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Username: Silverscale576
Title: Warden of Umbra
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User Level: 70
Joined: 2/26/2019 at 7:13:10pm
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About Me
Hi there I'm Silverscale576. I recently started watching mha and am now addicted, Denki Kaminari is the best, change my mind. No I do not simp for him I just think he has nice character design and traits. Take a look at Byteme96's profile and Pythonbloodbender's profile. They are my best friends and are awsome. I used to be Blackstar576. I'm Pans and I'm proud, if ya got a problem with that feel free to take it up with me. I am a Trans male, my pronouns are He/Him, Please respect my pronouns. If you see me on RC please call me Harley or a shortened version of my username.

Ael wants the 3 vis CM rikki

I caught the third true legendary IS lup ^^

My childs:

"Your skin is not paper, so don't cut it, your neck is not a coat, so don't hang it, your size is not a book, so don't judge it, your life is not a film, so don't end it."

I love you Ghost please, where ever you are, be happy and rember me. My sweet sweet dog, I wish you had seen me graduate. I'll carry your photo everywhere with me. I love you girl, it was so hard having to say goodbye

(Art by Kaite)

Get a Uns worthy tagged luff
Find tagged puffs for Tigress and Silver
Find tagged rikki for Ael
Find tagged Lune for Squeak
Find tagged Vene for mush
Find Tagged Qit for Dani
Find tagged Vene/Neph for Night
Find something for Rabbit
Find tagged rikki for furry
Find tagged neph for Percy

Don't be afraid to ask to rp with me ^^

Please dont my my pets to release them, If they are on sale I mostly want to sell them for money. If u are going to release them please PM before u do .
If u want a pet just mail me. All pets will be available for breeding u just have to ask. Please don't talk about politics or governments to me as I have some problems with my goverment

Give Pythonbloodbender 100k

When Ladyshannon comes back on give her 100k

Give Gino 20k

credit to opalfirelight

Please tell me why a parent(s) can scream,threaten, swear, and hit their child(children) but when the child(children) fight back and retaliates its a disobedient/disrespectful child(children). They say the child is at fault "they should know better than to say/do that to their parents". the parent is the victim. The children never report it because their afraid. They dont want to loose their parent(s) so they suffer... and try to be the perfect obedient children and people ask why this generation is so emotionally unstable.
Now tell me why. No tell me who's fault is it? who's fault it really is?
Sadly enough, this is relatable.
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