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Username: Nightstooth
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About Me
I've got loads of lesser fertilizers, and I doubt I'll use them all. I'll probably be willing to part with some.

Thanks to people who sent me different things for the festivals.

(All the images I used for decoration are from this site.)

Business End of Things

-I don't bother to sell pets anymore. It is usually a headache and disappointment for me, and I just release my pets now. I don't want to get involved with selling politics and stuff. It's not enjoyable. (After figuring out that Lost Grove releasers are free-loading on pets that I put up for sale with the intention of them being for newbies and the free-loaders releasing my sale pets for increased chances at getting an LG themed, I just don't bother, anymore, since what reason do I have to sell when I get so little from it?)
-This site doesn't have the breeding politics that are on so many other pet sites since breeding rules aren't allowed / are non-existant on here. So I'll continue to put my pets up for breeding, for now.
-Keep in mind that overbreeding isn't productive for the gene pool on the site. I've heard that parents and children, siblings, and half-siblings are unable to breed at all.

Breeding Fees

Base price

-Males 25
-Females 50
-Themed Males 200
-Themed Females 300
-Restricted TBD

Extras / Reduction

-A couple of carried markings +10
-A lot of carried markings +20
-A couple of visible markings +40
-A lot of visible markings +70
-A combination of carried and visible markings - Depends on what it is, but pricing for most of them will be based on visible markings.
-A load of carried, visible, and hidden markings +100
-Fabled / Puffadora +50
-Inbred -10


-Breeding two of my own pets together - The highest breeding fee only in the couple. The price will be paid on the egg that is produced.
-Breeding one of my pets to a pet that you and I don't own - You will have to pay my pet's breeding fee and the breeding fee that is on the other pet, and the other pet has to be up for public breeding or you have to arrange the breeding with the owner. I expect some payment before the breeding to at least cover the other person's breeding fee. Whatever is leftover for the price will be put on the egg.
-If you don't pick up the egg in a timely manner (before it is forced into my stables), the pet will probably be released. I don't have the space to hold other people's pets indefinitely.


-I'm not overly interested in themed pets. I'll collect them when it is fun to collect them (mainly during the big fests), but paying a lot just to have them doesn't interest me as much. I'd rather do my own thing with colors.
-Though I'll be interested in buying themed / non-themed restricted trait pets that I don't have.
-I'm not interested in max stat / super stat pets. I just don't need them, and I wouldn't shell out a lot of money for something that I don't really need. Looking at stats alone, about 25 - 50 would probably be the max that I'd go for with paying some money for stats.
-My dye project is an on-going thing since I don't do loads of nurturing and I have loads of pets that could use some color changes.
-I don't mind being asked to help nurture pets as long as you don't press for me to do it. I'm looking for lesser dyes so I could use the scales, but I do work and do other things at home and on here so I don't always have the time / interest for it.
-I am currently collecting avatar items, but I will only buy expensive items that really interest me.
-I like most colors, but I don't care as much for pink, teal, and colors that honestly kinda do look ugly.
-I like most animals in general, but I'm not as big a fan of insects. Lunemaras are alright, but it wouldn't be my first choice of pet.
-Since breeding pets isn't that profitable and the offspring don't really sell, I hardly ever participate in create-a-pair contests. However, if it is for a single pet or pets that don't have to be in a breeding pair, I'm much more inclined to participate. I also don't really participate in create a theme contests. I don't care as much for waiting until the end of the fest to find out with a definite answer that my theme was picked after the chances to get the theme from the fest have passed.
-Completely random, but I finally got a color from a lesser dye that exactly and perfectly matched the color in the generator. His color two was dyed to match the eye color, and the number combination came out exactly the same as the eye color. His main body color didn't come out the same as in the generator, but I think it looks better than what I had in the generator so I can't complain about that.

Current Breeding Project

Serpent Draeyl

Get visible traits from carried traits:

Zolnixi: Feathered Wings (Tips) (4531444, 4742178)


Created (common): Draeyl, Faelora, Lupora, Vulynx, Morkko, Zolnixi

Created (fable): Ny'vene

Aeri restricted: Wings (M2)

Fix generator goofs - Ent's Wraith

Reading gene traits


Green - carried
Blue - visible
Purple - has an extra hidden trait


N - No trait genes at all (gets skipped in the generator)
First letter - visible traits (except for N)
Second letter - hidden trait (carried if first letter is N, hidden if first letter is not N)
Letters correspond to the generator trait letters for the species.

Notes on Generator / Dyes / Etc

Black - Pure black / pitch black is almost impossible without a greater dye or the best essence. It can end up very dark like Tron, but mostly, it seems to turn into dark gray / light black like Rainbow Night.

White - While it can approximate white pretty well, there is a chance that it will come out in a silvery sheen (like on Silver Star) or a gray.

Very light colors - These tend to become washed out and lighter than they actually are in the generator. For some reason, light yellow can go grey, even when it isn't super light... Use FFF982 as a back-up color. It's darker, but it's not as likely to go gray.

Average / generic colors - These tend to come out pretty good. Though they can go lighter or darker than in the generator, it often isn't that noticeable or doesn't come out too much of an unforseen odd color.

Dark colors - They tend to hop into unrelated colors for whatever reason, and they don't have to be very, very dark to hop colors. Purple turns into green, blue turns into red, etc. It is better to go with black since that is at least more predictable and doesn't hop colors much.

If the dark purple turns green, put this hex code into the dye color slot: 1C194F (good thing I still have Princess of the Kelp's original, non-generated color design on my generator). It has much better chances of turning out purple and still being decently dark so it is a decent back-up color.

Non-Official Avatar Item Shops (and what I'm missing)

Umbra Forest - Elven Scaled Dress

Arena - Gladiator's Blade, Gladiator's Bow, Gladiator's Trident, Gladiator's Armor, Gladiator's Helm, Gladiator's Wings, Gladiator's Cape

Tranquility - Water Gown of the Deep Sea, Water Gown of Drifting Dreams, Koi Water Gown, Pastel Koi Water Gown, Rainbow Water Gown, Water Gown of Delicate Seashells, Water Gown of Starry Night
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 29,173-17 (99.94%)
Mission Record: 1,473-12 (99.19%)
Gold Earned: 17,495,255
Scales Earned: 60,692
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 34
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 9
Legendary Items Found: 119
Epic Items Found: 674
Rare Items Found: 2,491