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Username: Mythnomer
Title: Omniscient Gardener
User ID: 111248
User Level: 70
Joined: 6/2/2018 at 8:13:37am
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About Me
Hello everyone. Not too much about me I play this, Flight Rising and Dragon Cave. I also am a long time player of WoW. Oh and I love my bunnies

Peter, Sophia and Roxy
Newest friends Gabriel and Michael

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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 63,444-65 (99.90%)
Mission Record: 1,221-79 (93.92%)
Gold Earned: 39,005,360
Scales Earned: 35,593
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 66
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 12
Legendary Items Found: 222
Epic Items Found: 1,980
Rare Items Found: 3,783