it's in my stables and doesn't have a price tag on it, it's probably not for sale.

note to self: come back to this

THANK YOU to all of you who have purchased my pets!! It is much appreciated : )
NOTICE: PLEASE do not purchase my pets only to IMMEDIATELY RESELL THEM FOR DOUBLE THE PRICE. It is rude. I don't mind people reselling my pets if they don't have room or it didn't turn out the way they wanted, but PLEASE don't buy just to resell. Thank you.

Maedhros, edited by Duckbunny427!

A note on my username:
While I absolutely love Harry Potter (and will continue to do so), I do NOT support JK Rowling or her comments in any way. However, I will not let her ignorance and continual rude comments ruin her wonderful stories for me. They mean too much to me for their author to affect me in that way.


HD Rikki MaxStat:
April Lyrid ver.:
- Dramurkopa (28907)
- Zikitty (143478)

- Amberfur and Smolblu have my pets

3/11/20: Became the 470th Behemoth Destroyer
Spring Fest 2020: First to discover Vibrant Poppy Ferrikki!
Late Fall Fest 2020:
- Defeated Maws Behemoth!
- Won 2nd place in a forum game!
4/30/22: Defeated Crystalline Worm!


[img]" style="display:inline" />

***CURRENT OFFER: Four FREE themed pets of your choice in exchange for a pet dye. That works out to about 250 scales per egg, which is less than you can purchase a random, non-themed egg for)*** Here's the forum post:

OLD THREAD (Closed):
Art Shop (closed):

Zolnixi Fan Club:

Project Thread:

You'll also find me on:
Howrse: Slytherin7 (extremely inactive)
Wajas: SlythLord; SlytherinShadow (backup (you're encouraged to have two accounts on Wajas))

"Hmm, what to draw....I know! In other days, one must be aware, for if they did not change, the dark cows would fill the night with vultures of the moon, who are blessed by the god of the sun, and pin them by the vein onto flying plant bulbs. They will then transform into golden wolves. Their Fae, all wild, will counterattack on Fox Road and make hell go away. Enjoy the war. ... Yes, this is what I'm drawing, I love it!"
- a translation of some of the Sylesti names, in paragraph format

(species in order: Drayel, Qitari, Aeridini, Lighira, Morkko, Vulnyx, Griffi, Lunemara, Nephini, Ny'vene, Ryori, Aeridini, Bulbori, Aurleon, Lupora, Faelora, Kelpari, Zolnixi, Luffox, Ferrikki, Nytekrie, (Drayel), Puffadore)
(Yes, aeridini is listed twice, translations vary. And Sylvorpa has no known translation)
Thank you Google Translate!

[img]" style="display:inline" /> This....this is the most accurate thing I've ever seen...


Obscure Sylestian NPC Names
- Taerius - soldier who got his leg stuck in a trap
- Railos - dungeon villain
- Torus - dungeon villain
- Zealia (f) - dungeon villain
- Vaelana the Huntress - dungeon villain
- Elryssa the Huntress - SBO
- Koralai - SBO boss
- Sariveni Songblade - Astryl's Tranquility woodsman boss
- Vardune, Storm's Fury - Summer Fest "Fake Krin" boss

To any Silmarillion fans, please excuse Teleri, my Burning Embers zolnixi, and Losgar, my Samhain Bonfire nixi, they were horrible jokes too good to pass up on. I think Feanor would agree
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 33,008-58 (99.82%)
Mission Record: 1,176-19 (98.41%)
Gold Earned: 63,167,783
Scales Earned: 87,665
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 49
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 2
Legendary Items Found: 158
Epic Items Found: 1,421
Rare Items Found: 1,361