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About Me
Thanks to people who sent me different things for the festivals.

Since I am looking for dyes, I am looking for eggs / young pets to nurture. My main focus right now (other than the rpg side of the site) is doing my dye project and dyeing and designing pets.

I like most colors, but I don't care as much for pink, teal, and colors that honestly kinda do look ugly (like a mucky brown that could have come from something that came out of an animal's rear end when it was sick).

I like dragons or creatures that could pass for dragons (like my starter, Skull) and cats. I like most animals in general, though, but I'm not as big a fan of insects. Lunemaras are alright, but it wouldn't be my first choice of pet.

I don't care much for how body markings look on Qitars with how they go underneath the scales instead of including the scales. I also don't care for the placement of many of the wings on Puffadoras since the placement makes it look like the wings are attached in a strange place on them.

Feel free to drop me a message:
-For breeding two of my own pets together. The cost of the breeding will be the higher breeding fee in the pair.
-For breeding one of my pets to a pet that you and I don't own. You will have to pay my pet's breeding fee and the breeding fee that is on the other pet, and the other pet has to be up for public breeding.
-For breeding with my pets that have restricted traits. I don't want to put them up for public breeding / overbreed them since they are a ton of work to get.
-For breeding with one of my combat / mission pets. They are busy with other things, and I don't think they can breed and do other things at the same time.
-If I forgot to genetic test a pet in my own stables.
-If I forgot to put a breeding price on one of my pets (except for adolescents, who can't breed at all, combat and mission pets, and other pets not up for public breeding).

General Breeding Prices:

Base price
-Males 50
-Females 70

(Prices will not go below the base price.)

Extras / Reduction
-A couple of carried markings +10
-A lot of carried markings +20
-A couple of visible markings +40
-A lot of visible markings +70
-A combination of carried and visible markings - Depends on what it is, but pricing for most of them will be based on visible markings.
-A load of carried, visible, and hidden markings +100
-Fabled / Puffadora +50
-Themed +100
-Restricted (priced seperately from themed)
-Inbred -10

(Repricing - Start off at themed)

Reading gene traits:

Green - carried
Blue - visible
Purple - has an extra hidden trait

N - No trait genes at all (gets skipped in the generator)
First letter - visible traits (except for N)
Second letter - hidden trait (carried if first letter is N, hidden if first letter is not N)
Letters correspond to the generator trait letters for the species.

Hidden Traits:

(Combat / Mission Pets)
Vines - Star Runes
Floppy - Lynx Ears
Tron - Leaf Veins - Flowered Vines

(Regular) - Marbled - Dinosaur Spots - Broken Shackles - Spiked Armor - Umbra Helm - Rainbow Scales - Diamondback
Rainbow Plum - Monarch - Elaborate Horns - Icicle Mane - Flowered Headdress - Skeletal - Gazelle Horns
Autumn - Steampunk Wings - Ocelot - Dragon Wings - Spring Flowers
Blood Moon - Faded Leopard - Feathered Wings - Emporer Angelfish - Saltwater Betta - Seashell - Lotus Lights - Tanuki - Fox Tail - Leaf Veins - Broken - Lovely Hearts - Magic Spell - Blended Spots
Galaxy - Flower Petals - Partridge - Lucky Runes

(Fabled) - Lucky Runes - Tribal


(Start off at Ny'venes)

Notes on Generator / Dyes / Etc:

Black - Pure black / pitch black is almost impossible without a greater dye or the best essence. It can end up very dark like Tron, but mostly, it seems to turn into dark gray / light black like Rainbow Night.

White - While it can approximate white pretty well, there is a chance that it will come out in a silvery sheen (like on Silver Star) or a gray.

Very light colors - These tend to become washed out and lighter than they actually are in the generator. I haven't had any come out too way far off in an unrelated color.

Average / generic colors - These tend to come out pretty good. Though they can go lighter or darker than in the generator, it often isn't that noticeable or doesn't come out too much of an unforseen odd color.

Purple - It can turn into green, especially in the darker range. I'm thinking that making the color more blue-ish may help prevent it from turning green, considering that a blue-ish purple turned flat purple on one of my generator pets, but I'd have to test it more.
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 11,934-13 (99.89%)
Mission Record: 710-12 (98.34%)
Gold Earned: 6,844,268
Scales Earned: 28,962
Quests Completed: 24
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 13
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 2
Legendary Items Found: 34
Epic Items Found: 237
Rare Items Found: 1,035